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Give Your Child The MSC Advantage – Math, Science and Computing

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Give your child the MSC Advantage in Math, Science, and Computing!
Enrollment for Saturday Classes is ongoing! Limited slots only!
Open to students from other schools

  • MATH-Inic.  Math made fun, fast and easy!  (4-17 years old)
    The MATH-Inic is training the next generation of math wizards
  • Introduction to Visual Graphics (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Web Design (9-12 years old)
  • Introduction to Robotics and Programming (10-12 years old)
Lego Mindstorm

Robotics Programming is a lot of Fun!

  • Introduction to Programming (12-16 years old)

SEPTEMBER 27 to DECEMBER 6, 2014 (10 Saturdays, 2 hours/sessions)

Please fill up the form below for any inquiries

Visit us at MSC Institute of Technology, Inc., Sitio IX, Brgy. San Gabriel, San Pablo City

Or contact us via

  • 049 562 6006

Call/Text cellnumber:

  • 0922 854 3244 (Sun)
  • 0939 939 9702 (Smart)
  • 0917 853 5069.(Globe)

Summer Courses 2011 at MSC

Summer Courses 2011 at MSC

Full Courses

  • Vedic Math
    Supplemental Mathematics course using the MATH-Inic modules based on right-brain and Vedic Math methods
  • Robotics
    Introduce your child to artificial intelligence concepts though a workshop on constructing and programming robot basic movements
  • Web Design
  • Memory Techniques
    Course to train students to retain and recall school lessons
  • PC Operation Seminar/Workshop
  • College Admission Test Review
  • High School Admission Test Review

Introductory Courses

  • Most Useful Math Shortcuts(MUMSC)
    Introductory Course on Vedic Math
  • Introductory Course on Robotics
  • Web Design Basics
  • Introduction to Memory Techniques
    Course to train students to retain and recall school lessons

Call (049) 562-4598/ (0922)854-3241 or visit VYP MSC Institute of Technology

A Fule St. San Pablo City