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Trivia: MSC, Official Tabulator ng Bayan

We can not quite remember when MSC first became the tabulator of a contest, but as far as we can remember, numerous organizers and groups have always tapped MSC resources for tabulation purposes.  By resources, we mean computers, printers and manpower.

Being a computer company and running a computer school means that computers are readily available, but having people willing to volunteer and owners who are willing to lend these people and equipment is something else.

MSC is the official tabulator for San Pablo City’s Cocofestival contests, from the Street Dancing, to Floats Competition, to the Mutya and Lakan search.  When San Pablo City started these contests, Barangays soon adapted the same contests during their “fiestas”, and these barangays also sought the services of MSC.   Most recent of these was the San Lucas Barangay fiesta last July.   The municipality of Calauan is also a frequent patron during their fiesta (May 15).

This October 30, 2014, MSC was official tabulator for the 1st Ms. Eco-tourism pageant held at Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort, sponsored by the Seven Lakes Tourism Association.

Kudos to MSC, the official tabulator ng bayan ng San Pablo!