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The Search for the Outstanding MSC Alumni is On!

The Search for MSC Outstanding Alumni Is On!

MSC announces the Search for MSC Outstanding Alumni!

In celebration of the MSC 25th Foundation Day and 25 years of commitment to technological education, emphasizing Math, Science and Computing, VYP MSC Institute of Technology wishes to honor outstanding former students who have succeeded in their fields of endeavor.

MSC recognizes the achievements of its graduates as its contribution to their families and communities and to society as a whole; its legacy of excellence in educating the youth.

Nomination for MSC Outstanding Alumni is open to graduates of the High School Department and two/three year courses in Computer/ Internet Technology, Programming , Office Management/ Bookkeeping, Computer Drafting, Computer Technician/ Computer Hardware Servicing, Entrepreneurship, and short courses in Fundamentals of Computer Operations, Caregiving, and Finishing Course for Call Center Agents.

Deadline for nomination is on October 31.

Any MSC former student, Class, faculty, or staff may nominate one or more alumni subject to the requirements for nomination. Nomination form may be requested through msc@msc.edu.ph or at the MSC Office, San Gabriel, San Pablo City.

Technical-Vocational Course – Stepping Stone to Success

Bago pa man dumating ang graduation ng High School, nag-set na ako ng plano sa aking buhay.

I was aware that sending me to College would be expensive for my parents. This was my basis to come up with a decision in taking a 2-year course first, then find a job and continue my education for a 4-year degree course.

I prayed to God and submitted my dreams to guide me and show me the right way to walk through. I was surprised when I received a letter from MSC regarding my 100% scholarship for a short course in Computer Operation. I was surprised … then I grabbed that opportunity.

On 1997, I finished my 2-year Computer Technology Course, which was full of training and hands-on experiences.

Ang hirap mag-apply ng trabaho! Buti na lang nandyan ang MSC para pansamantalang kanlungan at lalo ka pang bibigyan ng mga actual training. MSC gave me priceless skills and abilities which I treasure up to now. Ito ang nagamit ko sa aking kasalukuyan trabaho upang mapa-bilib ang mga boss ko, Akala kasi nila magaling ako, ang di nila alam MSC ang nagturo sa akin noon.

I was recommended by the President of MSC, Sir Ike to CARD Bank, Inc. I was interviewed by the President of CARD Bank and hired as (probationary) IT Assistant. After 5 months I received my regular appointment and later promoted to IT Officer.

After five years of working with CARD Bank, I decided to resume my studies and took up Accountancy. I was promoted to IT Manager, and later graduated from College.

What drives me to improve my career? Maybe I was influenced by my late father who was a teacher. My father was a working student. Magtatapas (coconut farmer) siya sa umaga at napasok sa gabi. Naging 2nd honor siya noong high school at 1st honor noong college. Hindi naging sagabal kay itay ang pagiging mahirap para makapagtapos.

I may have not received any honors during my study like my father. He may not see me now and witness what I have accomplished. But I hope he is happy for me and proud of me, “My son is now a Certified Public Accountant!”.

IT Manager – CARD Bank, Inc.
Graduated: Computer Technology, MSC Institute of Technology, 1997


How MSC Helped Me Find The Right Career

My life at VYP-MSC  Institute of Technology is something that I will always be proud of, and look back to. Its good people and the friendly learning experience helped me find out more about my abilities and interests. Thanks to the decision I made to take Office Management Course at MSC. My certificate has certainly served as my passport to my career.

In my entire career, I never saw myself working in stressful business environments till I made my very hard decision of leaving the country eight years ago, armed with the dream of finding greener pasture. My new start abroad wasn’t very disappointing as I found a job after a month in a huge oil and gas organization. Carrying my valid MSC certificate, good computer skills, knowledge and good training plus my faith in God, I was given the chance to work as a Project Secretary in the offshore project team. That was the first entry-level job I had which was not easy for me in the beginning – working with a multi-cultural team.

Like any other Filipino worker, I experienced discrimination, being the only Filipino and female member in the project team. However, with each passing day, I felt it funny that people started coming to me for help. It was undeniably my computer skills and not-so-bad English skills that have helped me to survive and gain respect from my co-workers.

The secretarial course is in high demand in every business settings. It is a course which must be encouraged. I found job stability with this career and indeed opened for me other career options. My good accounting training at MSC led me to my present job, responsible for administrative and accounting functions.

I can say every school will give a piece of paper that would help one to acquire knowledge and skills, but very few can actually give you both, to be successful in your chosen field. This I can say: “I have found both at MSC”.

My MSC experience was indeed incredible and helped me find the right career.

Leticia Changco-Baybay
Branch Office Administrator
Silec Cable (a General Cable company)
Abu Dhabi, UAE

25 Years Ago – How MSC Started

By Ike Prudente

On Dec 4, 1989, we started the MSC Computer training center.

Over the years, we branched into all sorts of ventures, from computer hardware to  computer supplies to internet services to business applications and unrelated courses. We gave thousands of scholarships to financially challenged but deserving students. As we look back, we realized our greatest contribution to society are the fine citizens in the community who we helped educate and train these 25 years.

We are now in our new garden site in San Gabriel, refocusing our efforts in our core strengths in education. We now proudly re-introduce ourselves: we are MSC Institute of Technology – THE Math, Science and Computing School.

Start of MSC
MSC is best known as an educational institution. However, MSC started out as a computer software company, not a school.

In June 1989, Jorge Tanalega and I, together with our Cobol Instructor/ STI Center administrator Danny Lopez thought of forming a software development company because we were informed that a local utility wanted to computerize its billing system. With some friends, we brainstormed for a name which can be easily remembered. We thought that SMC (San Miguel Corporation) was very popular so we thought that jumbling the initials would be a good idea.

We thought of MSC and the name Management Systems Consultants. But when we tried to register it with the Department of Trade and Industry as a single proprietorship business entity, it was rejected because all the words in the proposed company name are common, generic words. So we added my initials VYP (for Virgilio Y. Prudente). Thus, VYP-Management Systems Consultants was registered.

When I was given the specifications for the billing systems requirement, I thought that I could easily finish it in a few days so I submitted a quotation of P8,000. They did not bother to contact us back. I found out later that a large company quoted P80,000 for the system.

A couple of unforeseen events led us to seriously consider the direction of a new company. In a planning session, Danny Lopez asked us “who do you think are the best programmers in San Pablo?” Of course, I pointed to Jorge Tanalega, Danny and Myself. And so Danny suggested that we establish a computer school. With two other friends from the Kiwanis Club of Lake City, Louie Perlas and Tony Celestino who believed in us, we decided to put up the MSC Computer Training Center.

Several days later, on Dec 4, 1989, on the mezzanine (above what is now LBC) of the Magcase Building on Barleta St., with a classroom with 9 chairs and a laboratory of 5 computers bought with borrowed money, or donated by family and friends, we conducted our first class with our first four students: Arnel Eneria, Christopher Catapia, Jonathan Romo and Noel Baldores – the WE WEH boys!

Our first course , Fundamentals of Computer Operations (FCO) was of course, handled by the teacher among us, Danny Lopez. But since Danny’s expertise is in teaching programming logic and COBOL, he needed help in preparing for his lessons in using the basic software – DOS, Wordstar, Lotus, dBase III.

Our software department headed by Gigi Tanalega doubled as the research department. Research then was very different from research now. Without Internet or books on the popular software, the team of Gigi spent hours, discovering tricks and short cuts using our AT 286, double diskette drive computers (without hard disk) which Danny could teach to our FCO students. This training proved beneficial to Gigi’s boys. Jonald Aguila is now a software developer based in Maryland USA and Edgar Cauyan is now president of CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc.

Anticipating the need for more instructors, we recruited Aniles Aquino (now Mrs. Duma, a professor at the Laguna State Polytechnic University and currently pursuing her doctorate in Education) and Gemma Pangilinan (now Mrs. Dimaano, the registrar of MSC).

In January 1990, a team from the Department of Education Culture and Sports came and told us that we were operating without a permit. Apparently, some not so friendly elements reported us to the DECS. After showing them our facilities which is certainly not below the minimum requirements for a school, I told them that we are awaiting our transfer to our new site before we submit our application for a school. I invited them to view a vacant space in the second floor of a nearby building, which I told them would be the future site of our new school. We also invited them to the “blessing” of our new site on April 1, 1990.

MSC Barangay Scholarship Program

MSC Institute of Technology is giving tuition fee discounts to deserving students from families who need financial assistance referred for enrollment by the Office of the Mayor from any barangay of San Pablo City.

For incoming high school or technical-vocational students (including transferees):

  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for high school enrollees from
    1st year to 4th year
  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for technical-vocational enrollees for
    two years

Scholarship privilege of P5,000 per school year is granted from 1st year to 4th year high school or 1st year to second year of two-year technical-vocational course provided the following criteria are met:

  • scholars shall have no failing grade
  • scholars do not have disciplinary actions taken
    against them.

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Referral from the Barangay Chairman approved by the
    Mayor or his/ her representative
  • Report Cards
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from Principal/
    Guidance Counselor
  • Birth Certificate


93% of MSC Technical-Vocational Graduates Get National Certification

Congratulations MSC Technical-Vocational Batch 2011!

Of our 58 graduating tech-voc students, 54 (or 93%) have already obtained their National Certification (NC) from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for having met the competency requirements of their industry and thus attesting to their “productivity, quality and global competitiveness.”

  • 17 out of 19 (89.5%) passed the Bookkeeping National Certificate Level III;
  • 17 out of 17 (100%) passed the Computer Hardware Servicing National Certificate Level II;
  • 20 out of 22 (91%) earned the Certificate of Competency (COC) in Procedural Programming;
  • 10 of the 20 who also earned the Certificate of Competency for Object-Oriented Programming thus obtaining the Computer Programming National Certificate Level IV.

This is the first time in Laguna that a big group of students from a single school gave a good passing percentage in Programming NC IV. The passing percentages of other Laguna schools this year range from 0 to 2.5%.

One graduating CHS student, Carlo Capule got his NC II last year while two first year CHS students, Adrian Capule and Mark Simon Silva passed this year making it 18 out of 18 for MSC.

Two bookkeeping graduates last year, Grace Mercado and Angel Gesmundo passed this year’s assesment together Daniel Capule who will be graduating next year for a total of 20 passers for MSC this year. 

Programming NC IV passers

(COC 1 – Object-oriented Programming and COC 2 – Procedural Programming)

  1. Jainar, Rommel
  2. Cabiles, Leo Angelo
  3. Suazo, Joshua
  4. Gatasi, John Wayne
  5. Garcia, Lara Mae
  6. Collantes, Aubrey
  7. Villafria, Joseph
  8. Diocton, Nueda
  9. Punzalan, Aaron James
  10. De Casa, Ciena Joy

Certificate of Competency in Procedural Programming

  1. Atienza, Ana Liza
  2. Cordero, Arvin
  3. De Guzman, John Mark
  4. Clenista, Michael
  5. Mitra, Jeffrey
  6. Bonilla, Lorena
  7. Ciar, Angelica
  8. Banayo, Jordan
  9. Arocena, Erwin
  10. Treyes, Mark Lawrence

Bookkeeping NC III

  1. Alcantara, Merari
  2. Anyayahan, Kristel
  3. Banega, Marjorie Joy
  4. Bundalian, Ave Rose
  5. Castillo, Francis John
  6. Chan, Peter Warren
  7. Cortez, Michelle
  8. De la Cruz, Aira Czarina Laine
  9. Hernandez, Shiela
  10. Javier, Rose Marie
  11. Mota, Jocelyn
  12. Motol, Maricel
  13. Pabelonia, Ma. Belen
  14. Paguio, Mary Anne
  15. Reyes, Joy Mae
  16. Santos, Danyel Maxin
  17. Suarez, Rean
  18. Capule, Daniel (graduating next year)
  19. Mercado, Grace (2010 Graduate)
  20. Gesmundo, Angel (2010 Graduate)

Computer Hardware Servicing NC II

  1. Avila, Mervin I.
  2. Dalisay, Tristan Jay
  3. Deliso, Alvin T.
  4. Deocareza, Bryan P.
  5. Desate, Emerson B.
  6. Esteves, Billy John G.
  7. Garcia, Charmaine Louise T.
  8. Gatasi, John Gilbert F.
  9. Moraleja, Jerico O.
  10. Muere, John Albert C.
  11. Punzalan, Keron D.
  12. Soriano, Jeffrey F.
  13. Tamayo, Christian B.
  14. Vicuña, Peter Ryan R.
  15. Villeza, Laudeleo M.
  16. Lubrin, Lester S.
  17. Capule, Carlo (passed last year)
  18. Pabelonia, Adrian (graduating next year)
  19. Silva, Mark Simon. (graduating next year)

MSC Graduates – Sertipikadong Pinoy – Angat sa Mundo!

Sertipikadong Pinoy - Angat sa Mundo!

Ano ang MSC Advantage?

Ang “MSC Advantage” ay ang kaibahan o kalamangan ng mga mag-aaral at ng mga nagsipagtapos sa MSC kaysa sa mga nagsipagtapos sa ibang paaralan.

Una sa mga ito ay ang ekstensibong pagsasanay sa “computers.” Mas mahaba ang oras na ginugugol sa paggamit at pag-aaral ng kompyuter kaya nagiging mahuhusay ang mga mag-aaral dito.

Katuwang ng ekstensibong pagsasanay ay ang mga gurong nagtuturo sa MSC.  Ang mga guro dito ay tunay na mga propesyonal sa asignaturang itunuturo nila kaya ang natututunan ng mga mag-aaral ay mga ginagamit at ginagawa sa aktwal na buhay. 

Ang guro sa “computer repair” ay tunay na nagkukumpuni ng kompyuter;  ang guro sa “programming” ay tunay na gumagawa ng “programs” ; at ang guro sa “bookkeeping”  ay tunay na “bookkeeper.”    

At ang mga guro sa MSC ay may mga kredensyal sa pagtuturo na naayon sa kwalipikasyon ng Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Pagdating naman sa pag-hahanap ng trabaho ay lamang pa rin ang galling sa MSC.    

Marami sa mga institusyon sa Lungsod ng San Pablo ang nakasanayan na ang pagkuha ng empleyado na nagtapos sa MSC.

Hindi lamang dahil sa kilala na ang MSC sa larangan ng kompyuter, kundi dahil din sa subok na nang mga kompanya dito ang galing ng mga nagsipagtapos sa MSC. 

Lamang pa rin ang MSC sa “National Certification” o NC, isang pagsusulit na ibinigay ng TESDA sa mga magsisipagtapos sa mga kursong teknikal.      

Sa taong ito, 86.4% ang nakapasa mula sa MSC.  Ito ay malaking kalamangan kumpara sa ibang “computer schools”  na halos walang pumasang mag-aaral.  

Mahalaga ang pagsusulit na ito dahil ito ang katumbas ng “board exam” sa ibang mga kurso.

Sa larangan naman ng “scholarship” ay may bagong paraan upang makapag-aral sa MSC nang kaunti lamang ang magagastos.Ito ay bukod pa sa ibang “scholarships” na iniaalok ng MSC sa kanila. 

Sa pamamagitan ng Barangay Scholarship Program ay ihahanap ng “sponsor” ang mga mag-aaral at ang halagang ibibigay ng “sponsor”  ay tutumbasan ng MSC.

What Employers Say

Ms. Albina Gutierrez, owner of Scuola de Bambini de Sta. Teresita, said she has ten (10) employees from MSC who are all hardworking and have good work ethics. With minimal training and guidance they quickly learned and excelled in their jobs. She said she will definitely hire more employees from MSC!

Listen to what other employers say:

Angel (an MSC graduate) is truly heaven sent! Aside from her admirable working habits, her computer expertise, especially in MS Office applications have helped make operations more efficient and effective. She is such a blessing to our branch!

Elaine Monasterial
Branch Operator

Human Nature, Laguna

I am looking forward to hiring more MSC graduates.

Allan de la Cruz
Superior Lending

former AVP, Bank of the Philippine Islands

We hired more than five MSC graduates and in terms of programming skills, they are far better than graduates from other schools.

Edgar V. Cauyan

IT Department, CARD MRIT

What Our Graduates Say

MSC strives to bring out the best in every student, making them life-long learners and achievers.  Our graduates agree!

MSC provided me the knowledge to keep me moving forward in my career. I learned techniques on how to face challenging situations. MSC prepared me for this. No matter how much you know today, you’ll have to know more tomorrow.

CARD MRI Information Technology Inc
(Computer Technology Course, 1994)

I chose MSC Computer Learning Centre for its uniquely relevant approach to business education, highly qualified faculty members, and conducive to learning classroom environment, and of course, the advanced teaching methods particularly in terms of computer learning…

I worked with PAGCOR and EPSON Precision Philippines. Then I tried my luck abroad as hotel receptionist. Due to my determination plus my MSC credentials, I was promoted almost every year… Currently, I am working as Administrative Officer reporting directly to the Chairman of the Executive Board of Abu Dhabi University, one of the most prestigious university and education provider in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
For those who are yet choosing which school to enroll in, I highly recommend MSC Institute of Technology Inc., your future will be definitely be in good hands.

Administrative Officer
Abu Dhabi University,
(Office Management Course 1999)

What I learned from MSC was my shining armor when I applied for a job in Makati. My Internet Technology course introduced me not only to the latest technology but also to a problem-based and team-centered study approach. I have also experienced how to handle problems in the field of Desktop Publishing and Web Designing that gave me confidence in my current work.

Jr Multimedia Engineer

Rendition Digital Inc., Makati
(MSC High School 2004/ Internet Technology 2006)