MSC Child Development Center

Our Philosophy:

This we believe:
Each child is a unique individual whose immense potentials must be brought to full flowering. Each child must grow – without surrendering his individuality – into a critical thinker, a socially sensitive, self-directed, creative, responsible and caring adult.

This we believe:
The development of a child is the shared responsibility of equally concerned and equally loving parents and teachers in the warmth of home and a child-friendly school.

This we believe:
The Child is Today.
The Child is Tomorrow.


Our Mission:

To provide each child with superlative environment for physical, moral, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth through a variety of meaningful experiences designed for the child’s total development.

Our Vision:

Each child is a growing individual – with the independence, the sense of responsibility, the intellectual and emotional maturity demanded by a world continuously getting complex. Each child growing into a good human being – with the courage, the ability and the confidence to face the realities of his world.

Each child, a family’s pride.