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Stories from MSC Alumni and Parents

After our call  for MSC Alumni to tell us their stories, we received numerous emails with testimonials and stories about how their MSC experience helped them in their careers:

We also received feedback from former scholars and some parents:

Tell us your stories! Be proud of your MSC days!
Leave a reply or write to newsletter@msc.edu.ph to tell us where you are now, or to tell us about your MSC memories!

On Dec. 4, 2014, we will be celebrating our 25th Foundation Day. In line with this, we have lined up many activities leading up to the Foundation Day celebration. We invite all to forward and share this newsletter 25 Math Short Cuts to friends in the MSC community to disseminate information about the event. Every week, we will also feature a very useful math technique, a bit of MSC history, and MSC today.

If you have an interesting MSC story, please share it with us by writing tonewsletter@msc.edu.ph