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The First One-Stop Computer Shop in San Pablo – MSC Data Exchange

On its  4th anniversary on December 4, 1993, MSC established the MSC Data Exchange Co.  a one-stop-computer-shop.  It was probably the first company in San Pablo City to offer customized computer software.  There were very few programmers in the city during those days but MSC had some of the best.

During those days, too, there was also a growing demand for personal computers.  But there were no stores that sell them, there was no SM San Pablo yet, the nearest SM was in Makati.  If anyone in San Pablo or nearby towns wanted a personal computer, they had to go to Metro Manila to buy one.

MSC Data Exchange Co. was one of the first companies to sell computers (desktop PCs, laptops were rare those days!) in San Pablo.  It sold what were called “Apple compatibles” which were cloned copies of the popular Apple II personal computer.  The compatibles had clever names like “Star Apple.”

The computer sales department of MSC partnered with the computer repair and service center to cater to the growing number of PC users.  People who bought Apple compatibles in Manila had to go there to avail of the warranty.  Buying computers at MSC meant one did not have to leave San Pablo for their units to be repaired or replaced.  MSC technicians were available on call! Computer tutorials, printing, desktop publishing and other services were available under one roof – the MSC Data Exchange Co. Today your fingers (and toes) will not be enough to count the computer shops in San Pablo, but during those days, MSC Data Exchange was the place to go.


MSC Data Exchange Co. on its opening Day   data invite data4 data1 data3 data2