Power Sources

Power Sources Project

The most powerful power
source is the one which
produces the best balance of
voltage and current. Different
types of circuits need different
levels of voltage and current.
For each power source, the
balance between voltage and
current produced can be
adjusted by changing its
construction or with how groups
of them are arranged.

Power Sources
Snap Circuits® Green has 6 electrical power sources: battery,
hand crank, solar cell, windmill, watermill, and liquid holder.
Let’s compare them. The watermill is similar to the windmill
and its messy, so we’ll skip it.
Connect the red & black jumper wires to the meter and to one
of the power sources at a time, as shown. Measure the voltage
produced using the 5V meter setting; then look at the current
produced using either the 0.5mA or the 50mA meter settings.
Some times the meter reading will be more than the 5V or
50mA scales.

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