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MSC Origins part XII: Annex Stories 2

The MSC Annex was the “home” of MSC for 16 years and it has been the site for a lot of activities participated in by the students, faculty, and staff.  Many people, even those not involved in the school, visited the place for the various events.

Quick Count Headquarters

During MSC’s stay at MSC Annex, the site was used as Quick Count Headquarters in several elections.  MSC would join quick counts with other civic groups.  Partial results were brought to the headquarters where encoders tally the votes using a program developed by MSC.  There was even a time when a big screen was put outside, showing partial unofficial results for the public to view.

San Pablo City Fiesta Stage

For one week during the San Pablo City fiesta celebrations, Rizal Avenue is transformed into a party zone with stalls selling food and drinks.  In major intersections, stages are set up for the performance of different bands and entertainers.

Being near the plaza, the MSC annex was also used as venue for the festivities.  A makeshift stage would be put up in front of the building for performances by MSC students.

Summer Classes Venue for Music Lessons, Computer Courses, and Entrance Test Reviews

Every summer, MSC Annex turned into a center for students from different schools who enrolled in Music lessons and review classes.

The late Val Tomas and his assistants taught young children the basics of their favorite instruments.  These students would be grouped and Sir Val would supervise their practice with students playing individual instruments together with a band.  A recital at the end of the summer sessions always drew  huge crowds of proud parents.  Sir Val would have been very satisfied knowing many of his protégés are doing well in the entertainment scene.

Being a computer school, computer lessons would always be a part of the classes offered by MSC whatever time of the year it may be.  Courses range from computers for kids, computer operation, programming, and web design.  Special classes were also offered like computer operations for teachers.

For incoming freshmen and for those wanting to improve their academic performance in the coming schoolyear, MSC annex was venue for review classes.  Even in the early years of MSC, Sir Ike personally tutored many students, especially children of friends.  With the review classes at MSC Annex, more students had easy access to this facility.