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Give Your Child The MSC Advantage – Math, Science and Computing

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Give your child the MSC Advantage in Math, Science, and Computing!
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Open to students from other schools

  • MATH-Inic.  Math made fun, fast and easy!  (4-17 years old)
    The MATH-Inic is training the next generation of math wizards
  • Introduction to Visual Graphics (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Web Design (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Robotics and Programming (10-12 years old)
Lego Mindstorm

Robotics Programming is a lot of Fun!

  • Introduction to Programming (12-16 years old)

SEPTEMBER 27 to DECEMBER 6, 2014 (10 Saturdays, 2 hours/sessions)

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Visit us at MSC Institute of Technology, Inc., Sitio IX, Brgy. San Gabriel, San Pablo City

Or contact us via

  • 049 562 6006

Call/Text cellnumber:

  • 0922 854 3244 (Sun)
  • 0939 939 9702 (Smart)
  • 0917 853 5069.(Globe)

The first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in San Pablo – MSC Net

When the Internet first became popular in the mid 90’s, the common way of accessing the Internet was through a dial-up connection.  The PC was connected to the MODEM, then to the telephone line.  The user needed to dial an ISP or Internet Service Provider number and the ISP connected him to the Internet.  Connection was slow by today’s standard ( 9.6kbps was super fast then, and it took at least 14 minutes to download a 1MB file).  What was worse was that one’s telephone was busy the whole time they were connected to the net and they pay the ISP and the telephone company separately ( sometimes with long distance charges )

The telecom giants were not offering Internet connection to homes/offices at the time.  There were no DSL connections yet, but people subscribed to this dial up system just to do emails and browse the Internet.

In San Pablo City, MSC provided the first Internet service by establishing MSC Communications Technologies, Inc. (MSC Net).  Not only did MSC Net provide Internet to the public, it also made Internet accessible to all of its students.  They were given unlimited access to the net and individual email addresses, making MSC the first school to provide Internet to ALL its students.

mct logo and ppcard

MSC Net and Laguna Internet were the first ISPs in Laguna, providing Internet to households 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Among the subscribers of MSC Net were doctors & other prominent professionals, government officials and institutions.  To name a few, these were: the office of the Mayor (Mayor Boy Aquino), CARD bank, San Pablo Doctors Hospital, Honda Cars, NSO Laguna, office of the Vice Governor, DLSP, SPCWD, Franklin Baker Co., Atson, BSP, Hidden Spring, Manels Total Dept. Store, SPCNSAT, NFA, Colette’s, Villa Escudero, and Siesta Residencia de Arago. Many San Pablo organizations got their first email addresses ( and domains ) through MSC Communications Technologies.

The MSC web site ( www.msc.edu.ph ) is perhaps the first and now the oldest web site in San Pablo City, and is so authoritative, its contents are referenced even by Internet giants like Wikipedia.

When telecom companies started offering Internet to the public, both ISPs naturally could not compete, and eventually lost customers.

But MSC takes pride in its pioneering efforts to bring the Internet to Laguna and San Pablo. It continues to bring computer education to the City of Seven Lakes, and provide email to its students.


25 Years Ago – How MSC Started

By Ike Prudente

On Dec 4, 1989, we started the MSC Computer training center.

Over the years, we branched into all sorts of ventures, from computer hardware to  computer supplies to internet services to business applications and unrelated courses. We gave thousands of scholarships to financially challenged but deserving students. As we look back, we realized our greatest contribution to society are the fine citizens in the community who we helped educate and train these 25 years.

We are now in our new garden site in San Gabriel, refocusing our efforts in our core strengths in education. We now proudly re-introduce ourselves: we are MSC Institute of Technology – THE Math, Science and Computing School.

Start of MSC
MSC is best known as an educational institution. However, MSC started out as a computer software company, not a school.

In June 1989, Jorge Tanalega and I, together with our Cobol Instructor/ STI Center administrator Danny Lopez thought of forming a software development company because we were informed that a local utility wanted to computerize its billing system. With some friends, we brainstormed for a name which can be easily remembered. We thought that SMC (San Miguel Corporation) was very popular so we thought that jumbling the initials would be a good idea.

We thought of MSC and the name Management Systems Consultants. But when we tried to register it with the Department of Trade and Industry as a single proprietorship business entity, it was rejected because all the words in the proposed company name are common, generic words. So we added my initials VYP (for Virgilio Y. Prudente). Thus, VYP-Management Systems Consultants was registered.

When I was given the specifications for the billing systems requirement, I thought that I could easily finish it in a few days so I submitted a quotation of P8,000. They did not bother to contact us back. I found out later that a large company quoted P80,000 for the system.

A couple of unforeseen events led us to seriously consider the direction of a new company. In a planning session, Danny Lopez asked us “who do you think are the best programmers in San Pablo?” Of course, I pointed to Jorge Tanalega, Danny and Myself. And so Danny suggested that we establish a computer school. With two other friends from the Kiwanis Club of Lake City, Louie Perlas and Tony Celestino who believed in us, we decided to put up the MSC Computer Training Center.

Several days later, on Dec 4, 1989, on the mezzanine (above what is now LBC) of the Magcase Building on Barleta St., with a classroom with 9 chairs and a laboratory of 5 computers bought with borrowed money, or donated by family and friends, we conducted our first class with our first four students: Arnel Eneria, Christopher Catapia, Jonathan Romo and Noel Baldores – the WE WEH boys!

Our first course , Fundamentals of Computer Operations (FCO) was of course, handled by the teacher among us, Danny Lopez. But since Danny’s expertise is in teaching programming logic and COBOL, he needed help in preparing for his lessons in using the basic software – DOS, Wordstar, Lotus, dBase III.

Our software department headed by Gigi Tanalega doubled as the research department. Research then was very different from research now. Without Internet or books on the popular software, the team of Gigi spent hours, discovering tricks and short cuts using our AT 286, double diskette drive computers (without hard disk) which Danny could teach to our FCO students. This training proved beneficial to Gigi’s boys. Jonald Aguila is now a software developer based in Maryland USA and Edgar Cauyan is now president of CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc.

Anticipating the need for more instructors, we recruited Aniles Aquino (now Mrs. Duma, a professor at the Laguna State Polytechnic University and currently pursuing her doctorate in Education) and Gemma Pangilinan (now Mrs. Dimaano, the registrar of MSC).

In January 1990, a team from the Department of Education Culture and Sports came and told us that we were operating without a permit. Apparently, some not so friendly elements reported us to the DECS. After showing them our facilities which is certainly not below the minimum requirements for a school, I told them that we are awaiting our transfer to our new site before we submit our application for a school. I invited them to view a vacant space in the second floor of a nearby building, which I told them would be the future site of our new school. We also invited them to the “blessing” of our new site on April 1, 1990.

CAT Students indulge in CommunityService

by Faith Yente Millares

Studente pick up trash

This clean-up activity is MSC’s way of following DepEd regulations and to ensure that actual experience in community involvement and participation will help develop students to be caring, well-rounded individuals.

As part of their Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) class, the MSC High School Seniors trudged their way to the Museo ng San Pablo at the Old Capitol Building, San Pablo City on June 18, 2011 to help in cleaning up the place and the surrounding area.

The fourth year students, together with their CAT teacher, Mr. Joseph Gutierrez, readily gave a hand in putting the Museo in order with the clean-up which iincluded sweeping, wiping, and polishing floors and surfaces as a preparation for its upcoming official opening of the Museo on July 29, 2011. 

The Seniors  extended their service in the cleaning of the stairs and the street in front of the  Capitol Building.

Citizens Advancement Training is a restructuring of the Citizen Army Training required to all Fourth Year High School students in the Philippines in both public and private schools as provided for in the Department of Education (DepEd) Order No. 35, s. 2003 and reinforced by the DepEd Order No. 52, s. 2004.

The cleanup shows MSC's commitment to the community

It aims to enhance the students’ social responsibility and commitment to the development of their communities, develop the ability to uphold the law and order as they assume active participation in the community activities, and to develop readiness in assisting the members of the community especially in times of emergency.

This clean-up activity, as an opening salvo of the CAT class, is MSC’s way of   following DepEd regulations and to ensure that with   actual experience in community involvement and participation, its students will grow and develop to be caring, well-rounded individuals.  This also goes to show  MSC’s commitment to the community and its hope of its continuous advancement and growth.

Flowers for Rizal on his 150th Birthday

By: Ma. Cristina Pangan

Flowers for Rizal on his 150th Birthday

MSC High School students together with principal Lerma S. Prudente and members of the faculty, joined other schools, civic and non-government organizations and the local city government in the flower offering as a sign of homage to Dr. Jose Rizal

VYP-MSC Institute of Technologyin its aim to instill patriotism and develop social awareness and participation in its students, joined the whole nation in the 150th birthday celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero.

In San Pablo City’s commemoration of Rizal’s birthday held at the City Plaza on June 18, 2011, officers of the MSC High School Student Council and other students, together with their principal Mrs. Lerma S. Prudente and members of the faculty, joined other schools, civic and non-government organizations and the local city government in the flower offering as a sign of homage to our national hero.

The program which started at 8 am and hosted by Mr. Alejo Genove and Ms. Donnabel Eseo also featured speeches from some government officials, all of which focused on the remarkable life and deeds of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Yellow and white balloons were flown to signify the courage and love our hero had for our country,

A ceremonial toast concluded the celebration.

The program also showcased different cultural and musical abilities of students from different schools in San Pablo City.

Acquaintance Party with a Twist

By : Michael Anthony Dollentes

Students of VYP-MSC Institute of Technology went to its San Gabriel Campus donned in Filipiñana costumes of the Spanish Era on June 24 for their Acquaintance Party.

MSC students went to the San Gabriel Campus donned in Filipiña costumes of the Spanish Era

Students of VYP-MSC Institute of Technology went to its San Gabriel Campus donned in Filipiñana costumes of the Spanish Era on June 24 for their Acquaintance Party.

Days before the said event, the School Directress Mrs. Lerma S. Prudente announced during the flag ceremony that students must wear Filipiñana attire during the   acquaintance party with the theme of commemorating Dr. Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday.

Among the activities included in the party were cultural presentations by the students from each year level.

The induction of the new set of officers of the high school student council was also held.

The party was made more fun by the parlor games sponsored by each class. The highlight of the party was the Search for the Mutya at Lakan wherein the contestants showcased their talents.

The MSC High School acquaintance party is held every year so that the  students will get to know each other better, thus fostering camaraderie and brotherhood among the students of VYP-MSC IT.

This year however, with the added Filipiñana twist to it, the celebration was made even more meaningful for it fostered nationalism that is one of the aims of the administration.

MSC Barangay Scholarship Program

MSC Institute of Technology is giving tuition fee discounts to deserving students from families who need financial assistance referred for enrollment by the Office of the Mayor from any barangay of San Pablo City.

For incoming high school or technical-vocational students (including transferees):

  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for high school enrollees from
    1st year to 4th year
  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for technical-vocational enrollees for
    two years

Scholarship privilege of P5,000 per school year is granted from 1st year to 4th year high school or 1st year to second year of two-year technical-vocational course provided the following criteria are met:

  • scholars shall have no failing grade
  • scholars do not have disciplinary actions taken
    against them.

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Referral from the Barangay Chairman approved by the
    Mayor or his/ her representative
  • Report Cards
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from Principal/
    Guidance Counselor
  • Birth Certificate


MATH-Inic Offers Most Useful Math ShortCuts This Summer in Six Locations!

Can you mentally calculare all these in less than one minute?

  1. 456+997= ?
  2. 6 1/4 + 3 2/3 = ?
  3. 400,000 – 83,629 = ?
  4. 73 x 77 = ?
  5. 112 x 104 = ?
  6. 476 x 999 = ?

I M P O S S I B L E ?

Not if you (or your child) enroll in any of our MATH-Inic courses!

Even an elementary school pupil can mentally solve these correctly after only a few hours in our class!

MATH-Inic,  the Speed Math program developed by VYP-MSC IT & Business Solutions will offer Most Useful Math ShortCuts (MUMSC) courses in three levels at six locations this summer.

 Level I is for grades I to III pupils, Level II for grades IV to VI and level III for high school students. All three levels will be offered at the following locations:

  • MSC Institute of Technology in San Pablo City
  • Refiner’s Christian School in Calauan, Laguna and
  • Mary the Queen Academy of Pampanga in Bacolor, Pampanga.
  • The Learning Place
  • Balai Lakbay in Quezon City

Levels I and II will be offered at Scuola Dei Bambini Di Sta. Teresita International School in San Pablo City.

The MUMSC courses teach introductory “sampler” lessons from the regular MATH-Inic courses. If, after finishing the MUMSC, the students decide to continue with the regular courses, they will be given hefty discounts.

Schedule of Classes:

 VYP-MSC Institute of Technology
AB Fule St., San Pablo City
April 12 to 19, 2011
Tel (049) 562-6006

MUMSC I –    8 to 9 AM
MUMSC II –   9 to 10 AM
MUMSC III –  10 to 11 AM

 April 25 to May 20
Vedic I, Module I
Vedic II, Module I
Vedic I, Module II

Scuola Dei Bambini Di Sta. Teresita International School
Jazmin St., Patria Village
Brgy. Del Remedio
San Pablo City, Laguna
Tel (049) 562-3713

April 12 to 19, 2011
MUMSC I –    8 to 9 AM
MUMSC II –   9 to 10 AM

Other Courses to be announced

Refiners Christian School
G. Medel St. ,
Calauan Laguna
Tel (049) 566-0018

April 11 to 18, 2011
MUMSC I –    1 to 2 AM
MUMSC II –   2 to 3 AM
MUMSC III –  3 to 4 AM

Other courses to be announced

The Learning Place
10966 Kanluran Rd.
Faculty Hills
UP Los Banos
Tel (049)5368316

Balai Lakbay
# 2 Alondras St. Corner Congressional Ave. Ext.
Mira-NIla Homes, QC
(02) 932-7818

 Mary the Queen Academy of Pampanga
Cabalantian, Bacolor, Pampanga
Tel. (045) 963-0661

April 18 to 27, 2011
MUMSC I –    8 to 9 AM
MUMSC II –   9 to 10 AM
MUMSC III –  10 to 11 AM


34% of MSC High School Graduates Get College Scholarships!

Congratulations, MSC High School Batch 2011!

Of the 52 graduating high school students:

  • 4 passed the University of the Philippines (UP) College Admission Test (UPCAT)
  • 4 others are wait-listed at UP
  • 2 were granted full scholarship with allowance at First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH)
  • 2 were granted full scholarship without allowance at FAITH
  • 14 earned partial scholarship at FAITH

This solid performance by batch 2011, with 16% passing rate in the UPCAT and 34% getting scholarship at FAITH, is strong proof that MSC Institute of Technology is the best science and technology school in San Pablo City, and perhaps one of the best in Laguna!

The MSC Vision

At MSC IT, students have an edge with computer skills integrated in all subjects and vast resources of knowledge with Internet access in the MSC main campus and the MSC Green School Campus…

At MSC IT, graduates have an edge in getting jobs immediately after graduation…

At MSC IT, teachers and staff are committed to bring out the best in every student…