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MSC Barangay Scholarship Program

MSC Institute of Technology is giving tuition fee discounts to deserving students from families who need financial assistance referred for enrollment by the Office of the Mayor from any barangay of San Pablo City.

For incoming high school or technical-vocational students (including transferees):

  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for high school enrollees from
    1st year to 4th year
  • P5,000/year discount on tuition fees for technical-vocational enrollees for
    two years

Scholarship privilege of P5,000 per school year is granted from 1st year to 4th year high school or 1st year to second year of two-year technical-vocational course provided the following criteria are met:

  • scholars shall have no failing grade
  • scholars do not have disciplinary actions taken
    against them.

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Referral from the Barangay Chairman approved by the
    Mayor or his/ her representative
  • Report Cards
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from Principal/
    Guidance Counselor
  • Birth Certificate


34% of MSC High School Graduates Get College Scholarships!

Congratulations, MSC High School Batch 2011!

Of the 52 graduating high school students:

  • 4 passed the University of the Philippines (UP) College Admission Test (UPCAT)
  • 4 others are wait-listed at UP
  • 2 were granted full scholarship with allowance at First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH)
  • 2 were granted full scholarship without allowance at FAITH
  • 14 earned partial scholarship at FAITH

This solid performance by batch 2011, with 16% passing rate in the UPCAT and 34% getting scholarship at FAITH, is strong proof that MSC Institute of Technology is the best science and technology school in San Pablo City, and perhaps one of the best in Laguna!