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Training for the MSC Inter-school Contests Ongoing

The free training for participating schools in the MSC Web Design Contest and MSC Speed Math Contest  is currently ongoing every Saturday, morning for web design and afternoon for speed math.

Ever since MSC started these contests, the free trainings were also offered since not many pupils are knowledgeable about web design and very few knows and uses math techniques which make computing easier and faster.

For this year, the trainor for web design is MSC graphic artist Diana Lynne G. Luna, MS High School class 2005 , MSC Computer echnology Course graduate 2007.  The speed math contest participants are trained by no less than Mr. Virgilio Y. Prudente or more popularly known as “Sir Ike”.  He is the founder of MSC, creator of MATH-Inic, and the author of 25 Math Short Cuts.

The trainings are conducted several weeks before the anniversary of MSC.  The contests revolve around the thrust of MSC – Math, Science and Computing.  Only the web design and speed math contests have trainings, the other contests that do not involve training are the Scavenger Hunt and the Math-Sci Quiz Show.


MSC High Schoolers win in DSPC

Allen Ashley B. Alcos and Rica Mae S. Comia, seniors at MSC High School won in the San Pablo City Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC).  Allen Ashley won in photojournalism (English) and Rica Mae won in Feature Writing (English).  Both of them got the 5th place in each event.

The contest was held at Dolores Elementary School at Dolores, San Pablo City from November 14 to 15, 2014.  Here is a complete list of the MSC delegation:

Rica Mae Comia – Feature Writing (English)
Lovynel Cortrez – Feature Writing (Filipino)
Allen Ashley Alcos – Photojournalism
Hazel Garinn Villanueva – Newswriting (English)
Lady Chaniyel Millares – Editorial Writing
Alliah Joisel Patulot – Copy Reading
Mikkel Franz Angeles – Newswriting (Filipino)
Liane Jane Sarmiento – Sportswriting
Decerie Tulipan – Editorial Cartooning (English)

The students were guided by teachers Jinky C. Artillero and Krizzalyn C. Barrios.

Congratulations to the winners!  To the other contestants, use this experience to better prepare for next year’s competition.

Stories from the Alumni: Joan Miranda

I was asked to write about our batch in high school and talk about what made us unique, but I won’t.

To be honest, aside from our names and faces, we are just the same as you are. We are made up of different kind of students, the nerds, the athletes, the popular ones, the shy ones, and even one who seemed like God had showered him with everything.

What we went through was basically just the same things you thought you could never survive, such as exams, extra-curricular, and many more — we did and so will you.

It sounds a bit cliché but high school had indeed been a roller coaster ride for me. I fell in love, got my heart broken, fought with friends, made up with them, failed a test, aced one, and so many more memories that made me felt that I was on top of the world and even on the edge of it.

For years, I’ve been wanting a reset, to undo the things I regret and make things right. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that everything I am now is a product of those four years of my life, and I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Enjoy high school, every single day of it. In college, everything will not be the same. If you go to a university, the only people you would probably talk to is your seat mate. You won’t get as much interaction with your teacher. When you graduate and start working ,you would find yourself alone and longing for social interaction, and that’s when you’ll find yourself wishing you kept in touch with your friends from high school, so it wouldn’t be awkward to just randomly ask one of them out for coffee.

I’ve lost contact with some of my closest friends and now, they are strangers to me. I no longer know anything about their life, except for what they post on Facebook. Part of the reason that we drifted apart was I fell too much in love with my high school sweetheart that anything that reminded me of him then hurt me so much, I got rid of every high school memory I had, even if that meant losing friends of mine. It seems a bit silly now but after all is said and done.

My advice to you is to keep the people with you closest to your heart. Move on from high school but not from your friends. Fall in love but keep yourself and your world intact.  Cherish every mistake and triumph, and share them with people you care about the most.

Soon it’ll be your turn to share some of your high school memories, and what you’ve learned, so go ahead and enjoy the ride. Let me know how things play out.

Joan Miranda

Joan Miranda
MSC High School class 2008
UPLB 2012 – BS Development Communication, Major in Broadcasting
Current Work: Project Communications Manager of Manila Water Company, Quezon City



MSC Origins part XII: Annex Stories 2

The MSC Annex was the “home” of MSC for 16 years and it has been the site for a lot of activities participated in by the students, faculty, and staff.  Many people, even those not involved in the school, visited the place for the various events.

Quick Count Headquarters

During MSC’s stay at MSC Annex, the site was used as Quick Count Headquarters in several elections.  MSC would join quick counts with other civic groups.  Partial results were brought to the headquarters where encoders tally the votes using a program developed by MSC.  There was even a time when a big screen was put outside, showing partial unofficial results for the public to view.

San Pablo City Fiesta Stage

For one week during the San Pablo City fiesta celebrations, Rizal Avenue is transformed into a party zone with stalls selling food and drinks.  In major intersections, stages are set up for the performance of different bands and entertainers.

Being near the plaza, the MSC annex was also used as venue for the festivities.  A makeshift stage would be put up in front of the building for performances by MSC students.

Summer Classes Venue for Music Lessons, Computer Courses, and Entrance Test Reviews

Every summer, MSC Annex turned into a center for students from different schools who enrolled in Music lessons and review classes.

The late Val Tomas and his assistants taught young children the basics of their favorite instruments.  These students would be grouped and Sir Val would supervise their practice with students playing individual instruments together with a band.  A recital at the end of the summer sessions always drew  huge crowds of proud parents.  Sir Val would have been very satisfied knowing many of his protégés are doing well in the entertainment scene.

Being a computer school, computer lessons would always be a part of the classes offered by MSC whatever time of the year it may be.  Courses range from computers for kids, computer operation, programming, and web design.  Special classes were also offered like computer operations for teachers.

For incoming freshmen and for those wanting to improve their academic performance in the coming schoolyear, MSC annex was venue for review classes.  Even in the early years of MSC, Sir Ike personally tutored many students, especially children of friends.  With the review classes at MSC Annex, more students had easy access to this facility.

Conversion: Meters to Feet and Inches

Those who are accustomed to expressing their heights in feet and inches find it hard to estimate the heights of NBA players when expressed in meters.  It can be easily done if we follow these simple steps:

  • express the measure in centimeters.
  • divide the number of centimeters by 30 to get the number of feet.
  • divide the remainder by 2.5 to get the number of inches (remember, 10 ÷ 2.5 = 4)

Note these conversions

  • 1.60 m = 160 cm ÷ 30 =  5 r 10 = 5 feet 4 inches
  • 1.95 m = 195 ÷ 30 =  6 r 15 = 6 feet 6 inches
  • 2.15 m = 215 ÷ 30 =  7 r 5 = 7 feet 2 inches
Again, we used 1 inch = 2.5 cm instead of the exact 1 inch = 2.54 cm. To make it more accurate we could deduct 0.5 cm per foot from the remainder of step B to make the conversion more accurate.
  • 1.60 m = 160 cm ÷ 30 =  5 r 10 -2.5  = 5 feet 3 inches
  • 1.95 m = 195 ÷ 30 =  6 r 15 – 3 = 6 feet 4.8 inches
  • 2.15 m = 215 ÷ 30 =  7 r 5 – 3.5  = 7 feet 0.6 inches

MSC firsts: First Registered Caregiving School in San Pablo City

In San Pablo City, MSC was the first school recognized by TESDA to offer a short course on Caregiving.

MSC started its first Caregiving class on July 16, 2002 which was held at the 4th floor and the penthouse of the El Coco building along A. Fule St., beside MSC Annex.

The first teachers were Ms. Emelyn Aningalan-Buenaseda, Ms. Grace Bayubay, and Ms. Merlie Javaluyas with 30 students attending the morning session.  The evening session started in August, 2002 with 31 students.

The MSC Caregiver

The MSC Caregiver








Here is a list of the first batch of students:

  • Dela Cueva, Larry M.
  • Polinag, Grace M.
  • Belarmino, Dondon B.
  • De Lima, Richard
  • Bigol, Melanie M.
  • Canayunan, Resy M.
  • Cosico, Chrizel C.
  • San Diego, Romeo A.
  • Tagulao, Rosalie
  • Arceta, Jenny Anne T.
  • Bagsic, Rexford G.
  • Del Mundo, Madelou R.
  • Montegudo, Cristeta L.
  • Arellano, Joan C.
  • Pasco, Abigail A.
  • Quijano, Sharon F.
  • Enriquez, Celeste C.
  • Nuque, Castor Jr.
  • Azucena, Vivien P.
  • Salvacion, Marjorie
  • Cosico, Christe B.
  • Badayos, Rhena S.
  • De Leon, Arnel M.
  • Alvero, Resziel C.
  • Morcilla, Harold H.
  • Maghirang, Mark Marvin B.
  • Sibug, Jeanne Melissa R.
  • Copada, Robert O.
  • Castro, Milanda V.
  • Navarro, Teresita N.

MSC 18: Base Multiplication – Numbers Below the Base

When multiplying numbers below a power of 10, we subtract one number’s deficiency from the base from the other number and then add the product of the deficiencies.

 Example 18.1:    Find 98 x 97
 = (100 – 2)(100 – 3)
= (100 – 2 – 3)(100) + (-2 x -3)
= (98 – 3) x 100 + 2 * 3
= 95 | 06
 = 9,506

Remember that the right hand side has the same number of digits as the number of zeroes in the base.

Example 18.2:    Find 89 x 87

89 x 87
= (100 – 11)(100 – 13)
= 87 – 11 | 13 * 11 
= 76 | 143
= 77 | 43

It is good practice to use the smaller deficiency as the subtrahend.

Example 18.3:    Find 6,879 x 9,998

6,879 x 9,998
 = 6,879 – 2 | 3,121 * 2
 = 6,877 | 6242
 = 68,776,242

It is definitely easier to subtract 2 from 6,879 than to deduct 3,121 from 9,998.

Here is the algebraic proof of the method used:

Let x = base; a, b = deficiency from the base

(x – a)(x – b)
 = x2 – (a + b)x + a*b
 = (x – a – b)x + a*b
 =[(x – a) – b]x + a*b

 Exercise 18:      Find the following products using the base method.

  1. 6 x 9 =
  2. 99 x 98 =
  3. 98 x 93 =
  4. 88 x 98 =
  5. 75 x 97 =
  6. 87 x 88 =
  7. 97 x 67 =
  8. 94 x 91 =
  9. 995 x 975 =
  10. 997 x 778 =

Answers to all exercises are found in the answer key.

Discover the 25 Math Short Cuts ( 25 MSC )!

Issue 17 – 25th MSC Founding Anniversary Updates & Base Multiplication

Nov 28, 2014         Issue 17

25th MSC Founding Anniversary Celebration Updates

We are inviting everyone to join our 25th Founding Anniversary activities

  • MSC Christmas Music Video Contest
  • MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014
  • MSC Alumni Basketball League
MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

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In this issue

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Erwin Ciar Makes it to PinaSikat Grand Finals

An MSC graduate is now making waves on primetime national TV! Erwin Ciar, a graduate of MSC’s Computer Technology Course in 2002 won in PinaSikat, a segment in the popular noontime TV show Showtime.

Erwin Ciar as D' Kings

Erwin Ciar as D’ Kings Doble-Cara

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MSC Origins Part XI: Stories at the Annex

When MSC initially rented the old Agrix supermarket building, also known as MSC Annex, it had two classrooms and an office on the second floor; a computer lab, and two classrooms, and a small office on the first floor. The building was actually the front part of the Bunquin family compound. By June 1996, this building was used by the first three classes (1st to 3rd year) of the MSC High School.

annex hallway

MSC Annex Hallway

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Stories from the Alumni: Sammy Suco

Pagpasensyahan nyo na po…. Galing po ako sa mahirap na pamilya, kaya noon, wala na ako pag-asa makapag-college… Salamat na lang may MSC, nakapag-aral ako at sa tulong ng naging amo ko sa Tiaong.

Sammy Suco

Samson SucoComputer Technology Course class 1998
Computer Technician Course class 1999
Current work: IT Support, Al Arrab Contracting Compny (ACC), Riyadh, KSA

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MSC Firsts: First School to have Computerized Student Council Elections (1992)

In 1991, MSC’s first batch of two-year course students totaled more than 70. Even with a group this small, the students organized clubs as well as a student council. Of course there had to be elections for the student council officers and being in a computer school, the students themselves created a program to count the votes!

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Conversion: Feet to Meters

To convert feet to meters, we could approximate by multiplying the measurement in feet by 0.3 to convert it into meters. This is the exact reverse of the method we used to convert meters to feet.

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MSC 17 – Base Multiplication: Multiplying “Teen” Numbers and Others

Most of us have learned by heart the multiplication table up to 10 x 10. A simple technique will enable us to extend our multiplication power up to 20 x 20.

For example: Compute 14 x 12

Cover one of the ten’s digit and add what remains to the other number: 14 + 2 or 4 + 12 will both give 16. This will be the first or left hand part of the product.

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  • Training for the MSC Inter-school Contest Ongoing
  • MSC High Schoolers win in DSPC
  • MSC Origins part XII: Annex Stories 2
  • Stories from the Alumni: Joan Miranda
  • MSCs first – First Registered Caregiving School in San Pablo City
  • Conversion: Meters to Feet and Inches
  • MSC 18 – Base Multiplication: Numbers below the base

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25th MSC Founding Anniversary Celebration Updates

Contests and Events open to Students from other Schools

We are inviting Elementary and High School students from other schools to join our 25th Founding Anniversary Contests.

For details, contact us at 049 562 6006 / 0922 854 3244 / 0939 939 9702 or 0917 853 5069. Thank you!

interschool events

interschool events

MSC Christmas Music Video Contest

Everyone is invited to join the first ever MSC Christmas Music Video Contest.  Join now and get a chance to win the grand prize!

Music video contest

Music video contest

MSC Shirt Design Contest

Congratulations to the MSC Shirt Design Contest winners!  Their designs will be used for the coming Alumni Homecoming.

shirt design winners

shirt design winners

Call or text these numbers to place your orders: 0922 854 3244 / 0939 939 9702 / 0917 853 5069.

Each shirt costs P200.  Make sure to indicate the shirt design you want and your size (S, M, L, XL).

MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

December 6, 2014, Saturday, 6 PM
MSC Institute of Technology, Inc., Sitio IX, Brgy. San Gabriel, San Pablo City
* Awarding of MSC Oustanding Alumni 2014

** Music by Strings Attached with Altea Maloles-Santiago – MSC High School 2000 & Ronald Manalili – MSC Computer Hardware Servicing 2008


alumni homecoming

alumni homecoming

MSC Alumni Baasketball League

Schedule of Games on Saturday, November 29, 2014

1st Game: Blue vs Green

2nd Game: Black vs Red
3rd Game: White vs Winning Team (Blue VS Green)

The championship game is to be played on Dec. 6 at Teomora covered court.

alumni basketball tarp

alumni basketball tarp

MSC Alumnus Erwin Ciar Makes it to PinaSikat Grand Finals

An MSC graduate is now making waves on primetime national TV!  Erwin Ciar, a graduate of MSC’s Computer Technology Course in 2002 won in PinaSikat, a segment in the popular noontime TV show Showtime.

Erwin Ciar as D' Kings

Erwin Ciar as D’ Kings

He won in the daily and weekly rounds of the contest which highlights different talents of Pinoys.  His performance dubbed “D Kings” features himself as a two-faced (“doble-kara”) man – Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ), “The King” on one side and Romy Diaz, the “Contrabida King” on the other.

Erwin had the audience laughing throughout his impersonation of the two kings.  He even elicited a standing ovation from two judges, Maxene Magalona and Jong Hilario.

When he was at MSC, he was president of the Student Council.  He worked as Dance Insructor in San Pablo City and was General Manager of a resto park in Laguna.  These days he accepts hosting jobs and offers variety show packages.

Being a finalist at PinaSIkat, he already won thirty thousand pesos and he has a chance to win the grand prize of one million pesos in the finals in December.

Best of luck, Erwin!  Balato naman dyan…Nyahhhhhh….