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Issue 12 – MSC Alumni Activities; Dividing by 4 and 8

25 Math Short Cuts NewletterNov 3, 2014         Issue 12

Issue 12 – MSC Alumni Activities; Dividing by 4 and 8

Announcement – MSC Alumni Homecoming Activities

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MSC Scouts Investiture and Camping

MSC held its Scout Investiture last September 26, 2014 with students ready to take their responsibility to the next level. Their fellow Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, parents and godparents attended the commencement ceremony.


Girl Scout Campfire

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MSC Origins Part VII: Ghosts at M. Paulino

Almost everyone have ghost stories to tell, especially those about old buildings and houses. There is something about old houses that makes them perfect for terrifying stories, imaginary or otherwise. Maybe it is because an old building would have been the site of many events and happenings in the past. An old building would have stood as a “silent witness” to many stories about the people who lived there or visited the place.

Ghosts at M. Paulino

Ghosts at M. Paulino

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Alumni Update: Teachers from MSC

MSC has always led the way and broke new ground involving many things, but what’s good about it is that we are always willing to share our knowledge with everybody. MSC has always been generous with whatever new technology or equipment it has so that others can also benefit from it.

This way of thinking have been instilled in its students, hence many graduates are willing to impart their knowledge through the teaching. We gathered a list of educators who were graduates of MSC and it was no surprise to find a lot!

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How To Compute Lumber Measurement

The amount of lumber is expressed in terms of Board Feet. A Board Foot is a piece of lumber 1 foot (12 inches) long, 1 foot wide and 1 inch thick which is equal to 144 cubic inches. If all dimensions are expressed in inches, the amount in board feet is equal to:
(l x w x t)/ 144.

Measuring lumber in board feet, L x W x thickness.

Measuring lumber in board feet, L x W x thickness.

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Bands from MSC

When MSC occupied the old Agrix Supermarket along A. Fule St. it was called the MSC Annex. The MSC Annex was not only used for classes of the 2-year course and high school students. It also housed a sound-proofed music studio, complete with instruments, amplifiers, speakers, and band accessories. Instruments of the MSC High school for its drum and lyre band were also kept in the annex.

ron paulo yabut of Layag laya band

During summer, MSC offered lessons to young would-be musicians on guitar, keyboard, and drums. At the end of each summer, recitals were held to show what the students have learned.

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MSC 12 – Dividing by 4 and 8

We can easily divide a number by 4 by halving the number twice and by 8, by halving thrice. We shall, however try dividing by 4 and 8 using the one line solution introduced in MSC 6 – Division by Two.

When dividing a whole number by 4, there are only 4 possible remainders: 0, which means that the number is evenly divisible by 4; and 1, 2 and 3 which are equivalent to 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 respectively. In this example, the dividend is an even number so the remainder can only be 0 or 2.

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