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MSC – The First to Teach Computer Courses in San Pablo Schools

This is the continuation of our series on “MSC’s firsts”, or how MSC helped put technology closer to San Pableños.

In 1990, less than a year after the opening of MSC Computer Training Center, MSC started teaching computer lessons in other San Pablo City schools.  First to partner with MSC was St. Joseph School of San Pablo City.  MSC provided 5 personal computers for the use of the elementary pupils who enrolled in probably the first formal computer classes in the city.  Their first teachers were Gemma Pangilinan-Dimaano and Nancy Quizon-Vidal.

San Antonio de Padua of Pila, Laguna was the next school to avail of the services of MSC in terms of the computer education of their staff and faculty, then their students.  Gemma Dimaano  was also the teacher with Noel del Valle as her assistant.

In 1991, CC Technical Institute also became an MSC partner school.  Leles Aquino-Duma and Jun Dimaano were the assigned teachers.

Fast forward to school year 1997-1998… MSC had 24 school tie-ups (schools availing of computer lessons from MSC).  These schools were:

  • Grace Christian Community School (Calauan)
  • San Marcos Elementary School
  • San Juan Elementary School
  • Sta. Filomena Elementary School
  • San Crispin Elementary School
  • San Nicolas Elementary School
  • Del Remedio Elementary School
  • SPC National. School of Arts and Trades
  • San Pablo Central School
  • Bagong Pook Elementary School
  • San Pablo National. High School (main)
  • San Lucas 1 Elementary School
  • San Buenaventura Elementary School
  • Sto. Anghel Elementary School
  • San Diego Elementary School
  • Antonia Manuel Elementary School
  • Guerilla Elementary School
  • Concepcion Elementary School
  • Dapdapan Elementary School
  • Magcaseville Elementary School
  • DEB Elementary School
  • PEMS
  • San Cristobal Elementary School, and
  • Sta. Cruz Elementary School

With this partnership, far flung public school pupils were given the chance to use computers, which were not commonly offered even in private schools at the time.

More than 3,000 students enrolled in its partner schools and MSC deployed selected graduating students to teach in these schools.  They attended trainings and were given allowances for their services.  They surely got the better end of the deal by learning more with their experience in teaching.

In school year 1998-1999, MSC partner schools totaled 30, with new partners SPCNHS annex V, Santissimo, and Dolores annexes.  The total number of students ballooned to almost 5,000.

In the next year, Sto. Anghel National High School, St. John Parochial School of Tiaong, Our Lady of Sorrows Academy of Dolores, and DLSP became MSC partner schools.

In the years that followed, more private schools acquired their own computers and offered their own computer lessons.  Many public schools received donations and government funding to buy computers of their own.

MSC is proud to have sparked the “computer revolution” in San Pablo City schools!

Summer Courses 2011 at MSC

Summer Courses 2011 at MSC

Full Courses

  • Vedic Math
    Supplemental Mathematics course using the MATH-Inic modules based on right-brain and Vedic Math methods
  • Robotics
    Introduce your child to artificial intelligence concepts though a workshop on constructing and programming robot basic movements
  • Web Design
  • Memory Techniques
    Course to train students to retain and recall school lessons
  • PC Operation Seminar/Workshop
  • College Admission Test Review
  • High School Admission Test Review

Introductory Courses

  • Most Useful Math Shortcuts(MUMSC)
    Introductory Course on Vedic Math
  • Introductory Course on Robotics
  • Web Design Basics
  • Introduction to Memory Techniques
    Course to train students to retain and recall school lessons

Call (049) 562-4598/ (0922)854-3241 or visit VYP MSC Institute of Technology

A Fule St. San Pablo City

VYP – MSC Institute of Technology

MSC believes that students should actively take part in their own education. They are encouraged to participate in classroom discussions, and are expected to do their own research, reports, experiments and studies. The teachers act as facilitators and give guidance and knowledge throughout the school year.

School work at MSC includes real-life applications of the skills and knowledge they learn. The monthly-themed activities make learning fun and develop leadership and team work among the students. This prepares our students for the challenges they will face in the real world, and we believe this facilitated learning method gives our students an edge.

MSC also reinforces good values—integrity, responsibility, honesty, excellence—through our Values Education Program and through everyday practice in the classroom. We believe that this is necessary to create well-rounded citizens.

MSC continually updates its curriculum, adding subjects and modules that engage its students’ interests and show that academics need not be boring. This deepens MSC’s commitment to transforming students into lifelong-learners and achievers.