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We’re just about there!

We will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of VYP-MSC Institute of Technology with a week long series of activities, culminating with the MSC Alumni Homecoming and Awarding Ceremonies for the MSC Outstanding Alumni.


Date Time Event
November 8
November 15
November 29
 7:00 am MSC Alumni Basketball League games (at Teomora covered court)
December 1 Campus Clean up drive (MSC students and staff)
December 3 Ingress of Exhibits
December  3 Book Launch “25 Math Shortcuts”
December 4 – 6 Open House and Exhibits
December 4  8:00 am Mass, Motorcade, Opening of Exhibits
December 4  1:00 pm Scavenger Hunt (for elementary schools/for MSC Students)
December 4  3:00 pm Free Entrance/Scholarship Exam (for graduating elem. school pupils)
December 4  3:00 pm MSC High School Got Talent, Mr. and Ms. MSC
December 5  9:00 am 13th Inter-elementary School Math-Sci Quiz Show
December 5  1:00 pm 5th MATH Made So Cool Speed Math Contest
December 5  3:00 pm 9th Inter- School Web Design Contest
December 6  7:00 am MSC Alumni Basketball League Championship (at Teomora covered court)
December 6  8:00 am Family Day
December 6  3:00 pm Sayawit
December 6  4:00 pm MSC Alumni Homecoming and Awarding of MSC’s Most Outstanding Alumni

*All activities shall be held at the green school campus of MSC at San Gabriel, San Pablo City, except for the basketball games.

The Search for the Outstanding MSC Alumni is On!

The Search for MSC Outstanding Alumni Is On!

MSC announces the Search for MSC Outstanding Alumni!

In celebration of the MSC 25th Foundation Day and 25 years of commitment to technological education, emphasizing Math, Science and Computing, VYP MSC Institute of Technology wishes to honor outstanding former students who have succeeded in their fields of endeavor.

MSC recognizes the achievements of its graduates as its contribution to their families and communities and to society as a whole; its legacy of excellence in educating the youth.

Nomination for MSC Outstanding Alumni is open to graduates of the High School Department and two/three year courses in Computer/ Internet Technology, Programming , Office Management/ Bookkeeping, Computer Drafting, Computer Technician/ Computer Hardware Servicing, Entrepreneurship, and short courses in Fundamentals of Computer Operations, Caregiving, and Finishing Course for Call Center Agents.

Deadline for nomination is on October 31.

Any MSC former student, Class, faculty, or staff may nominate one or more alumni subject to the requirements for nomination. Nomination form may be requested through msc@msc.edu.ph or at the MSC Office, San Gabriel, San Pablo City.