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Introducing MATH-Inic – Math Made Fun, Fast and Easy!

Can your child mentally calculate problems like these in less than one minute?

a. 456 + 997 =
b. 400,000 – 83,629 =
c. 73 x 77 =
d. 112 x 104 =
e. 476 x 999 =

Even a grade school student can mentally solve these after only a few hours of MATH-Inic classes!

Yes, we can jump start your children’s interest in Math. They will learn to enjoy Math and will never be intimidated by the subject for the rest of their lives.

MATH-Inic is a series of special Math courses that transforms your children: from Math haters to Math lovers, and Math lovers to Math masters. It introduces fun, fast and easy ways of computing Math problems and enriches traditional Math classroom lessons through new solving techniques. MATH-Inic also enhances brainpower through Mental Math exercises and speed math techniques.

MATH-Inic gets the best of different Math techniques and combines them into a program that is easy to understand and fun to do.

Children can start speed math learning at a very young age, some as early as 2 years old. Recommended levels:

  • MATH Horizons (5 to 8 years old)
  • MATH Builder I (8 to 10 years old)
  • MATH Booster I (10 to 12 years old)
  • MATH Master I (12 years and up)


For inquiries, contact 0.922.800.4796 or 0.917.500.4796 or send an email to  Visit the MATH-Inic website or Facebook page

MSC is an accredited MATH-Inic training center.  Visit MATH-Inic San Pablo on Facebook

Science Club Announces Alternative Energy and Information Campaign Projects

New Science Club sets Ambitious Goal

The new MSC Science Club (MSC) which was formed out of the old Math-Sci Club, sets its sights of having an alternative powered science classroom in time for the school’s 25th Anniversary. Recognizing the continuous increase in the cost of electrical power, the club made research of a suitable non-traditional power source for the school its main objective for this school year.

In support of this goal, the MSC administration acquired a 129-project alternative energy experimental kit for use of the students.

Alternative Energy Experiments

MSC acquired a project kit to enable student to conduct up to 129 experiments

In addition the club will also conduct information campaign on two main problems presently affecting the community:

  • Cocolisap”- steps to control the spread of the scale insects that threatens the coconut industry and
  • Aedes mosquitoes – control of reproduction of mosquito carriers of Dengue and Chikungunya virus

The information campaign will be mainly though the club’s planned website.  The club may organize some seminars in the nearby communities.

Snap Circuits Green Kit

The new kit features 129 science projects/experiments:

  1. Crank Charger
  2. Hand Cranking
  3. Best Charging Circuits
  4. Solar Power
  5. Solar Motor
  6. Solar Charger
  7. Solar Charger 5mA
  8. Windmill
  9. Windy Lights
  10. Multi Power
  11. Battery Power
  12. Wind Warning
  13. Light Charger
  14. Electric Circuit
  15. Close the Door
  16. Feeling Switchy
  17. Voltage & Current
  18. Light Emitting Diode
  19. Resistors
  20. Honk Your Horn
  21. Clock
  22. Capacitor
  23. Motor
  24. Water Wheel
  25. Motor Voltage
  26. Crank Motor
  27. Crank Motor Voltage
  28. Radio Current
  29. Long Light
  30. LED Currents
  31. Battery Load
  32. Battery Load Current
  33. Make Your Own Parts
  34. Liquid Resistors
  35. Liquid Light
  36. Moving Voltage
  37. Moving More Voltage
  38. Power Sources
  39. Powering Clock
  40. Powering Horn
  41. Powering LED
  42. Powering Big Voltage
  43. Powering Big Current
  44. Splitting Current
  45. Splitting Current Differently
  46. Splitting Different Currents
  47. Voltage Order
  48. Current Order
  49. Sources in Series
  50. Sources in Parallel
  51. Two in Series
  52. Two in Parallel
  53. Sound Starter
  54. Two Speed Motor
  55. Big Blade Wind Horn
  56. Windy Time
  57. Wind Charger with Light
  58. Wind Charger with Horn
  59. Kick Start Motor
  60. Short Wind Power
  61. Wind Horn
  62. Liquid Battery
  63. Juice Battery
  64. Cola Light
  65. Yellow Cola
  66. Electricity From Water
  67. Water Light
  68. Cola Clock
  69. Cola Clock with Memory
  70. Changing Water Pressure to Electrical Pressure
  71. FM Radio
  72. Hydro Lights
  73. Directional Wind Lights
  74. Using Stored Water
  75. Water Redirection
  76. One of the Most Powerful Forces in the Universe
  77. Electricity Against Water
  78. Harnessing Static Electricity
  79. Storing Energy in Water
  80. Big Thrust
  81. Solar Light Clock
  82. Solar Light Charger
  83. Solar Lights Row
  84. Crank Support
  85. Crank Charging
  86. Crank Sound
  87. Hand Lights
  88. Hand Noise
  89. Heavy Fan
  90. Remote Heater
  91. Remote Water Heater
  92. Electrical Material Checker
  93. Morse Code
  94. Morse Light
  95. Everything Circuit
  96. Light Signal for Radio
  97. Light & Sound Signal for Radio
  98. Speed Indicator
  99. Sound Pulse
  100. Motor Speed LED
  101. Energy Converter
  102. Energy Conversion
  103. Small Energy Conversion
  104. Mechanical Energy Conversion
  105. Triple Current Meter
  106. Clock with Memory
  107. Capacitor Charging
  108. Stopped Motor Alarm
  109. Saving Energy
  110. Energy Transmission Loss
  111. Regulating Power
  112. Sun & Wind Light
  113. Hybrid
  114. Hybrid Car Concept
  115. LED or Bulb?
  116. Water Timer
  117. Solar Fan
  118. Hand Radio
  119. Hand Charger
  120. Parallel Cranking
  121. Hard to Crank
  122. Slow In Flash Out
  123. Filling Station
  124. Gas Pedal
  125. Volt Meter
  126. Anemometer
  127. Current Meter
  128. Wind Direction
  129. Windy Radio

Calling MSC Alumni!

The first commencement exercises in MSC High School was held in 1998 with its first batch consisting of twenty-three (23) promising graduates. Through the years, MSC has produced many successful professionals who excel in their chosen fields of expertise. Here is a list of just a few of them.

Hannah Pearl Isleta
Flight Attendant, Emirates Airlines
Valedictorian, MSC HS Class 1998

Ma. Prima Krystal Isleta
BS Special Education, UP Diliman
Valedictorian, MSC HS Class 1999

Pio Rei Migriño
MSC High School Class 1999

Jane Abarrintos 
BS Statistics, UPLB—Cum Laude
MSC High School Class 2001

Mark Anthony Aningalan
Police Inspector/Aide-de-Camp RD PRO1
Class Salutatorian, PNPA 2010
MSC High School Class 2001

Donnalyn De Luna
Registered Nurse
Former Nurse, Dialysis Section,
Community General Hospital San Pablo City
MSC High School Class 2001

Mark Lester Chico
Assistant Professor
Department of Development Broadcasting and Telecommunication College of Development Communication, UPLB
Director, UPLB Learning Resource Center
MSC High School Class 2002

Glaiza Reogo
B.S. Chemistry, UPLB
former Instructor, Institute of Chem. UPLB
R&D Assistant Beauty Elements Ventures Mfg. Inc
MSC High School Class 2002

Jackie Reogo
B.S. Statistics, UPLB
Marketing Coordinator/Executive Assistant to the CEO, Curate Bee Digital
Research Consultant, Maxmedia
Valedictorian, MSC High School Class 2003

Albert Bravo
Senior Project Team Lead, Rendition Digital, Inc.
MSC High School Class 2004

Luisito Pangilinan
Fashion Designer
MSC High School Class 2005

Geruel Monton
Bachelor in Public Admin. & Gov., PUP, Sto. Tomas, Bats. – Cum Laude
MSC High School Class 2006

John Felipe Lastrilla
AB Comm., La Salle Lipa – Cum Laude
MSC High School Class 2006

Mariel Amorao
Guests Relation Executive
Lounge Bar Furama Riverfront Hotel, Singapore
MSC High School Class 2005

Alyssa Ramos
Certified Public Accountant
MSC High School Class 2006

Lorlene Zamora
B.S. Chemistry, UPLB
QC Analyst, JG Summit Petrochemicals Group Position
MSC High School Class 2007

Jona Hazel Merin
Receptionist, Philippine Gaming Management Corp.
MSC High School Class 2007

Kristina Merin
former Flight Attendant, Qatar Airways
B.S. Agriculture, UPLB
MSC High School

Joan Miranda
Project Communications Manager, Manila Water
B.S. Development Communication, UPLB
MSC High School
Romina Oca
B.S. Electrical Engineering, LPU-Laguna
MSC High School Class2009

Edgar Cauyan
President, CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc
MSC 3-year Computer Technology Course 1995

Roderick Mercado
Certified Public Accountant
Vice President, CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc
MSC Computer Technology Course 1997

Allan Panganiban
Sr. Technical Support Specialist
MSC Computer Technology Course 1993

Wemelyn Madrigal
Finance Officer, CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc
MSC Office Management Course 1997

Lara Mae Garcia
Customer Care Specialist, Tier 2, Convergys Phils.
MSC InformationTechnology Course

Michael Salazar
IT Head, CARD MBA Inc.
MSC Information Technology Course 2003
MSC Computer Technology Course 2005

It is the commitment of MSC to bring out the best in every student, and making them life long learners.


Calling all MSC alumni: MSC High School, MSC Technical School, finishers of MSC short courses or Child Development Center coursers. Leave a reply or write to to tell us where you are now!

A Glimpse at San Pablo City’s History

Blast from the past!

  • 1571 – Arrival of Spanish troops under Captain Juan de Salcedo in the village of Sampalok (San Pablo City).
  • 1586 – Sampalok was converted into a parish.
  • 1647 – Sampalok was converted to a municipality and renamed San Pablo de los Montes.
  • 1756 – Sampalok was placed under jurisdiction of Batangas Province.
  • 1883 – Sampalok was returned to Laguna Province.
  • 1902 – Don Marcos Paulino was elected first Municipal President under the Americans.
  • 1940 – Approval of Commonwealth (Act) 520 or Charter of the City of San Pablo with Dr. Potenciano Malvar as first appointive City Mayor.
  • 1955 – Cipriano B. Colago was installed first elected City Mayor.
  • 1989 – MSC Computer Training Center started operations
  • 1998
  • 2014 – MSC will celebrate its 25th Foundation Day

Leave a reply or write to to share your glimpses of San Pablo history!