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MSC Origins part XIII: From La Suerte to El Coco

In 2002, MSC main, which was then occupying the 4th floor of the La Suerte building was again outgrown by  its growing number of students.  Even with the old Agrix Supermarket or MSC annex, being used at the same time, an even bigger space was essential.

Fortunately at that time a four storey-building beside MSC Annex was nearing completion and the owner was looking for lessees.  The building which was later named El Coco Building was perfect for MSC!

The whole of the first floor was occupied by MSC Data Exchange (and Service Center), MSC’s sister company dubbed as a one-stop computer shop.  MSC Data Exchange was previously renting a space along Paseo de Escudero, but it fit just right in its new location.

The Mezzanine of El Coco was where the computer laboratory was transferred.  The laboratory was big enough for 40 students, or one complete section.

The second and third floors both had two average-sized classrooms each.  The fourth floor and the penthouse were used for Caregiving classes, which were first offered by MSC in mid 2002.

The move from La Suerte to El Coco consolidated MSC’s network into one location along A. Fule St. in two buildings beside each other.  The schools were there:

  • MSC High School
  • MSC Computer Training Center, and
  • the newly formed MSC Caregiving School;

The affiliate companies were there too:

  • MSC Data Exchange
  • MSC Service Center
  • MSC Communications Technology (or MSC Net) –  MSC’s Internet Service Provider
EL COCO building

EL COCO building

Stories from the Alumni: Joanna Erlano


Sa MSC ko natutunan na bawat isa ay may angking talento. Sa tulong ng masisigasig na mga guro, principal na si Ma’am Lerma at ni Sir Ike, naranasan naming linangin ito.

Sa MSC ko rin naranasan ang mga outbound education nasiksik, liglig at umaapaw sa adventure. Hindi lang sa kadahilanang magaganda at historical ang pinupuntahan, kundi sinisigurado nilang safe kaming lahat at uuwing maraming napulot na aral.

Sa MSC ko naranasan na ma-expose sa kung anu anong mga activities para sa sarili naming karunungan.

Sa MSC ako natutong magbigay sa kapwa sa pamamagitan ng mga projects nila na nakaktulong sa mga nais makapag-aral ngunit di sapat ang pera. Dahil sa silid booklatan, maraming mga kabataan ang naiwas sa masamang bisyo at natutong magbasa.

Dahil dyan…proud ako na may dugo akong MSC!


Joanna Erlano

Joanna Erlano

Joanna Erlano MSC High School class 2007
BS IT, LSPU San Pablo Campus
Current work Admin. staff(President’s office), LSPU San Pablo Campus
Currently a Masteral student at TUP-Manila

MSC Origins part X: MSC HS Opens at MSC Annex

In 1995, MSC was occupying the 4th floor floor of the La Suerte building along Rizal Avenue, MSC main and the former Agrix Supermarket along A. Fule St. fondly called MSC annex.

Before the end of school year 1995-1996,  a local event caused the displacement of numerous students, and they  frantically looked for high schools to enroll in.

The city mayor quickly responded with the establishment of public high schools, known then as the city high annexes to accommodate the students who suddenly had no school to go to.  However, the government  could not provide for ALL transfer students.  Parents were looking for private schools to relocate their children.  MSC stepped up by quickly accomplishing all requirements and applying for a high school permit.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly and the permit was granted in time for the opening of school year 1996-97.  MSC annex became MSC High School, with 63 students enrolled from first to third year on its first year of operation.

Classes for the high school were only until 3 or 4 pm, so the classrooms were used by techical-vocational students until 8pm.

Stories from the Alumni: Ednelyn Agulto

If you asked me what years in school I had fun with, I have to say it would have to be my high school days. I couldn’t help but look back on my four years at VYP-MSC Institute of Technology and ask myself, “What made my high school memories worth remembering?”.

I used to be a wallflower during the early part of my high school life. I was so shy and nervous but as time went by, I gained a lot of friends and experiences.

I had a lot of experiences during high school that molded my personality. I even got to know myself better because of the school programs. It gave me the full effect of being in high school. There is so much more to it than grades and school work. The school gave us the chance to show our full potentials other than academics. We got the chance to join the school’s different clubs and organizations to hone our skills, talents, leadership and yet to discover abilities. I got the chance to be a big part of the school’s newsletter and student council, play Volleyball, sing in front of the crowd which I never did in my entire life, be part of the dance group, and a whole lot more.

Staying after school for something you love to do give you a sense of pride and dedication to your school and while you’re there the memories you make and the people you meet are moments that you’ll never forget.

Of course, these experiences won’t be worth remembering if not for the friends I gained during my stay in school. I remember some of my friends wrote at the back of my notebook during break time telling me stories about their crushes – I still have those letters. We used to exchange text messages at night about our favorite koreanovela that time – Full House. We formed our chairs in circle to make chatting about random things easier for us during lunch breaks or free time. I still have bunch of stories to tell but the pages won’t be enough for all those stories.

How can I forget to give credit to our teachers and to the management for being awesome? You made learning fun and exciting for us. It wasn’t easy but it’s all worth it. Kudos to all of you!

High school was an emotional roller coaster ride. I miss it and all the crazy things we did. It was amazing and I will look back on it fondly.

Ednelyn S. Agulto
MSC High School class 2007
LSPU class 2011, BS Information Technology
Dean’s Lister
Web Content Administrator at Tyche Consulting Limited Philippines, ROHQ

MSC Welcomes Four New Teachers

MSC welcomes another year of excellence as four new teachers arrived to share their knowledge.

New MSC HS teachers

New MSC HS teachers

Jenny Rose Estrellado Gonzales graduated at San Vicente National High School in 2010. During that time, she was a Math Club member, Journalism Club member as cartoonist, an MTAP participant and a consistent top 10 student. In March 28, 2014, she graduated from college in Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) majoring in Mathematics. She was a Manthanein Society member during her college days.

Ms. Jenny Rose Gonzales

Ms. Jenny Rose Gonzales

Now, she is teaching Mathematics for grades VII to IX, Trigonometry and Statistics in our school. She is a devoted Math teacher and an understanding Grade 7 adviser. She also handles the school’s Math Club.

Jinky Cabubas Artillero is MSC’s Filipino VII, VIII, English IX and X teacher. She handles Grade VIII with patience and also a resourceful teacher. Furthermore, she guides the Journalism Club of our school.

Ms. Jinky Artillero

Ms. Jinky Artillero

She graduated in San Pablo City National High School (City High) in 2010 as Salutatorian. Then in Dalubhasaang Lungsod ng San Pablo (DLSP) in March, 2014, she finished BS Education majoring in English. Her high school achievement includes Best in English during her first and second years. In college, she was a Dean’s lister, English Society Club member, production staff of Kulay Play Production and Head ushering committee of Kulay Play Production. She was also an active player of women’s basketball during her second and third years and women’s volleyball during her fourth year.

Krizzalyn Cuasay Barrios, our present zealous teacher of Social VII to X, Filipino IX to X and Music VII and also a supportive adviser of Grade IX.  Moreover, she handles the Glee Club.

Ms. Krizzalyn Barrios

Ms. Krizzalyn Barrios

She majored in Social Studies at the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) and was a Honorific Scholar in her 4th year.  She graduated high school at San Pablo City National High School (City High) in 2010.

Mary Rose Pamplena Cleofe also finished her high school in San Pablo City National High School (City High) class of 2008. She took up BS Education majoring in Science at the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU).  She was a Dean’s lister during her first year and graduated in 2012.

Ms. Mary Rose Cleofe

Ms. Mary Rose Cleofe

Today, she handles MSC’s Science and PE VII to X, and school’s Science Club. She is an enthusiastic teacher and a strict yet encouraging adviser of the fourth year students.

We, the MSC students warmly welcome them and look forward to having a wonderful year with them.

(By LC Millares – GR. IX)

The first batch of MSC High School – class 1998

In this issue, we feature the first batch of graduates from MSC High School, the class of 1998.

Composed of 23 students, most of the members of the class spent only two years at MSC since MSC High School started operation only in 1996.

Class Valedictorian was Hannah Pearl “Happy” U. Isleta. Happy is now a Flight Attendant at Emirates Airlines, and she now lives at Dubai, UAE.  After graduating from MSC High School, she went to Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines in Diliman.  Coincidentally, she is married to another MSC graduate – Eric Sangcap.

Second Honor was awarded to Zarina E. Doria-Bautista who is now a teacher at Blue Danube School.

Third Honor was Brian Russel Santos who also finished Computer Programming at MSC and then worked at the Software division of MSC.


Among this group was Sheryl A. Uba, regional champion and national qualifier in the Association of Water Districts’ Oratorical contest.

Sheryl Uba receiving her trophy for winning in the oratorical contest sponsored by the association of water districts.

Sheryl Uba receiving her trophy for winning in the oratorical contest sponsored by the association of water districts.

Here is their class picture and a complete list of MSC High School class of 1998:

Class picture of MSC High Schools first batch of graduates, the class of 1998.

Class picture of MSC High Schools first batch of graduates, the class of 1998.

The following are members to the first batch of graduates of MSC High School in 1998

  1. Abril, Ayesha K.
  2. Alcones, Arny Joy B.
  3. Alejandro, Eraño F.
  4. Amante, Chris Dan C.
  5. Aquino, Mary Grace C.
  6. Arada, Reynante H.
  7. Bandalaria, Ann Rose G.
  8. Belda, Maria Fe. B.
  9. Blanco, Luisa Adora A.
  10. Bruegas, Ronald F.
  11. Cruz, Mary Rose
  12. Danila, Hasmin D.
  13. De Leon, Madelon C.
  14. Dioso, Rhodielon G.
  15. Doria, Zarina E.
  16. Infante, Rodel V.
  17. Isleta, Hannah Pearl U.
  18. Laroza, Maricar F.
  19. inor, Neil Bryan A.
  20. Sabal, Mark Chester E.
  21. Santos, Brian Russell N.
  22. Sarzadilla, Noel E.
  23. Uba, Sheryl A.

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