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The MSC Vision

At MSC IT, students have an edge with computer skills integrated in all subjects and vast resources of knowledge with Internet access in the MSC main campus and the MSC Green School Campus…

At MSC IT, graduates have an edge in getting jobs immediately after graduation…

At MSC IT, teachers and staff are committed to bring out the best in every student…

VYP – MSC Institute of Technology

MSC believes that students should actively take part in their own education. They are encouraged to participate in classroom discussions, and are expected to do their own research, reports, experiments and studies. The teachers act as facilitators and give guidance and knowledge throughout the school year.

School work at MSC includes real-life applications of the skills and knowledge they learn. The monthly-themed activities make learning fun and develop leadership and team work among the students. This prepares our students for the challenges they will face in the real world, and we believe this facilitated learning method gives our students an edge.

MSC also reinforces good values—integrity, responsibility, honesty, excellence—through our Values Education Program and through everyday practice in the classroom. We believe that this is necessary to create well-rounded citizens.

MSC continually updates its curriculum, adding subjects and modules that engage its students’ interests and show that academics need not be boring. This deepens MSC’s commitment to transforming students into lifelong-learners and achievers.