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MSC Firsts: First School to have Computerized Student Council Elections (1992)

In 1991, MSC’s first batch of two-year course students totaled more than 70.  Even with a group this small, the students organized clubs as well as a student council.  Of course there had to be elections for the student council officers and being in a computer school, the students themselves created a program to count the votes!

It must have been the very first time that a student council election in any school in San Pablo was “computerized”.  To think that the country had only started adopting computerized elections in 2010, the MSC students were really ahead of their time, with computerized electrions 19 years earlier, in 1991!

Up to now, the student council election at MSC still uses a computerized system, and through the years modification have been made to improve it even more.

MSCs first student council oficers

MSCs first student council oficers