MSC Origins Part VIII: Transfer to La Suerte building

In June, 1995, MSC made another business decision and it packed all its belongings for the third time and left the Alvero compound along M. Paulino St., its home for four years.

MSC transferred to the La Suerte building located along the bustling Rizal Avenue.   Situated on the fourth floor, the main site of MSC (called MSC Main, for obvious reasons) seemed unreachable:

  • It was located in the space once occupied by the Regional Office of SSS, a piece of real estate that has set precedent for the upsurge of real estate prices in San Pablo. Look up and MSC  retained the balcony and the visually quiant flagpole.
  • The building does not have an elevator. This was almost a show stopper.  Use the stairs four floors up once and to test your aerobic fitness. But this was not a deterrent for the lady students and teachers who used the stairs in their two-inch heels, nor for the numerous inquirers who go up just to well, inquire.

MSC main housed the school administration office along with its records, files and paperwork. Students frequently came up to the counter to ask for the schedules, request for forms, look for teachers, or complain about their clearances, or their inability to get them. Main was the heart of MSC.

There were three classrooms in the Main, and The Laboratory.  The Lab was where the students did their case studies “hands-on” the computers. Certainly, the laboratory room here was bigger than the Alvero venue. It was common knowledge that the laboratory distinguished MSC from other computer schools.  Here students enjoyed long hours enjoying computer work alongside an army of competent laboratory assistants. There was ample room for students to do their respective work in peace  without violating each other’s personal space.

Lack of references was never a problem.  MSC’s two libraries were both located at the Main, where student will found lots of computer books, reference books and magazines. There was a photocopy machine too, if you needed to copy information. Often photocopies were  more affordable than new books.

Four floors up, the view was fantastic because it was located in the part of the city that was as metropolitan as San Pablo can get.