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MSC Origins part X: MSC HS Opens at MSC Annex

In 1995, MSC was occupying the 4th floor floor of the La Suerte building along Rizal Avenue, MSC main and the former Agrix Supermarket along A. Fule St. fondly called MSC annex.

Before the end of school year 1995-1996,  a local event caused the displacement of numerous students, and they  frantically looked for high schools to enroll in.

The city mayor quickly responded with the establishment of public high schools, known then as the city high annexes to accommodate the students who suddenly had no school to go to.  However, the government  could not provide for ALL transfer students.  Parents were looking for private schools to relocate their children.  MSC stepped up by quickly accomplishing all requirements and applying for a high school permit.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly and the permit was granted in time for the opening of school year 1996-97.  MSC annex became MSC High School, with 63 students enrolled from first to third year on its first year of operation.

Classes for the high school were only until 3 or 4 pm, so the classrooms were used by techical-vocational students until 8pm.

How to Apply for the MSC Barangay Scholarship

The MSC Barangay Scholarship Program may be availed by students enrolling at MSC Institute of Technology. It consists of tuition fee financial assistance amounting to P 5000 every year or P 2500 per semester.

How to Apply:

  1. Visit your Barangay Center
  2. Fill-up the MSC Barangay Scholarship form
  3. Have it signed by your Barangay Chairman
  4. Bring it with you to the MSC Office when you enroll plus the following credentials
    • HS Report Card
    • Form 137 or Transcript of RecordsCertificate of Good Moral Character
    • Birth Certificate
    • NCAE Results

Summer Courses 2011 at MSC

Summer Courses 2011 at MSC

Full Courses

  • Vedic Math
    Supplemental Mathematics course using the MATH-Inic modules based on right-brain and Vedic Math methods
  • Robotics
    Introduce your child to artificial intelligence concepts though a workshop on constructing and programming robot basic movements
  • Web Design
  • Memory Techniques
    Course to train students to retain and recall school lessons
  • PC Operation Seminar/Workshop
  • College Admission Test Review
  • High School Admission Test Review

Introductory Courses

  • Most Useful Math Shortcuts(MUMSC)
    Introductory Course on Vedic Math
  • Introductory Course on Robotics
  • Web Design Basics
  • Introduction to Memory Techniques
    Course to train students to retain and recall school lessons

Call (049) 562-4598/ (0922)854-3241 or visit VYP MSC Institute of Technology

A Fule St. San Pablo City