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MSC High School – Memories Worth Remembering

MSC High School was a big help for me and my family! I am so blessed that there’s a school like this that cares for the needs of the youth, who like me, want to pursue their dreams.

Money was a problem for us and studying in a private school was impossible unless I received a scholarship grant. I was so blessed that MSC High School offered me 100% Scholarship —  including tuition fees, books, miscellaneous, and monthly allowances. For my four-years in high school, I enjoyed those privileges.

But MSC High School is not a spoon-feeding school. I enjoyed those privileges for four years because I had to meet high academic standards and maintain a range of grades. I made it because MSC High School provides Quality Education for its students.  MSC education is one of the factors that enabled me to pass the prestigious UPCAT (UP College Admission Test) and enroll in the UPLB (University of the Philippines at Los Baños).

Now I am a Research and Development Officer in one of the major food companies. I won’t forget that MSC High School once cradled me and nurtured me to become who I am today. I thank God for these opportunities and privileges. God made Sir Ike and Ma’am Lerma as vessels of His blessings. My experiences in MSC are very much treasured. It’s nice to become nostalgic because the memories of MSC High School for me are really worth remembering!

Marline D. Brendia
Batch 2003, MSC High School Scholar