MSC 25th Foundation Day

by Ike Prudente

On Dec. 4, 2014, we will be celebrating our 25th Foundation Day. In line with this, we are preparing some activities in addition to whatever plans the Alumni Association has.

First is the Search for Outstanding MSC Alumni. We will be awarding 25 Tech-Voc, 25 High School and 25 Short Course (FCO, ACO, Caregiving and Call Center) graduates during our Foundation Day. The criteria will be announced in early June.

Second is the 25 MSC – 25 Math Short Cuts. Every week, we will send a very useful math technique to all subscribers of the 25 MSC Newsletter which will come out beginning the second week of June. This Newsletter will be available to all – to MSC Alumni, your friends and relatives. Anyone who wishes to subscribe to this newsletter can fill out the form on the right of this page, or click on this link, just send a email with “Subscribe” on the subject line to

Third is the MSC Directory. We would like to keep track of all former
MSC students so we will start to gather data for an MSC directory which will be made accessible to all MSC alumni.

Fourth but not the least and surely not the last is the creation of an MSC Scholarship Fund. MSC has given many MSC scholarships to deserving students in the past, but we have not institutionalized it. With the creation of the MSC Scholarship Fund we hope to have more donors and more scholars.