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MSC Origins part XIII: From La Suerte to El Coco

In 2002, MSC main, which was then occupying the 4th floor of the La Suerte building was again outgrown by  its growing number of students.  Even with the old Agrix Supermarket or MSC annex, being used at the same time, an even bigger space was essential.

Fortunately at that time a four storey-building beside MSC Annex was nearing completion and the owner was looking for lessees.  The building which was later named El Coco Building was perfect for MSC!

The whole of the first floor was occupied by MSC Data Exchange (and Service Center), MSC’s sister company dubbed as a one-stop computer shop.  MSC Data Exchange was previously renting a space along Paseo de Escudero, but it fit just right in its new location.

The Mezzanine of El Coco was where the computer laboratory was transferred.  The laboratory was big enough for 40 students, or one complete section.

The second and third floors both had two average-sized classrooms each.  The fourth floor and the penthouse were used for Caregiving classes, which were first offered by MSC in mid 2002.

The move from La Suerte to El Coco consolidated MSC’s network into one location along A. Fule St. in two buildings beside each other.  The schools were there:

  • MSC High School
  • MSC Computer Training Center, and
  • the newly formed MSC Caregiving School;

The affiliate companies were there too:

  • MSC Data Exchange
  • MSC Service Center
  • MSC Communications Technology (or MSC Net) –  MSC’s Internet Service Provider
EL COCO building

EL COCO building

New Computer Programming Courses @ MSC

Why is Computer Programming important?

“The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future.”
Gabe Newell, Founder of Valve Software: the creator of Dota & Counter-Strike

“One million of the best jobs will go unfilled because only 1 out of 10 schools teach students how to code”

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.” 

Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Inc. & Pixar Animation Studios

Enroll in our new courses:

Introduction to Programming & Robotics (for ages 12 to 17)
Saturdays, 10 am to 12 noon

Introduction to Python Programming (for ages 12 to 17)
Saturdays, 1 to 3 pm

SCHEDULE: September 27 to December 6, 2014

Lego Mindstorm

Robotics Programming is a lot of Fun!


Featured Batch: MSC 3-year Office Management Course Class 1994-95 (first batch)

When MSC started offering computer classes, the first courses were short-term courses on computer operation and programming.  In the first semester of school year 1991-1992, two-year courses on Computer Technology and Office Management were offered to the growing number of MSC students.  Then in school year 1994-95, MSC offered the three-year courses on Computer Technology and Office Management.

Six fresh graduates of the two-year Office Management course enrolled in the new 3-year course.  These were:  Claire Ticzon, Aileen Metica, Aileen Tanodra, Jocelyn Maranan, Lina Jader, Raquel Dioyo, and Letty Changco.

class 95

Aside from the regular academic classes, these ladies underwent extensive training in the different offices of MSC.  Eventually, most were absorbed by the different departments and a few worked in the different MSC companies.

Claire and Aileen Metica became computer teachers in MSC partner schools, and later they were hired as MSC instructors.

Lina and Letty worked at MSC Data Exchange – MSC’s one-stop computer shop

Raquel Dioyo worked as Cashier at MSC.

Aileen Tanodra worked at Escuela de Valle Verde as teacher.

Jocelyn worked at the Hall of Justice of San Pablo City.

Where are they today?

  • Claire teaches at Canossa College, San Pablo and is married to an MSC alumnus, Owen Ignacio
  • Aileen Metica works and lives in Canada.
  • Letty, after working for MSC Data Exchange Co. as Graphic Artist for several years, now lives in Abu Dhabi and works as Finance and Administration Officer at Silec Cable
  • Aileen Tanodra lives and works in Singapore.
  • Jocelyn lives in San Pablo City and still works at the Hall of Justice
  • Lina, after many years with MSC Data Exchange Co., has her own business now.
  • Raquel is now a full-time wife and mother.

MSC – The First to Teach Computer Courses in San Pablo Schools

This is the continuation of our series on “MSC’s firsts”, or how MSC helped put technology closer to San Pableños.

In 1990, less than a year after the opening of MSC Computer Training Center, MSC started teaching computer lessons in other San Pablo City schools.  First to partner with MSC was St. Joseph School of San Pablo City.  MSC provided 5 personal computers for the use of the elementary pupils who enrolled in probably the first formal computer classes in the city.  Their first teachers were Gemma Pangilinan-Dimaano and Nancy Quizon-Vidal.

San Antonio de Padua of Pila, Laguna was the next school to avail of the services of MSC in terms of the computer education of their staff and faculty, then their students.  Gemma Dimaano  was also the teacher with Noel del Valle as her assistant.

In 1991, CC Technical Institute also became an MSC partner school.  Leles Aquino-Duma and Jun Dimaano were the assigned teachers.

Fast forward to school year 1997-1998… MSC had 24 school tie-ups (schools availing of computer lessons from MSC).  These schools were:

  • Grace Christian Community School (Calauan)
  • San Marcos Elementary School
  • San Juan Elementary School
  • Sta. Filomena Elementary School
  • San Crispin Elementary School
  • San Nicolas Elementary School
  • Del Remedio Elementary School
  • SPC National. School of Arts and Trades
  • San Pablo Central School
  • Bagong Pook Elementary School
  • San Pablo National. High School (main)
  • San Lucas 1 Elementary School
  • San Buenaventura Elementary School
  • Sto. Anghel Elementary School
  • San Diego Elementary School
  • Antonia Manuel Elementary School
  • Guerilla Elementary School
  • Concepcion Elementary School
  • Dapdapan Elementary School
  • Magcaseville Elementary School
  • DEB Elementary School
  • PEMS
  • San Cristobal Elementary School, and
  • Sta. Cruz Elementary School

With this partnership, far flung public school pupils were given the chance to use computers, which were not commonly offered even in private schools at the time.

More than 3,000 students enrolled in its partner schools and MSC deployed selected graduating students to teach in these schools.  They attended trainings and were given allowances for their services.  They surely got the better end of the deal by learning more with their experience in teaching.

In school year 1998-1999, MSC partner schools totaled 30, with new partners SPCNHS annex V, Santissimo, and Dolores annexes.  The total number of students ballooned to almost 5,000.

In the next year, Sto. Anghel National High School, St. John Parochial School of Tiaong, Our Lady of Sorrows Academy of Dolores, and DLSP became MSC partner schools.

In the years that followed, more private schools acquired their own computers and offered their own computer lessons.  Many public schools received donations and government funding to buy computers of their own.

MSC is proud to have sparked the “computer revolution” in San Pablo City schools!

Choose MSC – You Will Definitely Be in Good Hands

It’s been many years since I bid goodbye to VYP-MSC Computer Learning Center.I am an alumni from batch 1999 and was the Vice President of College Department. That year was never been easy, though from reliable faculties and staffs; I was able to perform my duty as the VP of the college department. I would like to say that it was a great honor to be asked to write this testimonial.

My stay in MSC Computer Learning Centre was a very enriching experience. I came to this school to be simply acquainted with computer knowledge, and hoping it help me get immediate employment right after graduation. In reality; I got much more than an academic degree. I learned about “real-world” assignments. This was really the most solid lesson I learned from this school that helped me reach my dreams. It is difficult to sum up in few words because this school has proven many things. The atmosphere in the school is like we were a huge group of friends! The teachers were tactful, lovely, easy-going, friendly and perceptive and have experience and necessary qualifications for teaching. The staff was composed of really dynamic qualified and pleasant faculty so as to make you feel good and relaxed. The passion of the faculty to impart valuable lessons and skills to the students was really inspiring.

I chose MSC Computer Learning Centre for its uniquely relevant approach to business education, high-quality faculty, and intimate classroom environment and advanced teaching method particularly in terms of computer learning. I learned much more than I expected, both from outstanding professors with academic and business background and from my colleagues.

I worked in Philippines with few recognized companies such as PAGCOR and EPSON Precision Philippines. My position in these companies proved that my computer and business education obtained from MSC is really unfailing. In 2001, I tried my luck abroad and started my journey as a simple hotel receptionist. Due to my determination plus of course my MSC credentials, I received promotions almost every year.

In 2003, I began to impart my computer knowledge by teaching. Yes! I became a computer instructor in Abu Dhabi for almost 2 years. Believe it or not, I was giving computer lessons to students whose age were almost triple than mine. After that, I was hired in a large oil and gas company in Abu Dhabi as Secretary and I stayed there for a year. Since, this company preferred to develop UAE nationals; I searched for another job and fortunately had the post of an Executive Secretary in one of the very executive hotel properties here in Abu Dhabi. Currently, I am working as Administrative Officer reporting directly to the Chairman of the Executive Board of Abu Dhabi University, one of most recognized University and education provider in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

For existing students or to those who are still choosing which school they think would be dependable for their future, I highly recommend to choose VYP-MSC Computer Center, You will definitely be in Good Hands.

Annabelle Briones
VYP-MSC Computer Training Center, 1999


25 Years Ago – How MSC Started

By Ike Prudente

On Dec 4, 1989, we started the MSC Computer training center.

Over the years, we branched into all sorts of ventures, from computer hardware to  computer supplies to internet services to business applications and unrelated courses. We gave thousands of scholarships to financially challenged but deserving students. As we look back, we realized our greatest contribution to society are the fine citizens in the community who we helped educate and train these 25 years.

We are now in our new garden site in San Gabriel, refocusing our efforts in our core strengths in education. We now proudly re-introduce ourselves: we are MSC Institute of Technology – THE Math, Science and Computing School.

Start of MSC
MSC is best known as an educational institution. However, MSC started out as a computer software company, not a school.

In June 1989, Jorge Tanalega and I, together with our Cobol Instructor/ STI Center administrator Danny Lopez thought of forming a software development company because we were informed that a local utility wanted to computerize its billing system. With some friends, we brainstormed for a name which can be easily remembered. We thought that SMC (San Miguel Corporation) was very popular so we thought that jumbling the initials would be a good idea.

We thought of MSC and the name Management Systems Consultants. But when we tried to register it with the Department of Trade and Industry as a single proprietorship business entity, it was rejected because all the words in the proposed company name are common, generic words. So we added my initials VYP (for Virgilio Y. Prudente). Thus, VYP-Management Systems Consultants was registered.

When I was given the specifications for the billing systems requirement, I thought that I could easily finish it in a few days so I submitted a quotation of P8,000. They did not bother to contact us back. I found out later that a large company quoted P80,000 for the system.

A couple of unforeseen events led us to seriously consider the direction of a new company. In a planning session, Danny Lopez asked us “who do you think are the best programmers in San Pablo?” Of course, I pointed to Jorge Tanalega, Danny and Myself. And so Danny suggested that we establish a computer school. With two other friends from the Kiwanis Club of Lake City, Louie Perlas and Tony Celestino who believed in us, we decided to put up the MSC Computer Training Center.

Several days later, on Dec 4, 1989, on the mezzanine (above what is now LBC) of the Magcase Building on Barleta St., with a classroom with 9 chairs and a laboratory of 5 computers bought with borrowed money, or donated by family and friends, we conducted our first class with our first four students: Arnel Eneria, Christopher Catapia, Jonathan Romo and Noel Baldores – the WE WEH boys!

Our first course , Fundamentals of Computer Operations (FCO) was of course, handled by the teacher among us, Danny Lopez. But since Danny’s expertise is in teaching programming logic and COBOL, he needed help in preparing for his lessons in using the basic software – DOS, Wordstar, Lotus, dBase III.

Our software department headed by Gigi Tanalega doubled as the research department. Research then was very different from research now. Without Internet or books on the popular software, the team of Gigi spent hours, discovering tricks and short cuts using our AT 286, double diskette drive computers (without hard disk) which Danny could teach to our FCO students. This training proved beneficial to Gigi’s boys. Jonald Aguila is now a software developer based in Maryland USA and Edgar Cauyan is now president of CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc.

Anticipating the need for more instructors, we recruited Aniles Aquino (now Mrs. Duma, a professor at the Laguna State Polytechnic University and currently pursuing her doctorate in Education) and Gemma Pangilinan (now Mrs. Dimaano, the registrar of MSC).

In January 1990, a team from the Department of Education Culture and Sports came and told us that we were operating without a permit. Apparently, some not so friendly elements reported us to the DECS. After showing them our facilities which is certainly not below the minimum requirements for a school, I told them that we are awaiting our transfer to our new site before we submit our application for a school. I invited them to view a vacant space in the second floor of a nearby building, which I told them would be the future site of our new school. We also invited them to the “blessing” of our new site on April 1, 1990.