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Exploring the MSC Green Campus

We have busy bees exploring the MSC Green Campus.  Specifically, we have a very Busy V (let us agree to use the name Veronica, to refer to this Busy V) doing the exploring, and documenting the rich flora and fauna found in the garden campus through her special blog site Busy Bees

Moth, science and computing?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a moth found in the MSC Green Campus!

Our Busy V reminds us that it is almost Moth week! ( yep, Moth, not Math ) with this beautiful moth picture. arctiid moth

This arctiid moth (which looks similar to Alona lactinea) showed up reminding us that  it’s almost Moth Week! We all love butterflies but sadly, not a lot of us are particularly fond of moths. That’s because most of us believe that moths are dull-colored/ ugly versions of the well-loved butterflies. Follow the adventures of our Busy V, in BusyBees!