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MSC News: MSC Students Win in the Division Sports Meet

MSC High School‘s Rhyte Jeus Aldemo brought home several awards in different swimming events during the San Pablo City Division Meet, held last November 26 to 29 , 2014. Venus Hernandez and Angelica Rombaoa won third place in the doubles event in badminton.

MSC High School sent  14 students to compete in this year’s San Pablo City Division Meet.   The MSC students who participated in badminton were:

  • Lovynel Cortez
  • Lianne Janne Sarmiento
  • Angelica Rombaoa
  • Zeus Aerol Diacos
  • Allyzon Reyes
  • Xean Elton Escondo
  • Renz Arone Silva
  • Ma. Venus Hernandez

In Table Tennis, the MSC players were:

  • Januel Gregor Bondad
  • Decerie Tulipan
  • Abigail Diamante
  • Patrick Daniel Guevarra
  • Shania De Luna

MSC’s lone representative for Swimming was Rhyte Jeus Aldemo.

Congratulations Rhyte Jeus Aldemo, Venus Hernandez and Angelica Rombaoa! MSC is proud of you and your team mates!