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Computing Commissions

by Ike Prudente

Before we started MATH-Inic, I planned to organize mental Math classes for parents so that they can teach their children at home. To promote my courses I thought of inviting them to free seminars, where I showed them examples of mental calculations.

A good friend, Past President Rosanna Panque of the Kiwanis Club of Siete Lagos who is a Unit Manager at Insular Life asked me to give an ice breaker at one of meetings of her associates. After discussing some short cuts, I asked my audience what they usually compute. As expected, they told me that they often want to know their commissions as soon as their clients bought a policy.

I asked them for an example which we can compute. They told me about a popular policy where the agent gets 45% of the first premium:

VYP: Ok, give me an amount of first premium.

Agent 1: P18,000

VYP: Can you compute  45% of P18,000 ?

Audience: (Silent)

VYP: What is P18,000 times 0.45?

Audience: (Silent)

VYP:  OK. Let us first divide P18,000 by 2. What do we get?

Audience: P9,000

VYP: Then we double 0.45. What do we get?

Audience: 0.90

VYP: So now we changed the problem to .90 x 9,000. Now, can you mentally compute that?

Audience: (Silent)

VYP: If we multiply 0.90 by 10 we get 9 and when we divide 9,000 by 10 we get 900. So our problem now becomes 9 x 900. Now can you compute that?

Agent 1: Yes! 9 x 9 is 81, so that is P8,100.

VYP: Correct! So you see, you can use doubling and halving to make calculations easier. Let us have another example. Give me another amount.

Agent 2: P 25,000!

I quickly realized that halving P25,000 would give P12,500 which has more non zero digits than the original number. So a different solution is needed.

VYP: Can you compute 45% of P25,000 ?

Audience: (Silent)

VYP: Let us try another solution. What is 10% of P25,000?

Audience: P2,500.

VYP: Deduct P2,500 from P25,000. What do we get?

Audience: P22,500.

VYP: Correct! Now since we deducted 10%, what remains is 90%. Now half 90% is 45%. What is half of P22,500?

Audience: P 11,250!

VYP: Do you have any other questions?

Agents: When will your Math-Inic classes start?

How much is the tuition fee?

Are you offering Math-Inic in Tiaong?

VYP’s Thoughts: Yes!Ayos! Panalo!


Note: Shortly after that, I realized that there are other shortcuts to computing 45% of P25,000.

1)      Halving and doubling together(MSC 7)

45% of P25,000 =  25% of P45,000

= .25 x 45,000

= .50 x 22,500

= 1 x 11,250

2)      Multiplying numbers ending in 5

45% of P25,000 = .45 x 25,000

= 45 x 250

Momentarily disregarding the ending zero in 250, we have

45 x 25 = (4×2)+(4+2)/2| 5 x 5

= 8+3|25

= 1125

We then attach the zero to give a final answer of 11,250. Further examples of this type of calculations will be given in MSC 23.

MSC Origins Part III : Start of Classes at A. Flores St.

Our transfer to A. Flores St. was very timely because of our rapidly growing enrollment. In our first month alone, 43 students enrolled. Another 80 enlisted in the first 5 months of 1990. Most of them took up the FCO course. A few FCO finishers continued their computer education by taking up the Advanced Computer Operations (ACO) course.

Our students are varied. We had professionals like Atty. Hizon Arago and Fr. Raul Magmanlac. During the summer break of 1990, even elementary and high school students took up our courses. Many of them were siblings: Emmanuel, Angelica and Veronica Prudente; Celeste Remedios, Antonio Jr. and Antonio III Celestino, Jeanne Patricia, Eugene Jonathan, Ann Cristina and Carolyn Alonzo; Katherine and Josefina Javaluyas; Derrick Josue and Anna Larissa Goze; and Bernard and Juris Tiu.

We also started offering computer classes in other schools. We provided the computers and the instructors for the first computer classes held in Saint Joseph School, CC Technical Institute and San Antonio de Padua in Pila,  Laguna.

From June to the end of 1990, we had 232 more enrollees, many of them professionals, teachers and government employees. Notable among them are lawyers Lourdes Casco, now MTC Judge in Tayabas City and former San Pablo City Councilor Regina De La Cruz(+), businessmen Rudy Verzonilla and Fred Lim, government employees Ruben Taningco, NeliaAverion, Josefina Andal, Steve Manalo, Orlando Decano, and CARD leaders Annie Alip and Lorenz de Torres. Also among them are Arnel Ticzon, now second term San Pablo City Councilor and Domingo Raymundo, now a two term National Vice President of APEX.

Our software department, had as of the middle of 1990, developed the inventory software for JRS Motors and the personnel file system for Franklin Baker Company.

MSC High School on Independence Day

By Lady Chaniyel T. Millares

The Junior High School students of MSC, together with their teachers joined the San Pablo community in celebrating the country’s 118th Independence Day at the city plaza. The event started with the flag raising led by San Pablo City officials.

 Independence Day floral offering

Listening to the notable speakers during the event was another learning experience for the MSC students. Congresswoman Sol Aragones, Supt. Susan Oribiana, and Councilor Arnel Ticzon on behalf of Mayor Amben Amante talked about the role of our heroes in gaining the Philippine independence, and on the role of Filipinos especially the youth of today in preserving our freedom.

The event’s closing program was the floral offering at the foot of the   Rizal monument.

After the city plaza Independence Day celebration, the MSC Junior High School students    proceeded to SM City San Pablo to attend another    program. The key speaker, Vice-Gov. Karen Agapay gave an inspiring message of what it is to be a Filipino. The program was highlighted by pledges to SM’s Project Smile.


MSC Ipinagdiwang ang Buwan ng Wika 2014

Ngayong buwan ng Agosto, muling ipinagdiriwang ng mga mag-aaral ng MSC ang Buwan ng Pambansang Wika na may temang “Filipino: Wika ng Pagkakaisa.” Ito ay ayon sa Pangpanguluhang Proklamasyon Blg. 1041, s. 1997 na nilagdaan ni Pangulong Fidel V. Ramos. Idineklara nito ang      buwan ng Agosto bilang Buwan ng Pambansang Wika kaugnay na rin ng kapanganakan noong Agosto 19, 1878, ni Pangulong Manuel L. Quezon, ang Ama ng Wikang Pambansa.

Nilalayon ng pagdiriwang na maipalaganap ang paggamit ng wikang pambansa upang maging instrument ng kapayapaan at mahikayat ang ating mga kababayan na bigyang halaga ang ating wika sa pagkakaisa ng bawat Filipino.

Ang paggamit ng Filipino   bilang wikang pambansa ay magbubunsod sa pagkakasundo sa mga usaping pangkapayapaan dahil  sa pagkakaunawaan ng bawat isa.

Lahat ng mag-aaral, kasama ang kanilang mga guro ay nagdaos ng isang palatuntunan noong Agosto 20. Tinampukan ito ng mga paligsahan sa larangan ng pagtula, pagtatalumpati, balagtasan, pagbabalita, sabayang pagbigkas, at mga paligsahan sa isahang pag-awit at dalawahang tinig. Mas pinasigla ang palatuntunan ng pagpili ng Lakan at Lakambini ng MSC at mga piling bilang mula sa iba’t ibang antas.

Buwan ng Wika 2014 winners

Buwan ng Wika 2014 winners


Ang mga nanalo sa mga paligsahan :

Tula: Alliah Patulot, 1st place, Leslie Umali , 2nd place, Rica Mae Comia, 3rd place,  Kyle Andrew Hara , 4th place

Talumpati: Januel Buedad , 1st place, Kyle Javier, 2nd place, Elyza Mendoza , 3rd place,  Abigail Diamante, 4th place

Balagtasan (Lakandiwa): Lianne Sarmiento, 1st place, Ashley Alcos, 2nd place, Angelica Rombaoa, 3rd place, Sam Reyes, 4th place

Balagtasan (unang panig): Decerie Tulipan, 1st place, Ezra Panganiban , 2nd place, Karl Buedad , 3rd place,  Arriane  Castillo , 4th place

Balagtasan (ikalawang panig): Linzi Penales , 1st place, Christine Villota, 2nd place, Lady Millares, 3rd place, Allyzon Reyes, 4th place

Pagbabalita: 4th year – Diamond, 1st place; Grade 7 – Sampaguita, 2nd place; Grade 9 – Narra, 3rd place; Grade 8 – Anahaw, 4th place

Sabayang Pagbigkas: 4th year – Diamond, 1st place; Grade 8 – Anahaw, 2nd place

Isahang Tinig: Venus Hernandez , 1st place, DecerieTulipan, 2nd place, Hannah Marie Flores, 3rd place,  Franco Melendrez, 4th place

Dalawahang Tinig: Lovynel Cortez & Albert Atienza, 1st place,  Angelica Rombaoa & Zeus Diacos, 2nd place, Adhie Banayo & Ryan Matuto, 3rd place, Christian Solpico & Mark Kenn Oca, 4th place

Mga Natatanging Mag-aaral – Pagpapakilala: Elena Hernandez & Aaron Yabut; Kasuotan: Arissa Jane Lacbay & Aaron Yabut; Talento: Linzi Penales & Neil Norman Tumawis; Pambato ng Masa: Elena HernandezAaron Yabut

Lakan at Lakambini 2014- 2015: Arissa Jane Lacbay & Jefferson Sarzadilla; Unang Lakan at Lakamini: Hazel Villanueva & Neil Norman Tumawis; Elena Hernandez & Aaron Yabut, Ikalawang Lakan at Lakambini; Lyka Gelyn De Luna & Nestor Jacob, Ikatlong Lakan at Lakambini.

“Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa malansang isda…”                                              – Dr. Jose P. Rizal





Glennifer Perido, MSC High School alumna crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism

Glennifer Perido, a member of MSC High School class of 2005-2006 was recently crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism International 2014, held on August 8, at Solaire Casino and Resort in Pasay City.


Out of 30 candidates from different provinces in the country and communities abroad, Glennifer also won Best in Evening Gown, Mutya Rain or Shine, Miss Zen Institute and Miss Ivana Fragrance.  She will represent the country in the Miss Tourism International 2014 to be held on December 31st in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Glennifer is from Kalinga, the province she represented during the pageant, but she went to San Pablo City and finished her high school at MSC.   She is a BS Nursing graduate and is now a Registered Nurse.  With her 5’8” height and whistle-bait figure, she participated and won in the following pageants:

  • Mutya ng San Pablo 2009
  • Binibining Laguna 2009
  • Flores de Laguna 2009
  • Miss STAWD 2009
  • Binibining Pilipinas 2011 Official Candidate
  • Miss Casino Filipino 2011 – 1st Runner Up
  • Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2011 – Philippines
  • Miss Philippines Air 2012

Congratulations Glennifer! Your MSC family is proud of you. We wish you the best of luck in the Miss Tourism International 2014 in December and in all your future endeavors.


MSC – The First to Teach Computer Courses in San Pablo Schools

This is the continuation of our series on “MSC’s firsts”, or how MSC helped put technology closer to San Pableños.

In 1990, less than a year after the opening of MSC Computer Training Center, MSC started teaching computer lessons in other San Pablo City schools.  First to partner with MSC was St. Joseph School of San Pablo City.  MSC provided 5 personal computers for the use of the elementary pupils who enrolled in probably the first formal computer classes in the city.  Their first teachers were Gemma Pangilinan-Dimaano and Nancy Quizon-Vidal.

San Antonio de Padua of Pila, Laguna was the next school to avail of the services of MSC in terms of the computer education of their staff and faculty, then their students.  Gemma Dimaano  was also the teacher with Noel del Valle as her assistant.

In 1991, CC Technical Institute also became an MSC partner school.  Leles Aquino-Duma and Jun Dimaano were the assigned teachers.

Fast forward to school year 1997-1998… MSC had 24 school tie-ups (schools availing of computer lessons from MSC).  These schools were:

  • Grace Christian Community School (Calauan)
  • San Marcos Elementary School
  • San Juan Elementary School
  • Sta. Filomena Elementary School
  • San Crispin Elementary School
  • San Nicolas Elementary School
  • Del Remedio Elementary School
  • SPC National. School of Arts and Trades
  • San Pablo Central School
  • Bagong Pook Elementary School
  • San Pablo National. High School (main)
  • San Lucas 1 Elementary School
  • San Buenaventura Elementary School
  • Sto. Anghel Elementary School
  • San Diego Elementary School
  • Antonia Manuel Elementary School
  • Guerilla Elementary School
  • Concepcion Elementary School
  • Dapdapan Elementary School
  • Magcaseville Elementary School
  • DEB Elementary School
  • PEMS
  • San Cristobal Elementary School, and
  • Sta. Cruz Elementary School

With this partnership, far flung public school pupils were given the chance to use computers, which were not commonly offered even in private schools at the time.

More than 3,000 students enrolled in its partner schools and MSC deployed selected graduating students to teach in these schools.  They attended trainings and were given allowances for their services.  They surely got the better end of the deal by learning more with their experience in teaching.

In school year 1998-1999, MSC partner schools totaled 30, with new partners SPCNHS annex V, Santissimo, and Dolores annexes.  The total number of students ballooned to almost 5,000.

In the next year, Sto. Anghel National High School, St. John Parochial School of Tiaong, Our Lady of Sorrows Academy of Dolores, and DLSP became MSC partner schools.

In the years that followed, more private schools acquired their own computers and offered their own computer lessons.  Many public schools received donations and government funding to buy computers of their own.

MSC is proud to have sparked the “computer revolution” in San Pablo City schools!