MSC News: MSC Students Win in the Division Sports Meet

MSC High School‘s Rhyte Jeus Aldemo brought home several awards in different swimming events during the San Pablo City Division Meet, held last November 26 to 29 , 2014. Venus Hernandez and Angelica Rombaoa won third place in the doubles event in badminton.

MSC High School sent  14 students to compete in this year’s San Pablo City Division Meet.   The MSC students who participated in badminton were:

  • Lovynel Cortez
  • Lianne Janne Sarmiento
  • Angelica Rombaoa
  • Zeus Aerol Diacos
  • Allyzon Reyes
  • Xean Elton Escondo
  • Renz Arone Silva
  • Ma. Venus Hernandez

In Table Tennis, the MSC players were:

  • Januel Gregor Bondad
  • Decerie Tulipan
  • Abigail Diamante
  • Patrick Daniel Guevarra
  • Shania De Luna

MSC’s lone representative for Swimming was Rhyte Jeus Aldemo.

Congratulations Rhyte Jeus Aldemo, Venus Hernandez and Angelica Rombaoa! MSC is proud of you and your team mates!



MSC Origins part XIII: From La Suerte to El Coco

In 2002, MSC main, which was then occupying the 4th floor of the La Suerte building was again outgrown by  its growing number of students.  Even with the old Agrix Supermarket or MSC annex, being used at the same time, an even bigger space was essential.

Fortunately at that time a four storey-building beside MSC Annex was nearing completion and the owner was looking for lessees.  The building which was later named El Coco Building was perfect for MSC!

The whole of the first floor was occupied by MSC Data Exchange (and Service Center), MSC’s sister company dubbed as a one-stop computer shop.  MSC Data Exchange was previously renting a space along Paseo de Escudero, but it fit just right in its new location.

The Mezzanine of El Coco was where the computer laboratory was transferred.  The laboratory was big enough for 40 students, or one complete section.

The second and third floors both had two average-sized classrooms each.  The fourth floor and the penthouse were used for Caregiving classes, which were first offered by MSC in mid 2002.

The move from La Suerte to El Coco consolidated MSC’s network into one location along A. Fule St. in two buildings beside each other.  The schools were there:

  • MSC High School
  • MSC Computer Training Center, and
  • the newly formed MSC Caregiving School;

The affiliate companies were there too:

  • MSC Data Exchange
  • MSC Service Center
  • MSC Communications Technology (or MSC Net) –  MSC’s Internet Service Provider
EL COCO building

EL COCO building

Stories from the Alumni: Jomaica Luya

Five years.  It’s been five years since I graduated from MSC. I still remember our rooms at the Artemio Fule Building. The narrow hallways, the transformer classrooms in the ground floor, the two rooms upstairs along with the principal’s office, the so called shop at the back, the library, the faculty, the garage, the secret comfort rooms and passages. It was quite tight. But we all fit in. It felt like home.

I had an awesome batch. We were around 40 plus but it never felt like we were. Most of the time, we were united.  We were a mix of everything, a total chaos that I enjoyed the most. Sometimes we fought for some silly things like, who did not give his share in the class fund, who did not participate in the group, who stole this or that, who’s such a teacher’s pet and who would forget the conspiracies we had during quizzes, recitations and exams? How about the twin’s amusing battles or the love triangle issues, or the falling-stairs incidents, or the undying gossips, or the poops? It sounded childish and lame, but it all brought us happiness, a bunch full of good memories to keep.  We have always been a family, more than a class. 

My teachers were my friends too. They were what they teach. I saw it in the way they talked, the way they dressed and the way they approached students. The English teachers, Ma’am Andes, Sir Michael (Polinag), Ma’am Tess (Millares) and Ma’am Grace (Suarez); when they spoke, there was no doubt they were teaching English. The Mathematicians, Sir Levi, Ma’am Duma and Sir Ado;  were tricky, hard to read.

I just remember the story of the ticking heart of Sir Ado, we spent seconds of silence just to make sure it’s true. The Chemist, Teacher Nix; She trained us well. I almost memorized the periodic table because of her. She loved giving stars and giving exciting per station quizzes which I never expected to be that fun. The TLE teacher, Ma’am Alivio; the way she dressed with complete accessories;  accessories I didn’t usually see in the market because she made them herself, no one could tell she taught technology and livelihood education. The History teacher, Sir Dionglay; I salute this man. He knew what he was teaching. He was like Kuya Kim with his Boy Scout look with a cap. He was also bald, so sometimes he came to class with a wig; a wig like the hair of Goldilocks. The PE Master, Ma’am Tamayo; I bet she invented the Zumba exercise. Her shape reflected how long she had been teaching PE and how effective it was. Since she was old, she had this unlikely principle: Coke was better than any drink and it was her vitamins.

To wrap it all, I wanna say that my first year in this school was made by a choice, the next three years came out of my will. I’ve always been thankful for choosing MSC because it was not just about the school, the facilities, or the syllabus. What they have taught me is something I never thought I had in me. They did bring out the best in me and it felt so good to become the best version of myself.

Jomaica Luya

Jomaica Luya
MSC High School Class 2010
Currently 5th year, BS ECE at LSPU-SPCC
Treasurer of AFECE (Association of Future Electronics and Communication Engineers)

Only at MSC: In-house Training for MSC employees

At MSC, the students are not the only ones encouraged to be lifelong learners, MSC management and employees also adopt the principle of lifelong learning by heart.

Despite the busy schedule at the office and at home, the staff of MSC take time to have personal improvement lessons by having weekly discussions taken from books of popular authors.  Though temporarily discontinued at the moment, these discussions aim to improve each staff individually and also enhance their team-work skills.

The books include:

  • Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and First Things First;
  • John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership, Failing Forward, and The Power of Thinking Big;
  • Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich;
  • Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog;
  • Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People;
  • Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking.

The sessions are held every Monday, after the flag ceremony.  Special sessions were also held for Department Heads.  They even attended an event where John Maxwell had a talk at the Araneta Coliseum.

VYP Launches 25 Math Short Cuts Book

In celebration of MSC’s 25th foundation day, Virgilio “Ike”Prudente , President of VYP MSC Institute of Technology, is launching his book, 25 Math Short Cuts.

25 Math Short Cuts is a compilation of the short cuts published in our 25 MSC newsletter. Those shortcuts will show that most calculations can be done mentally.

The foreword was written by former Economic Planning Secretary and Director-General Cielito Habito, PhD.

The book has received testimonials from several academic and public personalities, including:

  • Michael Tan, PhD, Chancellor of the University of the Philippines, Diliman
  • Malou Orijola, Assistant Secretary of Department of Science and Technology and Governor, National Book Development Board
  • Rey Vea, President, Mapua Institute of Technology
  • Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, former Chief of Staf, Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • Admiral Ferdinand Golez, Former Flag Officer In Command, Philippine Navy
  • Kenneth Williams, Author of more than 20 Books in Vedic Math
  • Bobby Castro, Chief Operating Officer, Palawan Pawnshop
  • Isaac Pitcairn Yap, former Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Palawan State University
  • Rex Aurelius Robielos, Dean of the School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Mapua Institute of Technology
  • Emmanuel Nadela, former Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Department, Cebu Institute of Technology
  • Romeo Fule, Math Supervisor, Department of  Education, San Pablo City
  • Albert Saul, Principal, San Pablo Science High School

Many children nowadays avoid Math. Some even hate Math. With this book, Sir Ike hopes to turn those Math Haters into Math Lovers.

You can purchase the book for you or your children, and it is a perfect gift this Christmas.

Contact Virgilio Prudente or the MATH-Inic/MSC office for your orders.


25 MSC book cover

25 MSC book cover

Conversion: Miles to Kilometers

We frequently encounter distances in miles (English System), but in the Philippines, we use the metric system, and need to convert miles to kilometers,

We will use the conversion 1 mile = 1.6 km. And we have several ways to make the computation easier.  Let us consider two ways.

The easiest way to multiply buy 1.6 is by treating 1.6 as 1 + 0.5 + 0.1. Note that 0.5 is half of 1 and 0.1 is one tenth of 1.

  • 30 miles = 30 + ½(30) + 1/10 (30) =  30 + 15 + 3 = 48 km
  • 72 miles = 72 + 36 + 7.2 = 115.2 km
  • 114 miles = 114 + 57 + 11.4 = 182.4 km
  • 205 miles = 205 + 102.5 + 20.5 = 328 km

If we note that 1.6 = 16 / 10, we discover another way to multiply by1.6.  Simply  double the mile measure 4 times (multiply by 16) and move the decimal point of the final product one place to the left ( divide by 10).

  • 30 miles = 30 x 2 → 60 x 2 → 120 x 2 → 240 x 2 → 480 → 48 km
  • 72 miles = 72 x 2 → 144 x 2→ 288 x 2 → 576 x 2 → 1152 →  115.2 km
  • 114 miles = 114 x 2 → 228 x 2→ 456 x 2 → 912 x 2 → 1824 →  182.4 km
  • 205 miles = 205 x 2 → 410 x 2→ 820 x 2 → 1640 x 2 → 3280 → 328 km
1 mile is 1760 yards or 5280 feet which is equivalent to 1609.344 meters. For practical purposes we can use the conversion 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers. This is almost 99.5% accurate

C.)  A third way is to double the Mile measure and save it as the minuend; double it again and move the decimal point one place to the left to get the subtrahend; then perform the subtraction.

30 miles = 30 x 2 = 60;  60 x 2= 120 → 12.0; 60 – 12  → 48 km

72 miles = 72 x 2 = 144; 144 x 2=288  → 28.8; 144 – 28.8 =  115.2 km

114 miles = 114 x 2 = 228; 228 x 2=456  → 45.6; 228 – 45.6 = 182.4 km

205 miles = 205 x 2 = 410; 410 x 2 = 820 → 82.0; 410 – 82  = 328 km

MSC 19: Base Multiplication: One Number Above and One Number Below the Base

When one number is above and the other number is below the base, we either

  • a) add the excess of the number above the base to the other number or
  • b) deduct the deficiency of the number below the base from the other number.

Example 19.1:     Find 104 x 98
Our base is 100, 104 is 4 above the base, and 98 is 2 below the base.
104 x 98
= (100 + 4) *(100 – 2)
= (104 – 2) * 100 + 4 *(-2)

Note that 104 – 2 and 98 + 4 will both yield 102
= 10,200 – 08
= 10,192

Example 19.2:     Find 102 x 93
102 x 93
= (100 + 2)(100 – 7)
= 93 + 2 | 2 * (-7)
Easier than 102 – 7
= 95 | -14
= 9500 – 14
= 9,486

Example 19.3:     Find 109 x 97
109 x 92
= 109 – 3 | 9*(-3)
= 106 | -27
= 10,573

Here we just deducted 1 from 106 (109 – 3) and affixed the ten’s complement of 27 = (9 x 3) at the end.

Example 19.4:     Find 114 x 88
114 x 88
= (100 + 14) (100 – 12)
= 114 – 12 | 14(-12)
= 102 | -168
= 100 | 200 – 168
= 10,032

Here the right hand part is -168, so we deducted 2 from the left hand part.


Let x = base; a, b = excess / deficiency from the base

(x + a)(x – b)
= x2 + (a – b)x + a(-b)

= (x + a – b)x – ab
= [(x + a) – b]x – ab
= [(x – b) + a]x – ab

Exercise 19: Find the following products using the base method

  1. ) 12 x 9 =
  2. ) 103 x 98 =
  3. ) 102 x 97 =
  4. ) 102 x 98 =
  5. ) 103 x 97 =
  6. ) 105 x 93 =
  7. ) 75 x 103 =
  8. ) 112 x 89 =
  9. ) 1012 x 991 =
  10. ) 1125 x 995 =

Answers to all exercises are found in the answer key.

Discover the 25 Math Short Cuts ( 25 MSC )!

25th MSC Founding Anniversary Celebration – Schedule and Updates

It’s the MSC 25th Foundation Anniversary Celebration Week!
What’s happening this week?

December 4, 2014  (Thursday)

  • Formal opening of the celebration of MSC’s 25th anniversary
  • Starts with a mass at 8:00 am at the green school campus, followed by a motorcade
  • Opening of the exhibits
  • Inter-class contests (afternoon)
  • Free entrance/scholarship exam for incoming Grade VII students (3:00 pm)
  • At 4:00 pm, Sir Ike’s book, “25 Math Short Cuts” will be launched. Teachers, Principals, Dep Ed officials and friends are expected to grace the event.
25 MSC book cover

25 MSC book cover

December 5, 2014  (Friday)

  • Continuation of open house/exhibits
  • Inter-school contests:

9:00 am – Math-Sci Quiz Show
1:00 pm – Web Design Contest
3:00 pm – Speed Math Contest

interschool events

interschool events

December 6, 2014  (Saturday)

  • MSC Alumni Basketball League (8:00 AM @ Teomora covered court)

8:00 am – Red Team vs White Team

  • Family Day (starting at 8:00 am)
  • PTA raffle/game/boodle fight
  • Sayawit
  • Alumni Homecoming/Awarding of Most Outstanding Alumni (6:00 pm)
MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

MSC Music Video Contest

Everyone is invited to join the first ever MSC Christmas Music Video Contest.  Join now and get a chance to win the 5,000 peso-grand prize!

Music video contest

Music video contest

Sing your favorite Christmas song and send us your original video!

  • Individual or group
  • No age limit

Song choice:

  • Christmas O.P.M. (Original Pilipino Music)
  • Christmas Classics e.g. Holy Night
  • No spoof songs please!

Video must be:

  • Unique and original (performed by contestant)
  • Submitted as MP4 file


  • Christmas music videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel
  • Promote your entry via Facebook
  • The entry with the most number of views by December 5, 2014, 11:55 PM will be declared as GRAND WINNER.

For details, contact us at 049 562 6006 / 0922 854 3244 / 0939 939 9702 or 0917 853 5069.

MSC Shirt Design Contest

Congratulations to the MSC Shirt Design Contest winners!  Their designs will be used for the coming Alumni Homecoming.


shirt design winners

shirt design winners

Call or text these numbers to place your orders: 0922 854 3244 / 0939 939 9702 / 0917 853 5069.

Each shirt costs P200.  Make sure to indicate the shirt design you want and your size (S, M, L, XL).

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Issue 18 – MSC Foundation Day and Base Multiplication

Dec 1, 2014         Issue 18

25th MSC Founding Anniversary Celebration

Schedule and Updates
It’s the MSC 25th Foundation Anniversary Celebration Week!
What’s happening this week?

  • Motorcade
  • Exhibits
  • 25 Math Short Cuts” Book Launch
  • Math/Science Quiz Show
  • Web Design Contest
  • Speed Math Contest
  • MSC Music Video Contest
  • Sayawit
  • PTA Raffle
  • Alumni Homecoming
  • Awarding Ceremonies for MSC Most Outstanding Alumni

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In this issue

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Training for the MSC Inter-school Contests Ongoing

The free training for participating schools in the MSC Web Design Contest and MSC Speed Math Contest is currently ongoing every Saturday, morning for web design and afternoon for speed math.

Speed Math Content Participants

Speed Math Content Participants

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MSC High Schoolers win in DSPC

Allen Ashley B. Alcos and Rica Mae S. Comia, seniors at MSC High School won in the San Pablo City Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC). Allen Ashley won in photojournalism (English) and Rica Mae won in Feature Writing (English). Both of them got the 5th place in each event.

The contest was held at Dolores Elementary School at Dolores, San Pablo City from November 14 to 15, 2014. Here is a complete list of the MSC delegation:

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Stories from the Alumni: Joan Miranda

I was asked to write about our batch in high school and talk about what made us unique, but I won’t.

To be honest, aside from our names and faces, we are just the same as you are. We are made up of different kind of students, the nerds, the athletes, the popular ones, the shy ones, and even one who seemed like God had showered him with everything.

What we went through was basically just the same things you thought you could never survive, such as exams, extra-curricular, and many more — we did and so will you.

Joan Miranda

Joan Miranda
MSC High School class 2008
UPLB 2012 – BS Development Communication, Major in Broadcasting
Current Work: Project Communications Manager at Manila Water Company, Quezon City

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MSC Origins part XII: Annex Stories 2

The MSC Annex was the “home” of MSC for 16 years and it has been the site for a lot of activities participated in by the students, faculty, and staff. Many people, even those not involved in the school, visited the place for the various recurring events. MSC Annex was the site for

  • Quick Count Headquarters
  • San Pablo City Fiesta Stage
  • Summer Classes Venue for Music Lessons, Computer Courses, and Entrance Test Reviews

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Conversion: Meters to Feet and Inches

Those who are accustomed to expressing their heights in feet and inches find it hard to estimate the heights of NBA players when expressed in meters. It can be easily done if we follow these simple steps

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MSC firsts: First Registered Caregiving School in San Pablo City

In San Pablo City, MSC was the first school recognized by TESDA to offer a short course on Caregiving.

The MSC Caregiver

The MSC Caregiver

MSC started its first Caregiving class on July 16, 2002 which was held at the 4th floor and the penthouse of the El Coco building along A. Fule St., beside MSC Annex.

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MSC 18: Base Multiplication – Numbers Below the Base

When multiplying numbers below a power of 10, we subtract one number’s deficiency from the base from the other number and then add the product of the deficiencies.

Example 18.1: Find 98 x 97
= (100 – 2)(100 – 3)
= (100 – 2 – 3)(100) + (-2 x -3)
= (98 – 3) x 100 + 2 * 3
= 95 | 06
= 9,506

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  • MATH Story: Converting miles to kilometers
  • Stories from the Alumni: from Jomaica Luya
  • Only at MSC: In house training for MSC employees
  • VYP Launches 25 Math Short Cuts Book
  • MSC 19 – Base Multiplication: One Number Above and One Number Below the Base

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