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The MSC Story, Part II – Transfer to A. Flores St.

Knowing that we cannot just bluff our way to avoid the government regulations, we decided to incorporate. Louie Perlas, prepared all the papers needed and provided the leg work for our application . In February 2, 1990, the Securities and Exchange commission issued the registration of VYP-Management Systems Consultants, Corp.

Meanwhile, I have to make good of our promise to the DECS inspectors. I sought out the administrator of the building and I got a good price for a two-year contract. We were very excited with this development because this new site is about six times as big as first office.

I immediately contracted my fellow Kiwanian Engr. Larry Barte to supervise the repair work. Due to my engineering education, I cannot avoid supervising the supervisor. It was then that I discovered my talent for “upcycling”. I found two large wooden framed glass doors at the storage area at the back of the building which I thought would be a good material for the wall of the computer laboratory if placed sideways. I was proven right. Not only did we save a lot, it made the laboratory viewable to clients of our lawyer-neighbor. And this enabled us to “advertise” for free.

Our new school will have two classrooms, a computer room, a small office and a smoking/waiting area.  All rooms were air conditioned. The classrooms accommodated a total of 50 students (20 and 30).

The repair work was finished  two days before the scheduled blessing; the whiteboards and air conditioners were installed. But as I looked at the freshly painted walls, I realized something was missing. We forgot the armchairs for the classrooms! We needed 50 chairs immediately.

We cannot postpone the blessing at that point. Preparations were almost complete – the priest, the merienda, the decors, the guests. There was even a motorcade organized by my friends.

I went around San Pablo City looking for a supplier. I was happy that I found one who has more than 50 chairs in stock but I was surprise the price was P500 per chair, in cash! That meant that we had to pay P25,000 on the spot, and we didn’t have that amount. I told the supplier that since it is past banking hours and next day is a Saturday I would just pay by personal check upon delivery. But the supplier insisted on a cash payment. I asked him to deliver the chairs anyway. We need that chairs so we need to produce the cash.

The chairs were delivered and paid for on Saturday. Next day we had a motorcade with more than 20 cars. We had a nice native merienda of pansit palabok, okoy, pandesal and kesong puti. All the incorporators and their wives and our friends came. But no one from the DECS came.

And none of our visitors knew what we went through to produce the cash for the chairs.