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VYP Launches 25 Math Short Cuts Book

In celebration of MSC’s 25th foundation day, Virgilio “Ike”Prudente , President of VYP MSC Institute of Technology, is launching his book, 25 Math Short Cuts.

25 Math Short Cuts is a compilation of the short cuts published in our 25 MSC newsletter. Those shortcuts will show that most calculations can be done mentally.

The foreword was written by former Economic Planning Secretary and Director-General Cielito Habito, PhD.

The book has received testimonials from several academic and public personalities, including:

  • Michael Tan, PhD, Chancellor of the University of the Philippines, Diliman
  • Malou Orijola, Assistant Secretary of Department of Science and Technology and Governor, National Book Development Board
  • Rey Vea, President, Mapua Institute of Technology
  • Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, former Chief of Staf, Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • Admiral Ferdinand Golez, Former Flag Officer In Command, Philippine Navy
  • Kenneth Williams, Author of more than 20 Books in Vedic Math
  • Bobby Castro, Chief Operating Officer, Palawan Pawnshop
  • Isaac Pitcairn Yap, former Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Palawan State University
  • Rex Aurelius Robielos, Dean of the School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Mapua Institute of Technology
  • Emmanuel Nadela, former Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Department, Cebu Institute of Technology
  • Romeo Fule, Math Supervisor, Department of  Education, San Pablo City
  • Albert Saul, Principal, San Pablo Science High School

Many children nowadays avoid Math. Some even hate Math. With this book, Sir Ike hopes to turn those Math Haters into Math Lovers.

You can purchase the book for you or your children, and it is a perfect gift this Christmas.

Contact Virgilio Prudente or the MATH-Inic/MSC office for your orders.


25 MSC book cover

25 MSC book cover

Training for the MSC Inter-school Contests Ongoing

The free training for participating schools in the MSC Web Design Contest and MSC Speed Math Contest  is currently ongoing every Saturday, morning for web design and afternoon for speed math.

Ever since MSC started these contests, the free trainings were also offered since not many pupils are knowledgeable about web design and very few knows and uses math techniques which make computing easier and faster.

For this year, the trainor for web design is MSC graphic artist Diana Lynne G. Luna, MS High School class 2005 , MSC Computer echnology Course graduate 2007.  The speed math contest participants are trained by no less than Mr. Virgilio Y. Prudente or more popularly known as “Sir Ike”.  He is the founder of MSC, creator of MATH-Inic, and the author of 25 Math Short Cuts.

The trainings are conducted several weeks before the anniversary of MSC.  The contests revolve around the thrust of MSC – Math, Science and Computing.  Only the web design and speed math contests have trainings, the other contests that do not involve training are the Scavenger Hunt and the Math-Sci Quiz Show.


MSC Origins part XII: Annex Stories 2

The MSC Annex was the “home” of MSC for 16 years and it has been the site for a lot of activities participated in by the students, faculty, and staff.  Many people, even those not involved in the school, visited the place for the various events.

Quick Count Headquarters

During MSC’s stay at MSC Annex, the site was used as Quick Count Headquarters in several elections.  MSC would join quick counts with other civic groups.  Partial results were brought to the headquarters where encoders tally the votes using a program developed by MSC.  There was even a time when a big screen was put outside, showing partial unofficial results for the public to view.

San Pablo City Fiesta Stage

For one week during the San Pablo City fiesta celebrations, Rizal Avenue is transformed into a party zone with stalls selling food and drinks.  In major intersections, stages are set up for the performance of different bands and entertainers.

Being near the plaza, the MSC annex was also used as venue for the festivities.  A makeshift stage would be put up in front of the building for performances by MSC students.

Summer Classes Venue for Music Lessons, Computer Courses, and Entrance Test Reviews

Every summer, MSC Annex turned into a center for students from different schools who enrolled in Music lessons and review classes.

The late Val Tomas and his assistants taught young children the basics of their favorite instruments.  These students would be grouped and Sir Val would supervise their practice with students playing individual instruments together with a band.  A recital at the end of the summer sessions always drew  huge crowds of proud parents.  Sir Val would have been very satisfied knowing many of his protégés are doing well in the entertainment scene.

Being a computer school, computer lessons would always be a part of the classes offered by MSC whatever time of the year it may be.  Courses range from computers for kids, computer operation, programming, and web design.  Special classes were also offered like computer operations for teachers.

For incoming freshmen and for those wanting to improve their academic performance in the coming schoolyear, MSC annex was venue for review classes.  Even in the early years of MSC, Sir Ike personally tutored many students, especially children of friends.  With the review classes at MSC Annex, more students had easy access to this facility.

Trivia: MSC, Official Tabulator ng Bayan

We can not quite remember when MSC first became the tabulator of a contest, but as far as we can remember, numerous organizers and groups have always tapped MSC resources for tabulation purposes.  By resources, we mean computers, printers and manpower.

Being a computer company and running a computer school means that computers are readily available, but having people willing to volunteer and owners who are willing to lend these people and equipment is something else.

MSC is the official tabulator for San Pablo City’s Cocofestival contests, from the Street Dancing, to Floats Competition, to the Mutya and Lakan search.  When San Pablo City started these contests, Barangays soon adapted the same contests during their “fiestas”, and these barangays also sought the services of MSC.   Most recent of these was the San Lucas Barangay fiesta last July.   The municipality of Calauan is also a frequent patron during their fiesta (May 15).

This October 30, 2014, MSC was official tabulator for the 1st Ms. Eco-tourism pageant held at Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort, sponsored by the Seven Lakes Tourism Association.

Kudos to MSC, the official tabulator ng bayan ng San Pablo!

MSC High School Celebrates English Month

Last September 25, 2014 VYP-MSC Institute of Technology celebrated its 2014 English month with the theme “Sharpening English Language through Global Competitiveness” wherein the students showed their talents and gifts through participating in different contests.  The main objective of this program is to develop and enhance each student’s talent by building up their confidence to face the crowd.

Here is the list of students who excelled in their field of endeavor.


1st place – Janine Kyle Javier
2nd place –  Lovynel Cortez
3rd place – Linzi Penales
4th place – Angelica Rombaoa

Students exerted great effort to show the proper emotion through delivering their piece.


1st place – Januel Gregor Bondad
2nd place – Elyza Mendoza
3rd place – Alliah Joizel Patulot
4th place – Leslie Umali

Participants gave their very best to deliver their piece and make the students realize that they should be the catalysts for peace.

Poetry Recitation

, there were two participants from each class but the judges decidedto award the winners individually.

1st place (for being the best shepherd) – Neil Norman Tumawis
2nd place – Zeus Diacos
3rd place – Franco Melendrez
4th place – Datu Kahilyawan Liñan.

1st place (for being the best nymph) – Angeni Ferrer
2nd place – Hazel Villanueva
3rd place – Elena Hernandez
4th place – Abigail Diamante

Radio Broadcasting is one of the contests also, wherein there are winners by group and individually. 4th year students got the

1st place (by showing their unity and cooperation) – 4th Year students
2nd place – Grade VII
3rd place – Grade IX
4th place – Grade VIII

Students who participants in this contest worked really hard.  And for the individual awardees, judges chose the

Best Broadcasters

1st place – Alliah Joizel Patulot
2nd place – Christine Grace Villota
3rd place – Allyzon Reyes
4th place – Liane Sarmiento

And these are the winners for the morning program,.

The morning program was just an appetizer for the main course which was held in the afternoon, vocal solo, vocal duet, choral recitation and the most awaited event of all, the Ambassador/Ambassadress of Language.

Choral Recitation

4th year students got on top in the choral recitation followed by Grade VII and lastly Grade VIII.

Vocal Solo

1st place – Rica Comia
2nd place – Decerie Tulipan
3rd place – Mikkel Reyes
4th place – Ryan Matuto

Vocal Duet

1st place – Venus Hernandez and Rachel Gutierrez
2nd place – Lady Millares and Alliah Joizel Patulot
3rd place – Linzi Penales and Shekirah Diangkinay
4th place – Mikee Celestino and Hannah Flores

And for the most awaited event, the Ambassador and Ambassadress of language 2014.  Special Awards were given to excellent students who gave and exerted their efforts to show that they are the best.  For the

Best in Talent – Jefferson Sarzadilla and Mywill Gonzales
Best in Corporate Attire – Jefferson Sarzadilla and Janine Marie De Castro
Best in Uniform – Sean Allan Martin Reyes and Xhania Miles Escondo
People’s Choice Award – Xhania Miles Escondo and Sean Allan Martin Reyes
Ambassador and Ambassadress 3rd runner up – Albert Atienza and Mywill Gonzales
Ambassador and Ambassadress 2nd runner up – Aaron Yabut and Verlyn Diangkinay
Ambassador and Ambassadress 1st runner up – Jefferson Sarzadilla and Janine Marie de Castro
Ambassador and Ambassadress of Language – Sean Allan Martin Reyes and Xhania Miles Escondo

Students got so tired and exhausted especially the members of the Journalism Club who organized the program.  But still, the program went good and the students, teachers and parents were happy.  And its all worth it.

An exhausting day has ended and yet we have another day full of memories to add up to treasure box of special moments.  The chapters will not end with this day but instead this will mark the beginning.

Announcements – T-Shirt Design Contest

Calling all MSC Alumni (high school, technical-vocational, computer short courses, Caregiving and Call Center courses)! Here are the entries for the MSC Alumni Shirt Design Contest!

Winning design will be used for the Alumni Homecoming (December 6, 2014) shirt.

Kindly send your vote as private message to VYP-MSC Institute of Technology Facebook page.

MSC High School: consistent Cyberfair winner

Ever since the Philippine Schools Cyberfair competition was launched in 2001, MSC High School has been a consistent winner.  In the International Cyberfair competiton, MSC has also been consistently winning in the largest inter-school web design contest.

Cyberfair trophies

Some of the Philippine Schools Cyberfair trophies awarded to MSC through the years.

The International schools CyberFair, which started in 1996 is an award-winning, authentic learning program used by schools and youth organizations around the world. Students conduct research about their local communities and use digital media to publish their findings online. Recognition is given to the best projects in each of eight categories: local leaders, businesses, community organizations, historical landmarks, environment, music, art, and local specialties.

This White House endorsed program encourages youth to become ambassadors for their own local communities by working collaboratively with community members and using technology tools to publish a website or create a video that displays what they have learned. The annual contest has involved more than 5 million students from 45,500 schools across 115 countries—and is considered the longest running international online event of its kind.

Competition judging also takes place online. Students evaluate each others projects using a web-based evaluation tool (rubric) designed by Global SchoolNet. The top forty entries are reviewed by international judges to determine the best educational projects. Winners of International CyberFair are announced each Spring at a event that is global in itself, with hundreds of schools participating via Internet.

The awards received by MSC High School from the International School Cyberfair are the following:

  • 2002 – Honorable Mention – Historical Landmarks – San Pablo City (City of Seven Lakes) ..Streets and Historical Landmarks”
  • 2004 – Silver – Environmental Awareness – Sampalok Lake… Paradise Lost…Paradise Reborn
  • 2005 – Honorable Mention – Local Music and Art – Festivals of Laguna
  • 2007 – Honorable Mention – Historical Landmarks – Structures of San Pablo delos Montes
  • 2008 – Honorable Mention – Environmental Awareness – Interrelatedness
  • 2010 – Silver Awardee – Local Attractions (Natural and Man-made) – Museo ng San Pablo
  • 2012 – Honorable Mention – Local Attractions (Natural and Man-made) – Sampalok Lake: Paradise on the Rise… A Dream in Progress

In the Philippine School Cyberfair, here are MSC’s entries:

  • 2002 – “San Pablo City (City of Seven Lakes) ..Streets and Historical Landmarks”
  • 2003 – “Pasalubong from the city of San Pablo”
  • 2004 – “Sampalok Lake… Paradise Lost…Paradise Reborn”
  • 2005 – “Festivals of Laguna”
  • 2006 –  “Tree of Life”
  • –          The Red Trucks and the Firefighters
  • –          Local Leaders
  • 2007 – Structures of San Pablo delos Montes
  • –          A Virtual Tour of San Pablo City Commercial District
  • –          Phillipine Sports
  • –          Local Artists of San Pablo City
  • 2008– Interrelatedness
  • –          Explore the Magic of Coconuts
  • –          San Pablo City – Seven Lakes
  • –          Famous San Pableños
  • 2010 – Silver Awardee – Local Attractions (Natural and Man-made) – Museo ng San Pablo
  • 2012 – Honorable Mention – Local Attractions (Natural and Man-made) – Sampalok Lake: Paradise on the Rise… A Dream in Progress

MSC is also conducting its own “Cyberfair” thru an annual web design contest for schools in San Pablo City.

Student representatives from different schools are given a seminar on web design and they make a website about their school or community.  Prizes are given to students who make the best websites.

All these efforts surely help put San Pablo City on the Cybermap.