Solar Power

Solar Power Project

Your solar cell makes electricity from
sunlight, but only a small amount. In
bright sunlight it produces a voltage
of about 7V, but this is reduced when
lots of current is flowing. That is why
the voltage drops when you connect
the yellow LED.

Assemble the pivot, mount the solar cell (B7) on it, and place it in the
circuit as shown. Place all the parts with a black 1 next to them on the
clear plastic base grid first, then parts marked with a 2, and finally the
parts marked with a 3.
Connect the solar cell to the circuit using the red and black jumper wires.
Place the circuit so the solar cell is in bright sunlight or close to an
incandescent light bulb. Set the meter (M6) to the 5V setting.
The meter is measuring the voltage produced by the solar cell. Adjust
the position of the position of the solar cell on the pivot to see how the
voltage produced changes depending on the angle to the light source
and the brightness.
Position the solar cell to make the highest voltage you can. Now push the
press switch to run the yellow LED (D5) with the solar cell. Notice how the
voltage produced drops when the LED is connected.

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