Testimonials from High School Alumni

Where do our high school graduates go? Up the academic ladder in good schools (including University of the Philippines) and to IT jobs!

Money was a problem for us and studying in a private school was impossible unless I received a scholarship grant. I was so blessed that MSC High School offered me 100% Scholarship — including tuition fees, books, miscellaneous, and monthly allowances. For my four-years in high school, I enjoyed those privileges.

But MSC High School is not a spoon-feeding school. I enjoyed those privileges for four years because I had to meet high academic standards and maintain a range of grades. I made it because MSC High School provides Quality Education for its students. MSC education is one of the factors that enabled me to pass the prestigious UPCAT (UP College Admission Test) and enroll in the UPLB (University of the Philippines at Los Baños).
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Marline D. Brendia
MSC High School, 2003

In my four memorable years in high school, MSC molded me to become who I am now. Teachers inspired me not just to dream big but also to go farther to reach it. And now that I already got my diploma as a UPLB Graduate of Statistics, I know that I am capable of becoming a good mother and wife to my own family.

It will always be a pride being part of MSC’s growing Family!

Jackieline Reogo-Tangkeko

I am now working as a Junior Multimedia Engineer at Rendition Digital Inc. in Makati City. My work involves screen capture, text and graphic integration, image manipulation/ optimization, flash integration, modification of design layout to suit changes in the content, conceptualizing and executing designs, innovative user interface for web and other multimedia projects.

The things that I learned at MSC is my shining armor when I applied for a job in Makati. My Internet Technology course introduced me not only to the latest technology but also to a problem-based and team-centered study approach. I have also experienced how to handle problems in the field of Desktop Publishing and Web Designing that gave me confidence in my current work.

Junior Multimedia Engineer
Rendition Digital, Inc
MSC High School, 2004
Internet Technology , MSC Institute of Technology, 2006

MSC has helped me not only to become academically competent but also helped me become the confident person that I am today. Because of its various activities, during high school, I was trained to have courage to face an audience, which has been a great help since I am now majoring in Community Broadcasting.

Joan Miranda