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25th MSC Founding Anniversary Celebration – Schedule and Updates

It’s the MSC 25th Foundation Anniversary Celebration Week!
What’s happening this week?

December 4, 2014  (Thursday)

  • Formal opening of the celebration of MSC’s 25th anniversary
  • Starts with a mass at 8:00 am at the green school campus, followed by a motorcade
  • Opening of the exhibits
  • Inter-class contests (afternoon)
  • Free entrance/scholarship exam for incoming Grade VII students (3:00 pm)
  • At 4:00 pm, Sir Ike’s book, “25 Math Short Cuts” will be launched. Teachers, Principals, Dep Ed officials and friends are expected to grace the event.
25 MSC book cover

25 MSC book cover

December 5, 2014  (Friday)

  • Continuation of open house/exhibits
  • Inter-school contests:

9:00 am – Math-Sci Quiz Show
1:00 pm – Web Design Contest
3:00 pm – Speed Math Contest

interschool events

interschool events

December 6, 2014  (Saturday)

  • MSC Alumni Basketball League (8:00 AM @ Teomora covered court)

8:00 am – Red Team vs White Team

  • Family Day (starting at 8:00 am)
  • PTA raffle/game/boodle fight
  • Sayawit
  • Alumni Homecoming/Awarding of Most Outstanding Alumni (6:00 pm)
MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

MSC Music Video Contest

Everyone is invited to join the first ever MSC Christmas Music Video Contest.  Join now and get a chance to win the 5,000 peso-grand prize!

Music video contest

Music video contest

Sing your favorite Christmas song and send us your original video!

  • Individual or group
  • No age limit

Song choice:

  • Christmas O.P.M. (Original Pilipino Music)
  • Christmas Classics e.g. Holy Night
  • No spoof songs please!

Video must be:

  • Unique and original (performed by contestant)
  • Submitted as MP4 file


  • Christmas music videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel
  • Promote your entry via Facebook
  • The entry with the most number of views by December 5, 2014, 11:55 PM will be declared as GRAND WINNER.

For details, contact us at 049 562 6006 / 0922 854 3244 / 0939 939 9702 or 0917 853 5069.

MSC Shirt Design Contest

Congratulations to the MSC Shirt Design Contest winners!  Their designs will be used for the coming Alumni Homecoming.


shirt design winners

shirt design winners

Call or text these numbers to place your orders: 0922 854 3244 / 0939 939 9702 / 0917 853 5069.

Each shirt costs P200.  Make sure to indicate the shirt design you want and your size (S, M, L, XL).

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MSC Sportsfest 2014

This year’s MSC Sportsfest was held last October 27 to 29 and started with a parade of the teams in the San Gabriel-San Miguel area.  After the parade, a short opening program was held at the green school campus followed by the first event, the Cheerdance Competition.  Grade VIII won first place, followed by the Seniors, placing second and third place went to the Freshmen.

After the Cheerdance competition, Laro ng Lahi was also held on the first day.  Board and ball games were held in the following days.

The Best Players were:

Dan Jomil Isiderio – Basketball
Jomer Pullo – Volleyball (boys)
Shania De Luna – Volleyball (girls)
Alfred Bacera – Table Tennis (boys)
Decerie Tulipan – Table Tennis (girls)
Jhon Marc Manalo – Chess
Rica Mae Comia – Scrabble

In the Team Category, the winners were:

Grade 8 – Cheerdance Champion
Grade 7 – Best Team
Grade 8 – Overall Champion
4th year – 1st Runner up
Grade 9 – 2nd Runner up
Grade 7 – 3rd Runner up

Congratulations to all the winners!  Better luck next year for the others.

Trivia: MSC, Official Tabulator ng Bayan

We can not quite remember when MSC first became the tabulator of a contest, but as far as we can remember, numerous organizers and groups have always tapped MSC resources for tabulation purposes.  By resources, we mean computers, printers and manpower.

Being a computer company and running a computer school means that computers are readily available, but having people willing to volunteer and owners who are willing to lend these people and equipment is something else.

MSC is the official tabulator for San Pablo City’s Cocofestival contests, from the Street Dancing, to Floats Competition, to the Mutya and Lakan search.  When San Pablo City started these contests, Barangays soon adapted the same contests during their “fiestas”, and these barangays also sought the services of MSC.   Most recent of these was the San Lucas Barangay fiesta last July.   The municipality of Calauan is also a frequent patron during their fiesta (May 15).

This October 30, 2014, MSC was official tabulator for the 1st Ms. Eco-tourism pageant held at Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort, sponsored by the Seven Lakes Tourism Association.

Kudos to MSC, the official tabulator ng bayan ng San Pablo!

MSC Green Campus: A Stop-over for Climate Walk

VYP-MSC Institute of Technology played host to an environmental group currently conducting the Manila to Tacloban Climate Walk – a peoples walk for climate justice.

With the objective of promoting awareness on the effects of climate change, the group started at Rizal Park or kilometer 0 on October 2, and expects to reach Tacloban or ground 0 by November 8, in time for the first anniversary of Super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

The group was composed of 11 “core walkers” but volunteers would be joining them in some parts of the walk.  Supporting the group are members of Greenpeace, Aksyon Klima Pilipinas, Fast for the Climate and Climate Reality Project.

The group has been spending nights in municipal gymnasiums and churches, and charges cell phone batteries and GPS trackers with their solar panels.  In San Pablo City, the group spent Sunday evening at the green school campus of VYP-MSC IT and left early Monday, October 2.

Headed by Nityalila Saulo, they held short programs and talks in communities along the way to raise awareness on the effects of climate change.  Also in the group was Naderev “Yeb” Saño, the climate change commissioner, environmentalist, philosopher, nature lover, and peace activitist who painted dolphins on the gate of the green campus of MSC.

With details from:

"climate walkers"

“Climate Walkers” on a stop-over at MSC green school campus

MSC Scouts Investiture and Camping

MSC held its Scout Investiture last September 26, 2014 with students ready to take their responsibility to the next level. Their fellow Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, parents and godparents attended the commencement ceremony.

The Girl Scouts Investiture was held first. Kyle Javier opened the program with a prayer followed by the colors; then singing of the Philippine National anthem. After that our very own principal, Ma’am Lerma Prudente welcomed the guests and of course the girls being invested to the new world of Scouting. After the warm welcome from the principal, the investing officers gave a little message then officially started the investing ceremony with the lighting of the big candles. This is followed by the lighting of the small candles by chosen scouts and cadets, and each one recited the Girl Scout Law. The investing officers started to invest each scout and cadet after the lighting of the candles. They made them recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law that served as their pass to the next level of scouting. They received new pins for their new chapter in scouting. All were very proud after receiving their new pins and wearing their own scarves put on them by their godparents. After the investing ceremony, the program proceeded with the celebration of Escoda Day.

The Escoda Day celebration started with the Escoda Hymn sung by the newly invested scouts and cadets with their fellow scouts. After that, the brief information about the beloved founder of the Girl Scout, Josefa Llanes Escoda, was read by each leader. A few songs were also dedicated to her. After all of that, scouts and cadets walked in circle for their contribution that was put in the basket while singing the Girl Scout theme.The Girl Scout Investiture ended with a message from Tita Au Punzalan which was followed by the retiring of colors.

After lunch is the start of the school’s class night. Excitement in the students’ eyes can be spotted. The program started with a demo on knot tying by Mrs. Rose Cleofe. She taught students some knots like; the basic, Square knot, Bowline, Sheet Bend, Two-half Hitches, Clove Hitch and Truckers knot. All scouts were enthusiastically minding their own knots. After the knot tying session, the scouts were given a chance to rest to be ready for the next game which was building a tower out of three long bond papers hosted by Miss Jinky Artillero and Miss Jhen Gonzales. All were serious in thinking on how to build one in just five minutes. In the end, the girl scouts won the game. Before the preparation for dinner, scouts were asked to prepare their own camp fire to be used for the camp fire session after scouts take their dinner. In the camp fire session, all were having fun in lighting their DIY mini camp fire. Pictures were taken and laughter filled the court. All were enjoying the night before they went to bed.

In the morning, Girl Scouts had a Scouts Own; a service that is usually short, often lasting no longer than 15 minutes. They are made up of a mixture of readings, prayers, reflections and music. After this session, all scouts were permitted to go home, bringing with them the fun, lessons, and memorable moments during these activities.

The Yellow Lep

By the BusyBee

It was drizzling so I had to head back to the office. On my way to the office, I saw a brightly colored creature fly. “I’ve never seen that bird before. Now, where did it go?” I scanned the branches of the trees and looked for movement but found no such bird. Something yellow caught my eye. Flutterby, I meant, butterfly! There’s a bright yellow butterfly sipping nectar from the white flowers, I thought. Because of my height and the relative position of the lepidopteran, I can only see parts of it. The body is like that of a bumblebee, yellow with black bands. The lepidopteran is dominantly yellow. The basal part of the forewings and the hind wings are yellow with black markings. The top/ upper half of the forewings are mainly black with white  markings.

Looking closely on a photo I took, I realized that it’s not a butterfly. Check out their antennae, definitely a moth.

I was having a hard time trying to take a picture of the lep when I realized that there’s at least 3 of them. Oh, joy! Pure joy! Like most lepidopterans, they’re hyperactive, fluttering their wings forever (not!).

IMG_0386 cropped

I find it hard to sleep whenever I discover a new organism here in MSC San Gabriel. I just have to know their name. As I have not found the time to upload the picture, it was hard to ask for help in identifying the moth.  Google it! Keywords: yellow leopard moth. Bingo!

Why did I include leopard as part of the keywords? Well, I was browsing lepidopteran photos and I saw Phalanta phalanta which has a similar print but a bit orangeyThe common name of Phalanta phalanta is Common Leopard.

The moth looks similar to Dysphania subrepleta.

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MSC’s Annual Acquaintance Party

MSC on its 25th year held its annual acquaintance day celebration, last June 20, 2014, Friday, with its actively participating faculty, staff and students.

acquaintance party 2014

Starting at exactly 8:30 in the morning, students of Grades 7, 8, 9 and fourth year assembled in the school hall. The program proper started with an invocation led by Kyle Javier,a Grade 9 student. It was followed by the national anthem led by the MSC Performing Arts, trained by Mr. Rene Antiporda and Ms. Krizzalyn Barrios, the Glee Club advisers. The opening remarks of the school principal, Mrs. Lerma S. Prudente, and inspirational message from Mr. Virgilio Y. Prudente, school president, have made everyone excited on their upcoming presentation.

Each year level presented their talents and special numbers with group dance performance and songs. The students showed and proved that each of them have talents that they can share and be proud of. The event included jail and message booths, which raised funds for the Student Council.

Yells and shouts filled the hall in the afternoon with the games presented by each group with  the winners receiving prizes. The   acquaintance party and program was successfully held as the first activity of the Student Council for this school year. It achieved the goal of the studentry in proving that learning cooperation and teamwork can be fun, and socialization will leave high school memories that will last and will never be forgotten.

—Rica Mae Comia