MSC Scholarships

We at MSC believe that we should help deserving students get the quality education despite financial difficulties. Hence we provide financial assistance in the form of MSC scholarships

Academic scholarships

  • Automatic entrance scholarships are given to honor graduates of public and private Elementary and High Schools:
    Valedictorian – 100% discount on tuition fees
    Salutatorian – 50%(elementary) and 75% (high school) discount on tuition fees
    Honorable mention – 25% discount on tuition fees
  • Entrance Examination  scholarships are given to those who have high ratings in the MSC Entrance examinations: 100% 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% discounts on tuition fees are granted.
  • Cleto G. Prudente Memorial Scholarships are given to outstanding elementary school graduate who wants to enroll in MSC High school. Privileges include but not limited to free tuition and miscellaneous fees, book and uniform allowance and transportation allowance of P500 per month.
  • Community Study grants are those granted by philanthropic alumni, individuals, groups, associations, groups, associations or corporations for specific purposes and received under terms and conditions agreed upon by the donors and the MSC administration.  Among those groups are:
    • The Kiwanis Clubs in San Pablo
    • Pisay Dos
    • Seven Lakes International
    • Apex Club International

We encourage such philanthropic individuals and institutions to sponsor as many scholars as they can.

Many high school recipients of these scholarships later enrolled at the University of the Philippines or got scholarships in private schools like the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities.

Many Technical-vocational scholars now hold good paying jobs.