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Acquaintance Party with a Twist

By : Michael Anthony Dollentes

Students of VYP-MSC Institute of Technology went to its San Gabriel Campus donned in Filipiñana costumes of the Spanish Era on June 24 for their Acquaintance Party.

MSC students went to the San Gabriel Campus donned in Filipiña costumes of the Spanish Era

Students of VYP-MSC Institute of Technology went to its San Gabriel Campus donned in Filipiñana costumes of the Spanish Era on June 24 for their Acquaintance Party.

Days before the said event, the School Directress Mrs. Lerma S. Prudente announced during the flag ceremony that students must wear Filipiñana attire during the   acquaintance party with the theme of commemorating Dr. Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday.

Among the activities included in the party were cultural presentations by the students from each year level.

The induction of the new set of officers of the high school student council was also held.

The party was made more fun by the parlor games sponsored by each class. The highlight of the party was the Search for the Mutya at Lakan wherein the contestants showcased their talents.

The MSC High School acquaintance party is held every year so that the  students will get to know each other better, thus fostering camaraderie and brotherhood among the students of VYP-MSC IT.

This year however, with the added Filipiñana twist to it, the celebration was made even more meaningful for it fostered nationalism that is one of the aims of the administration.

MSC Barangay Scholarship Program

MSC Institute of Technology is giving tuition fee discounts to deserving students from families who need financial assistance referred for enrollment by the Office of the Mayor from any barangay of San Pablo City.

For incoming high school or technical-vocational students (including transferees):

  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for high school enrollees from
    1st year to 4th year
  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for technical-vocational enrollees for
    two years

Scholarship privilege of P5,000 per school year is granted from 1st year to 4th year high school or 1st year to second year of two-year technical-vocational course provided the following criteria are met:

  • scholars shall have no failing grade
  • scholars do not have disciplinary actions taken
    against them.

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Referral from the Barangay Chairman approved by the
    Mayor or his/ her representative
  • Report Cards
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from Principal/
    Guidance Counselor
  • Birth Certificate


The MSC Vision

At MSC IT, students have an edge with computer skills integrated in all subjects and vast resources of knowledge with Internet access in the MSC main campus and the MSC Green School Campus…

At MSC IT, graduates have an edge in getting jobs immediately after graduation…

At MSC IT, teachers and staff are committed to bring out the best in every student…

VYP – MSC Institute of Technology

MSC believes that students should actively take part in their own education. They are encouraged to participate in classroom discussions, and are expected to do their own research, reports, experiments and studies. The teachers act as facilitators and give guidance and knowledge throughout the school year.

School work at MSC includes real-life applications of the skills and knowledge they learn. The monthly-themed activities make learning fun and develop leadership and team work among the students. This prepares our students for the challenges they will face in the real world, and we believe this facilitated learning method gives our students an edge.

MSC also reinforces good values—integrity, responsibility, honesty, excellence—through our Values Education Program and through everyday practice in the classroom. We believe that this is necessary to create well-rounded citizens.

MSC continually updates its curriculum, adding subjects and modules that engage its students’ interests and show that academics need not be boring. This deepens MSC’s commitment to transforming students into lifelong-learners and achievers.

Give your child the MSC advantage!

Now that your child has graduated from elementary school, give your child the MSC Advantage, by enrolling him in the best science and technology high school in San Pablo City, Laguna.

  • Out-of-the-box learning experiences. We believe that learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. From our MSC Green School Campus to outbound education trips, we provide alternative learning experiences for our students.
  • Non-traditional learning and creative thinking. Creativity breeds success, both in the classroom and out in the real world. We encourage our students to approach problems from different perspectives and come up with new and better solutions.
  • Technological competency. Our curriculum integrates computer skills into all subjects and includes advanced topics such as robotics. Every student has Internet access and use of his own computer at the lab. We are also the only school in San Pablo that has consistently won in the Philippine Schools Cyberfair and International Schools Cyberfair contests.
  • Greater sense of community. We envision our students as citizens of the world, concerned and comfortable not only with themselves, but with other people from all walks of life. We expose them to various opportunities to expand their horizons through outreach programs, contests and excursions around and out of San Pablo City.

New High School Enrichment Subjects

MSC High School has enriched its curriculum with the addition of exciting new subjects for the students in the different high school levels. These include:

  • Math Plus a supplemental Mathematics subject using the MATH-Inic modules based  on right-brain and Vedic Math methods;
  • Robotics a workshop on constructing and programming robot basic movements; and
  • Memory Techniques — a course that will train students to retain and recall school lessons better.

The MSC Green School Campus

MSC computer laboratories have 1:1 computer-student ratio

VYP-MSC Institute of Technology strengthens its vision to be an advocate of environmentally-sound practices and entrepreneurship, and its commitment to provide its students a well-rounded education that will turn them into lifelong learners.

With the opening of the Green Campus in San Gabriel, San Pablo City, MSC answers the call for more proactive measures to alleviate global warming. The Green Campus also serves as a non-traditional learning venue for MSC students

Set amidst 1.2 hectares of land, the main school building houses a computer laboratory, a science laboratory and spacious classrooms. The MSC curriculum, laboratory tools and computer equipment, together with all the natural sunlight and fresh air, create an environment that is conducive to out-of-the-box learning. Students conduct researches and projects, learn to effectively express their opinions on different issues, and respond to the call of the global world through interaction with other people throughout the world. Lectures and hands-on experiments also enhance the learning process.

Natural sunlight and fresh air, create an environment conducive to non-traditional learning and creative thinking.
Natural sunlight and fresh air, create an environment conducive to non-traditional learning and creative thinking.

The free space available also supports freedom of movement and encourages creativity, making the Green Campus ideal for collaborations and group activities.  The grounds are also used for various recreational activities, games and sports.

The land surrounding the building is teeming with fruit trees and ornamental plants. Students can cultivate and grow their own vegetables in a reserved portion of the land. This is MSC’s way of promoting livelihood education and the entrepreneurial spirits in its students.

At the MSC Green Campus, the students not only learn the theories set in the curriculum, but also the build the foundations of being upstanding citizens, caring individuals, God-fearing people, environmentally conscious and active participants in saving the earth.  This is, after all what MSC strives for—to be of service to the community, the people and the world.