Enroll in MATH-Inic ( Speed Math Program )

Enroll your children in MATH-Inic (Speed Math program) this summer!

MATH-Inic, the full course, starts on April 26, 2011 for grade school and high school students. This Supplemental Mathematics course using the MATH-Inic modules based on right-brain and Vedic Math methods will have 20 sessions. All sessions are from 9am to 10am.

Give your child the advantage of learning Vedic Mathematics! Witness how they will be able to mentally solve math problems in a flash! Enroll them in MATH-Inic (20 sessions) for only PhP2,500 !

For inquiries, please visit or call:

MSC Institute of Technology, Inc.
A. Fule St., San Pablo City
Tel +63 (49) 562-6006

Enroll your children in MATH-Inic now!

For more details, please contact +63 (922) 854-3244 or email aprudente@msc.edu.ph
Thank you very much!