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Give Your Child The MSC Advantage – Math, Science and Computing

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Give your child the MSC Advantage in Math, Science, and Computing!
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  • MATH-Inic.  Math made fun, fast and easy!  (4-17 years old)
    The MATH-Inic is training the next generation of math wizards
  • Introduction to Visual Graphics (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Web Design (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Robotics and Programming (10-12 years old)
Lego Mindstorm

Robotics Programming is a lot of Fun!

  • Introduction to Programming (12-16 years old)

SEPTEMBER 27 to DECEMBER 6, 2014 (10 Saturdays, 2 hours/sessions)

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Featured batch: MSC Computer Training Center class 1994 – second batch of tech-voc students

The second batch of students who enrolled at MSC Computer Training Center was initially composed of 85 students, 46 Computer Technology course and 39 Office Management course students.

They spent their MSC days at the Alvero building along M. Paulino St. (in front of Ultimart).  This batch was one of the liveliest batches of MSC.  Various organizations were formed despite the small number of students compared to big schools, and these orgs actively participated in school activities and even sponsored some events.

The Computer Operators and Programmers Society, headed by Edgar Cauyan, the Speech and Drama Club, headed by Eva Cauyan, and the student council with President Keno Moreno were among the active groups aside from the different classes.

Students from this batch experienced the celebration of “MSC – 4 on 4”, the 4th anniversary of MSC and the founding of MSC Data Exchange Co., MSC’s one stop shop for computer-related services.  They were also the ones who had the student council election computerized, a first for MSC and for San Pablo City schools.

Many students from this batch had extensive training in their chosen fields:

OMC students Jedi Seville and Lina Anenias were Student Assistants at the Registrar’s office to hone their secretarial skills.

Ronaldo Romanes, Julie Maranan, and Ariel De Jesus further practiced their computer proficiency as Computer Laboratory Assistants.

Bien Batolome, Joselita Paña, Leony Reyes, Bong Estropia, Glenn Ello, Edgar and Eva Cauyan were Students at the MSC Data Exchange Co.

During their graduation, various awards were given:

Julie Maranan – Best in Computer Operations

  • Eva Cauyan – Academic Excellence Award
  • Marino Moreno – Leadership Award
  • Aia Jada Occeño – Outstanding student
  • Ronaldo Romanes – Service Award
  • Edgar Cauyan – Loyalty Award, Best in Computer Programming

Here is a complete list of the class:
Office Management Course:

  • Lenievetch Abril
  • Lorelee Andal
  • May Aninias
  • Viena Azas
  • Josie Belen
  • Maryrose Buera
  • Cristine Castillo
  • Leticia Changco
  • Evelyn De Castro
  • Annaliza Diangkinay
  • Mariden Eseo
  • Rosalina Jader
  • Jocelyn Maranan
  • Julie Maranan
  • Hasmin Mercado
  • Aileen Metica
  • Shirly Punzalan
  • Corazon Sarmiento
  • Jedidiah Seville
  • Aileen Tanodra
  • Jinglle Tanqueco
  • Ma. Lourdes Claire Ticzon
  • Mary Rose Uri

Computer Technology Course:

  • Eva Alfonso
  • Fevmon Almare
  • Bienvenido Bartolome
  • Arnel Bondad
  • Raquel Castillo
  • Eva Cauyan
  • Remo Custodio
  • Ariel De Jesus
  • Robert Dungca
  • Glenn Ello
  • Allan Espina
  • Junepher Estropia
  • Manilyn Fesalvo
  • Marino Moreno
  • Elmer Naguit
  • Aia Jada Occeño
  • Joselita Paña
  • Leony Reyes
  • Delson Rivera
  • Majorie Roces
  • Ronaldo Romanes
  • Ma. Cherry Santos
  • Aila Surara
  • Edgar Cauyan

Converting Degrees Celsius to Degrees Fahrenheit

The formula for converting degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit is

F = 9/5 C + 32

So it is customary to multiply the Celsius value by 9 and divide it by 5 before adding 32 to the result. A little manipulation of the formula will make it suitable to mental calculation. The decimal equivalent of 9/5 is 1.8 which is simply 2 – 0.2. So a more user friendly form of the conversion is

F = 9/5 C + 32 = 1.8 C + 32 =  (2 – 0.2)C + 32

This short cut can be better understood if we take simple examples:

Example 1: 45oC = 113oF

a)      Double the Celsius value 45 to get 2C: 45 x 2 = 90;

b)      Move the decimal point of 2C one place to the left to get 0.2C: 90 x 0.1=9.0

c)       Subtract 0.2C from 2C : 90 – 9 = 81

d)      Add 32 to the result :81 + 32 = 113

Example 2: 37oC

a)      2C = 2 x 37 = 74

b)      0.2 C = 74 x 0.1 = 7.4

c)       2C – 0.2C = 74 – 7.4 = 66.6

(2C- 0.2C) + 32 = 98.6oF

Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, made easy, with a MATH-Inic short cut!

MSC Origins Part V: Keeping Students Safe During Calamities

MSC occupied the second floor of the Jesusa building along A. Flores St. for less than two years.  In that short span of time, we experienced two of the most devastating natural calamities recorded in Philippine history – the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo and the Luzon earthquake.

It was Monday, the 16th of July 1990, almost 4:30 in the afternoon when the deadly earthquake struck.  It was felt in almost the whole of Luzon and caused more than a thousand deaths and massive destruction particularly in Central and northern Luzon.

Though the earthquake caused minimal damage and no deaths here in San Pablo City, it was a frightening experience.  It was a working day at MSC and everyone was tinkering with the PCs when the earthquake occurred.  Remember that MSC was on the second floor and the shock felt stronger when one was above ground. Everyone in the building felt it and immediately turned their computers off and made way for the exit.

Almost exactly a year later, in June 15, 1991 Mt. Pinatubo erupted in what was the second largest volcanic eruption in the 20th century.  The eruption was felt worldwide as vast quantities of magma, ash and volcanic debris were emitted.  Global temperatures dropped by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) in the years 1991-93, and ozone depletion temporarily increased substantially.

At MSC, June 15, 1991 was the schedule of the first acquaintance party of the two-year course students.  Days before, Mt. Pinatubo has been showing signs of an impending eruption. However, since the volcano was more than 200 kilometers away, the party pushed through.  Little did the students and staff of MSC know that on that exact evening, the volcano will erupt.  And erupt it did on their party night!  Before midnight, ash reached San Pablo and as the party ended and people went out of the restaurant where the party was held, it was raining ash!

To keep the students safe they were ferried a car-full at a time to the MSC building where they all stayed till morning.

New Engineers – Proudly from MSC


NELSON T. HERRERA, the MSC High school class 2008 valedictorian passed the exam held on February 23 and 24, 2014.  He studied BS Electrical Engineering in UP at Los Baños.

ROMINA OCA, the MSC High school class 2009 valedictorian passed the exam held on September 6 and 7, 2014.  She studied BS Electrical Engineering at Lyceum of the Philippines University in Calamba Laguna.

KENNETH L. TRINIDAD, also an MSC High school class 2009 graduate passed the exam held on September 6 and 7, 2014.  He studied BS Electrical Engineering at Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City campus.

MA. KATRINA MALBAS, who took up Computer Technology course and graduated in 2007 at MSC Institute of Technology, passed the exam held on September 6 and 7, 2014.  She studied BS Electrical Engineering at Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City campus.

Another MSC High School class 2009 alumni and classmate of Romina and Kenneth graduated at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), Sto. Tomas campus.  RONALD G. BALLERAS finished BS Industrial Engineering and currently works at Samsung Electro-mechanics.  He is currently reviewing for his exam.  Best of luck, Ronald!

… and the list goes on…

We are sure there are more MSC alumni out there who are now engineers or graduates and professionals.  Talk to us!  Please send emails and pictures to us via, or via our Facebook pages: MSCInstituteofTechnology and You Know You’re From MSC Institute of Technology If…

We welcome any information about them and will be glad to feature them in the coming issues.

The first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in San Pablo – MSC Net

When the Internet first became popular in the mid 90’s, the common way of accessing the Internet was through a dial-up connection.  The PC was connected to the MODEM, then to the telephone line.  The user needed to dial an ISP or Internet Service Provider number and the ISP connected him to the Internet.  Connection was slow by today’s standard ( 9.6kbps was super fast then, and it took at least 14 minutes to download a 1MB file).  What was worse was that one’s telephone was busy the whole time they were connected to the net and they pay the ISP and the telephone company separately ( sometimes with long distance charges )

The telecom giants were not offering Internet connection to homes/offices at the time.  There were no DSL connections yet, but people subscribed to this dial up system just to do emails and browse the Internet.

In San Pablo City, MSC provided the first Internet service by establishing MSC Communications Technologies, Inc. (MSC Net).  Not only did MSC Net provide Internet to the public, it also made Internet accessible to all of its students.  They were given unlimited access to the net and individual email addresses, making MSC the first school to provide Internet to ALL its students.

mct logo and ppcard

MSC Net and Laguna Internet were the first ISPs in Laguna, providing Internet to households 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Among the subscribers of MSC Net were doctors & other prominent professionals, government officials and institutions.  To name a few, these were: the office of the Mayor (Mayor Boy Aquino), CARD bank, San Pablo Doctors Hospital, Honda Cars, NSO Laguna, office of the Vice Governor, DLSP, SPCWD, Franklin Baker Co., Atson, BSP, Hidden Spring, Manels Total Dept. Store, SPCNSAT, NFA, Colette’s, Villa Escudero, and Siesta Residencia de Arago. Many San Pablo organizations got their first email addresses ( and domains ) through MSC Communications Technologies.

The MSC web site ( ) is perhaps the first and now the oldest web site in San Pablo City, and is so authoritative, its contents are referenced even by Internet giants like Wikipedia.

When telecom companies started offering Internet to the public, both ISPs naturally could not compete, and eventually lost customers.

But MSC takes pride in its pioneering efforts to bring the Internet to Laguna and San Pablo. It continues to bring computer education to the City of Seven Lakes, and provide email to its students.


The Yellow Lep

By the BusyBee

It was drizzling so I had to head back to the office. On my way to the office, I saw a brightly colored creature fly. “I’ve never seen that bird before. Now, where did it go?” I scanned the branches of the trees and looked for movement but found no such bird. Something yellow caught my eye. Flutterby, I meant, butterfly! There’s a bright yellow butterfly sipping nectar from the white flowers, I thought. Because of my height and the relative position of the lepidopteran, I can only see parts of it. The body is like that of a bumblebee, yellow with black bands. The lepidopteran is dominantly yellow. The basal part of the forewings and the hind wings are yellow with black markings. The top/ upper half of the forewings are mainly black with white  markings.

Looking closely on a photo I took, I realized that it’s not a butterfly. Check out their antennae, definitely a moth.

I was having a hard time trying to take a picture of the lep when I realized that there’s at least 3 of them. Oh, joy! Pure joy! Like most lepidopterans, they’re hyperactive, fluttering their wings forever (not!).

IMG_0386 cropped

I find it hard to sleep whenever I discover a new organism here in MSC San Gabriel. I just have to know their name. As I have not found the time to upload the picture, it was hard to ask for help in identifying the moth.  Google it! Keywords: yellow leopard moth. Bingo!

Why did I include leopard as part of the keywords? Well, I was browsing lepidopteran photos and I saw Phalanta phalanta which has a similar print but a bit orangeyThe common name of Phalanta phalanta is Common Leopard.

The moth looks similar to Dysphania subrepleta.

More MSC Green Campus articles at the BusyBee

San Pablo City’s first Cocofestival 1996 – a GRANDSLAM for MSC

The very first coconut festival in San Pablo City was held in 1996 and the main event of the weeklong festivities during that time, and even today is the “mardi gras” or the street dancing competition.

The first mardi gras was held on January 12, 1996 and it was a grandslam for MSC.

MSC was OVERALL CHAMPION in the tertiary (College) level.  MSC also won Best Costume and Best Choreography in the same level.

As if getting most of the major awards in the mardi gras was not enough, MSC also won in the Floats Competition!

Unlike the street dancing competition, where contestants are limited to schools in the city, the floats competition is open to all institutions and groups.  MSC bested all groups with its “bunot” (coconut husk) covered float designed and constructed with the help of each staff and student.

Here’s a short trivia about the first cocofestival of San Pablo…

The San Pablo City cocofestival, mardi gras-style was conceived by Robert M. Non of San Miguel Group of Companies based in Laguna.  He shared his idea to then Secretary to the Mayor Adolfo “Rudy” J. Vergara, and Project Development Officer Ruben E. Taningco.

Mayor Vicente Amante and the Sangguniang Panglunsod, then headed by Vice Mayor Danton Q. Bueser approved the proposal and an ad hoc committee was formed.  The committee was chaired by City Administrator Hizon A. Arago, assisted by former councilor Vergel Cosico and businessman Arthur T. Reyes.   Among those involved were Rolando A. Inciong and wife SylviaPablito J. Merin, Celso “Seseng” Oblena, and Willy Tan and wife Racquel.  Physical Education teachers Luz Ges. Aguilar and Meng Lajara also assisted in coordinating some of the activitiesand Ms. Melinda P. Bondad) headed the committee’s secretariat that prepared the reports submitted to the Office of the President, the Department of Tourism, and the National Historical Institute (NHI).

Incidentally, the First Coconut Festival, Mardi Gras Style, held on January 12, 1996, was on time with the commemoration of the 400th Anniversary or Fourth Centennial of the founding of the Parish of Saint Paul, The First Hermit, which was organized by the Augustinian Fathers in 1596.




MSC’s Annual Acquaintance Party

MSC on its 25th year held its annual acquaintance day celebration, last June 20, 2014, Friday, with its actively participating faculty, staff and students.

acquaintance party 2014

Starting at exactly 8:30 in the morning, students of Grades 7, 8, 9 and fourth year assembled in the school hall. The program proper started with an invocation led by Kyle Javier,a Grade 9 student. It was followed by the national anthem led by the MSC Performing Arts, trained by Mr. Rene Antiporda and Ms. Krizzalyn Barrios, the Glee Club advisers. The opening remarks of the school principal, Mrs. Lerma S. Prudente, and inspirational message from Mr. Virgilio Y. Prudente, school president, have made everyone excited on their upcoming presentation.

Each year level presented their talents and special numbers with group dance performance and songs. The students showed and proved that each of them have talents that they can share and be proud of. The event included jail and message booths, which raised funds for the Student Council.

Yells and shouts filled the hall in the afternoon with the games presented by each group with  the winners receiving prizes. The   acquaintance party and program was successfully held as the first activity of the Student Council for this school year. It achieved the goal of the studentry in proving that learning cooperation and teamwork can be fun, and socialization will leave high school memories that will last and will never be forgotten.

—Rica Mae Comia