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MSC firsts: First Registered Caregiving School in San Pablo City

In San Pablo City, MSC was the first school recognized by TESDA to offer a short course on Caregiving.

MSC started its first Caregiving class on July 16, 2002 which was held at the 4th floor and the penthouse of the El Coco building along A. Fule St., beside MSC Annex.

The first teachers were Ms. Emelyn Aningalan-Buenaseda, Ms. Grace Bayubay, and Ms. Merlie Javaluyas with 30 students attending the morning session.  The evening session started in August, 2002 with 31 students.

The MSC Caregiver

The MSC Caregiver








Here is a list of the first batch of students:

  • Dela Cueva, Larry M.
  • Polinag, Grace M.
  • Belarmino, Dondon B.
  • De Lima, Richard
  • Bigol, Melanie M.
  • Canayunan, Resy M.
  • Cosico, Chrizel C.
  • San Diego, Romeo A.
  • Tagulao, Rosalie
  • Arceta, Jenny Anne T.
  • Bagsic, Rexford G.
  • Del Mundo, Madelou R.
  • Montegudo, Cristeta L.
  • Arellano, Joan C.
  • Pasco, Abigail A.
  • Quijano, Sharon F.
  • Enriquez, Celeste C.
  • Nuque, Castor Jr.
  • Azucena, Vivien P.
  • Salvacion, Marjorie
  • Cosico, Christe B.
  • Badayos, Rhena S.
  • De Leon, Arnel M.
  • Alvero, Resziel C.
  • Morcilla, Harold H.
  • Maghirang, Mark Marvin B.
  • Sibug, Jeanne Melissa R.
  • Copada, Robert O.
  • Castro, Milanda V.
  • Navarro, Teresita N.

Stories from the Alumni: Sammy Suco

Pagpasensyahan nyo na po…. Galing po ako sa mahirap na pamilya, kaya noon, wala na ako pag-asa makapag-college… Salamat na lang may MSC, nakapag-aral ako at sa tulong ng naging amo ko sa Tiaong.

Sammy Suco

Sammy Suco

MSC was my Guardian

In 1993, I went to Tiaong, Quezon and I worked for the former chief of Police in Tiaong, Quezon.

His name is Martin Magnayon. They were a supplier of hogs in the local market.

They used me as the caretaker of hogs from birth to fattener. I was taking care of 13 mother pigs and it usually delivered more than 10 piglets 3 times a year.

Our agreement, aside from monthly salary, they would give me a commission of one piglet if the mother pig delivered more than 10 piglets.

In 1994, I decided to go to college since I was already a high school graduate from General Santos City before I came to Tiaong.

First semester in SY 1994-1995, I enrolled at LC and I felt happy because I can pursue my college education and ready to be a professional someday.

But no! The tuition fees almost stopped me. It was  high for me, so I could not afford to continue my studies.  Before the second semester started in the same school year, I tried to search for other good schools in San Pablo City.

I found the same course in AMA and STI. But the tuition fees were almost the same.

Finally I found one of the small advertisements of MSC,   located at M. Paulino St., San Pablo City. I went there and I inquired. They offered me the scholarship examination for the same course.

I was one of the lucky students because I got a 10% discount.  I continued studying in MSC, San Pablo City while working in Tiaong as helper.

Still I had money  problem during this semester.  I didn’t have enough money to support my ambition. I just finished the second semester and then stopped.  So I went  back to continue my career, “hahaha! as hog raiser of my boss’ backyard piggery farm.

I stopped for a year and thought my ambition was no longer possible.

By school year 1996-1997, I had a little money, so I enrolled again.  MSC was located already in La Suerte building along Rizal Avenue, San Pablo City.  I has a lot of experiences and fond memories as a college student.  We formed good friendships.

I met a lot more friends than usual, since I was an irregular student. My classmates were from the afternoon shift and evening shift and sometimes from morning shift, especially in the PE subject.

School year 1997-1998 was the final year of my Computer Technology course. 

In the first semester of that school year, I applied as Student Assistant to Sir Ike.  Being a student assistant helped me a lot,  since as such, my tuition fee was discounted 100%!

In this semester, Mr. Adonis Duma selected me as one of the instructors in the tie-up school. I was assigned to teach computer subjects in DEBES elementary school.

So on top of my tuition, MSC provided by my allowance.

In the second semester, I worked as a technician in MSCNet, the first Internet Provider in San Pablo City.

I graduated the Computer Technology course in March 1998.

After this course, I enrolled in a 2-year Computer Technician course, and again took advantage of the 100% discount. I learned a lot in MSC, while studying, including a lot of actual and real work.

In the late 1999, MSC brought me to Pasig City to work in the prestigious company, Software Ventures International as Computer Technician (Hardware Maintenance Group). I worked under the supervision of VYP, Jr. (Sir Toto).

Currently I am working as IT Support Engineer in Al Arrab Contracting Company, a general contractor in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I am proud to say I am a product of MSC!

I would like to thank the MSC Teachers and Staff during my stay in my Alma mater. Thank you, Mr. Adonis Duma, my adviser. Special thanks also to Mr. VYP, my mentor who stood as my adopted father during my MSC days.

Samson Suco, Computer Technology Course class 1998
Computer Technician Course class 1999
Current work: IT Support, Al Arrab Contracting Compny (ACC), Riyadh, KSA

MSC Firsts: First School to have Computerized Student Council Elections (1992)

In 1991, MSC’s first batch of two-year course students totaled more than 70.  Even with a group this small, the students organized clubs as well as a student council.  Of course there had to be elections for the student council officers and being in a computer school, the students themselves created a program to count the votes!

It must have been the very first time that a student council election in any school in San Pablo was “computerized”.  To think that the country had only started adopting computerized elections in 2010, the MSC students were really ahead of their time, with computerized electrions 19 years earlier, in 1991!

Up to now, the student council election at MSC still uses a computerized system, and through the years modification have been made to improve it even more.

MSCs first student council oficers

MSCs first student council oficers

MSC Origins Part VIII: Transfer to La Suerte building

In June, 1995, MSC made another business decision and it packed all its belongings for the third time and left the Alvero compound along M. Paulino St., its home for four years.

MSC transferred to the La Suerte building located along the bustling Rizal Avenue.   Situated on the fourth floor, the main site of MSC (called MSC Main, for obvious reasons) seemed unreachable:

  • It was located in the space once occupied by the Regional Office of SSS, a piece of real estate that has set precedent for the upsurge of real estate prices in San Pablo. Look up and MSC  retained the balcony and the visually quiant flagpole.
  • The building does not have an elevator. This was almost a show stopper.  Use the stairs four floors up once and to test your aerobic fitness. But this was not a deterrent for the lady students and teachers who used the stairs in their two-inch heels, nor for the numerous inquirers who go up just to well, inquire.

MSC main housed the school administration office along with its records, files and paperwork. Students frequently came up to the counter to ask for the schedules, request for forms, look for teachers, or complain about their clearances, or their inability to get them. Main was the heart of MSC.

There were three classrooms in the Main, and The Laboratory.  The Lab was where the students did their case studies “hands-on” the computers. Certainly, the laboratory room here was bigger than the Alvero venue. It was common knowledge that the laboratory distinguished MSC from other computer schools.  Here students enjoyed long hours enjoying computer work alongside an army of competent laboratory assistants. There was ample room for students to do their respective work in peace  without violating each other’s personal space.

Lack of references was never a problem.  MSC’s two libraries were both located at the Main, where student will found lots of computer books, reference books and magazines. There was a photocopy machine too, if you needed to copy information. Often photocopies were  more affordable than new books.

Four floors up, the view was fantastic because it was located in the part of the city that was as metropolitan as San Pablo can get.

Alumni update: EDGAR V. CAUYAN – 3-year CTC class 1995

Edgar V. Cauyan was one of the pioneer staff of the software development division of MSC.  To further enrich his knowledge he enrolled in short-term courses while he was an employee at MSC.  In 1992, he registered in the two-year computer technology course, finished it in 1994, then continued the third year which he finished in 1995.

As an MSC student, he was president of the Computer Operators and Programmers Society.  On his graduation, he was awarded Best in Computer Programming and given the loyalty medal.


Competent, highly-motivated and purpose-driven, Edgar “Egay” Velasco Cauyan gained knowledge and experience through several years of continuous academic study and work. His perseverance and enthusiasm molded his potentials into proficiency and expertise in the field of information technology. He graduated from the Computer Technology Course of VYP-MSC Computer Training Center in 1995 and underwent several trainings and programs. In July 2010, he acquired his Master of Science in International Community Economic Development degree in Southern New Hampshire University, USA.

Having taken several programs and seminars including Program Logic Formulation, Visual Basic V6.0 at Informatics in March 2002, Computer Literacy Program (CLP) and Cobol Programming Proficiency (CPP) at Systems Technology Institute in 1989, he began his career and confidently entered the computer programming industry as he was hired as a senior programmer in MSC Software Division from December 1989 to October 1993. From November 1993 to September 1998, he was appointed as Operations Manager in MSC Data Exchange Co. and became the Technical Consultant of the same company from October 1998 to March 1999. While he performed excellently in his work, his aspirations to share his knowledge led him to also grab the opportunity of being a computer instructor in MSC Computer Training Center from June 1994 to March 1999. During those years, he also managed to provide services as a computer programmer in well-known companies like Candelaria Super Shell Station from May to December 1990 and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) San Pablo Branch from February 1995 to February 1996.

In April 1999, he joined the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) as MIS Manager.  After a year, he was given a greater role as Information Technology Director in July 2000. After three remarkable years in service, he was entrusted with the same position in CARD Bank, Inc.

He was promoted as the AVP for Information Technology of CARD Bank, Inc. after seven years. In July 2009, he was appointed Vice President for Information Technology of CARD Bank, Inc., responsible for the overall design, development, maintenance and improvement of the data processing systems of the bank.

His pioneering work helped establish CARD MRI Information Technology (CMIT), Inc. overseeing the entire IT operations of the CARD MRI group.  Today, Edgar Cauyan serves as the CMIT President.

Edgar never stopped acquiring knowledge and continually took various in-house and international training, workshops and programs from various institutions.  He took Virus Prevention and Protection at MSC Computer Training Center in August 1994,  PC Troubleshooting and Repair at MSC Service Center in October 1994, Smart Cellphone Sales Training at Smart Telecenter, San Pablo Branch in December 1996, Compaq Sales and Maintenance Training, Microsoft OEM System Builder Program, PC Technical Training, Relational Analysis and Design sponsored by Professional Systems Synergy, Inc., MS SQL Server 7.0 and MS SQL Server 2000 organized by Ng Khai Development Corporation, Grameen Management Workshop on Reporting organized by Grameen Trust, Exposure Training on Data Security organized by Germans Savings Foundation, Sparkasse Essen, Learning Faciltation Course organized by CARD MRI Development Institute and Freedom from Hunger, and CARD-Grameen Foundation Microfinance Workshop sponsored by CARD MRI Development Institute and Grameen Foundation USA in 2006.


Give Your Child The MSC Advantage – Math, Science and Computing

Fill out the form below to inquire about any of our courses.
Give your child the MSC Advantage in Math, Science, and Computing!
Enrollment for Saturday Classes is ongoing! Limited slots only!
Open to students from other schools

  • MATH-Inic.  Math made fun, fast and easy!  (4-17 years old)
    The MATH-Inic is training the next generation of math wizards
  • Introduction to Visual Graphics (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Web Design (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Robotics and Programming (10-12 years old)
Lego Mindstorm

Robotics Programming is a lot of Fun!

  • Introduction to Programming (12-16 years old)

SEPTEMBER 27 to DECEMBER 6, 2014 (10 Saturdays, 2 hours/sessions)

Please fill up the form below for any inquiries

Visit us at MSC Institute of Technology, Inc., Sitio IX, Brgy. San Gabriel, San Pablo City

Or contact us via

  • 049 562 6006

Call/Text cellnumber:

  • 0922 854 3244 (Sun)
  • 0939 939 9702 (Smart)
  • 0917 853 5069.(Globe)

Featured batch: MSC Computer Training Center class 1994 – second batch of tech-voc students

The second batch of students who enrolled at MSC Computer Training Center was initially composed of 85 students, 46 Computer Technology course and 39 Office Management course students.

They spent their MSC days at the Alvero building along M. Paulino St. (in front of Ultimart).  This batch was one of the liveliest batches of MSC.  Various organizations were formed despite the small number of students compared to big schools, and these orgs actively participated in school activities and even sponsored some events.

The Computer Operators and Programmers Society, headed by Edgar Cauyan, the Speech and Drama Club, headed by Eva Cauyan, and the student council with President Keno Moreno were among the active groups aside from the different classes.

Students from this batch experienced the celebration of “MSC – 4 on 4”, the 4th anniversary of MSC and the founding of MSC Data Exchange Co., MSC’s one stop shop for computer-related services.  They were also the ones who had the student council election computerized, a first for MSC and for San Pablo City schools.

Many students from this batch had extensive training in their chosen fields:

OMC students Jedi Seville and Lina Anenias were Student Assistants at the Registrar’s office to hone their secretarial skills.

Ronaldo Romanes, Julie Maranan, and Ariel De Jesus further practiced their computer proficiency as Computer Laboratory Assistants.

Bien Batolome, Joselita Paña, Leony Reyes, Bong Estropia, Glenn Ello, Edgar and Eva Cauyan were Students at the MSC Data Exchange Co.

During their graduation, various awards were given:

Julie Maranan – Best in Computer Operations

  • Eva Cauyan – Academic Excellence Award
  • Marino Moreno – Leadership Award
  • Aia Jada Occeño – Outstanding student
  • Ronaldo Romanes – Service Award
  • Edgar Cauyan – Loyalty Award, Best in Computer Programming

Here is a complete list of the class:
Office Management Course:

  • Lenievetch Abril
  • Lorelee Andal
  • May Aninias
  • Viena Azas
  • Josie Belen
  • Maryrose Buera
  • Cristine Castillo
  • Leticia Changco
  • Evelyn De Castro
  • Annaliza Diangkinay
  • Mariden Eseo
  • Rosalina Jader
  • Jocelyn Maranan
  • Julie Maranan
  • Hasmin Mercado
  • Aileen Metica
  • Shirly Punzalan
  • Corazon Sarmiento
  • Jedidiah Seville
  • Aileen Tanodra
  • Jinglle Tanqueco
  • Ma. Lourdes Claire Ticzon
  • Mary Rose Uri

Computer Technology Course:

  • Eva Alfonso
  • Fevmon Almare
  • Bienvenido Bartolome
  • Arnel Bondad
  • Raquel Castillo
  • Eva Cauyan
  • Remo Custodio
  • Ariel De Jesus
  • Robert Dungca
  • Glenn Ello
  • Allan Espina
  • Junepher Estropia
  • Manilyn Fesalvo
  • Marino Moreno
  • Elmer Naguit
  • Aia Jada Occeño
  • Joselita Paña
  • Leony Reyes
  • Delson Rivera
  • Majorie Roces
  • Ronaldo Romanes
  • Ma. Cherry Santos
  • Aila Surara
  • Edgar Cauyan

MSC Origins Part V: Keeping Students Safe During Calamities

MSC occupied the second floor of the Jesusa building along A. Flores St. for less than two years.  In that short span of time, we experienced two of the most devastating natural calamities recorded in Philippine history – the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo and the Luzon earthquake.

It was Monday, the 16th of July 1990, almost 4:30 in the afternoon when the deadly earthquake struck.  It was felt in almost the whole of Luzon and caused more than a thousand deaths and massive destruction particularly in Central and northern Luzon.

Though the earthquake caused minimal damage and no deaths here in San Pablo City, it was a frightening experience.  It was a working day at MSC and everyone was tinkering with the PCs when the earthquake occurred.  Remember that MSC was on the second floor and the shock felt stronger when one was above ground. Everyone in the building felt it and immediately turned their computers off and made way for the exit.

Almost exactly a year later, in June 15, 1991 Mt. Pinatubo erupted in what was the second largest volcanic eruption in the 20th century.  The eruption was felt worldwide as vast quantities of magma, ash and volcanic debris were emitted.  Global temperatures dropped by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) in the years 1991-93, and ozone depletion temporarily increased substantially.

At MSC, June 15, 1991 was the schedule of the first acquaintance party of the two-year course students.  Days before, Mt. Pinatubo has been showing signs of an impending eruption. However, since the volcano was more than 200 kilometers away, the party pushed through.  Little did the students and staff of MSC know that on that exact evening, the volcano will erupt.  And erupt it did on their party night!  Before midnight, ash reached San Pablo and as the party ended and people went out of the restaurant where the party was held, it was raining ash!

To keep the students safe they were ferried a car-full at a time to the MSC building where they all stayed till morning.

MSC History Part IV – Start of 2 year courses at A. Flores St.

In 1991, MSC got the necessary permit to offer two-year courses in Office Management (OMC) and Computer Technology (CTC).  In June of that year, classes for the two courses started with fifty (50) OMC and twenty-six (26) CTC students.

MSC at that time was occupying the second floor of the Jesusa building (on the first floor was Monte de Piedad Savings Bank) along A. Flores St.  Its two classrooms had a capacity of  50 students only.  MSC had to set morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate the new two-year course students totaling more than 70.  Schedule for the short term course students were also set strategically so that there will be a classroom for each class.   Saturday and evening classes were conducted.

The short-term courses FCO (Fundamentals of Computer Operation) and FCP (Fundamentals of Computer Programming) became important subjects for the two-year courses.  Students studied DOS, Wordstar, Lotus and Dbase – software which a teen today may never have heard of, much more know how to use.  Computer screens were black and white and if you are not so lucky, “green”.

A requirement for these subjects was a set of diskettes – those thin, square plastic sheets containing a circular disk inside.  The 3.5-inch diskettes were rare then, the 5.25-inch floppies were the “in” thing.    Computers in the lab had no hard disk drives (only the office PC had disk drives) and the diskettes contain the software and the data.  PC users today will laugh at the thought that those floppy disks can contain a maximum of only 340kb!

Windows was unheard of and the Internet had not yet arrived in this part of the globe, but yes there were computer games, among them – Pacman, Block out, Space Invaders, Sokoban, etc.

Featured batch: MSC Computer Training Center first batch – class of 1993

The first batch of two year course students of MSC was initially composed of fifty (50) students for the Office Management Course (OMC) and twenty-six (26) Computer Technology Course (CTC) students.

During the first semester of school year 1991-92, classes were held at the second floor of the Monte de Piedad Savings Bank along A. Flores St.  By the second semester of that school year MSC has transferred to its new site at M. Paulino St. and this became the students second home for the rest of their stay at MSC.

The OMC class, due to its size had to be divided into two sections, the morning session and the afternoon session.  This did not prevent the group from being friends with everyone, regardless of their section and the course they were taking up.  Since they spend more time in the school they got to know students from the short term courses too.

Out of the 76 students who started with the batch, only 43 were able to finish the course.


Nieves Arguelles was the awardee for computer operations and Reynald “Jong” Vinluan was the awardee for computer programming.  Awards for loyalty were given to students who enrolled in at least one short-term course and went on to finish the two-year course. They were: Mary Jane Lat, Athena Amor Ramos, Aileen Rosales, Eugenia Vasquez, Ronald Aquino, Allan Panganiban, and Balthadeus Santiago.

Here is a complete list of the pioneer students of MSC:

Office Management Course:

Zoraida Abril
Joan Ada
Jean Joan Anila
Nieves Arguelles
Lorievel Audije
Myla Banaag
Jocelyn Bartolome
Joyce Bundalian
Imelda Calabia
Leila Ciar
Emelita Cornista
Franny Cosico
Raquel Dioyo
Jocelyn Echague
Raquel Empalmado
Edna Franco
Maribel Flores
Gina Gonzales
Melanie Gonzales
Ma. Regina Jestre
Mary Jane Lat
Ronnie Latayan
Grace Macandili
Laarni Ortiz
Nenette Panganiban
Athena Amor Ramos
Ma. Catleya Roque
Aileen Rosales
Yesa Teñido
Michaela Tolentino
Eugenia Vasquez


Computer Technology Course:

Sigfredo Adajar
Ronald Aquino
Juancho Artiaga
Danny Celerio
Roldan Dichoso
Nedeline Gutierez
Zandy Pangan
Allan Panganiban
Teodoro Pasia
Rita Ressureccion
Balthadeus Santiago
Reynald Vinluan