Choose MSC – You Will Definitely Be in Good Hands

It’s been many years since I bid goodbye to VYP-MSC Computer Learning Center.I am an alumni from batch 1999 and was the Vice President of College Department. That year was never been easy, though from reliable faculties and staffs; I was able to perform my duty as the VP of the college department. I would like to say that it was a great honor to be asked to write this testimonial.

My stay in MSC Computer Learning Centre was a very enriching experience. I came to this school to be simply acquainted with computer knowledge, and hoping it help me get immediate employment right after graduation. In reality; I got much more than an academic degree. I learned about “real-world” assignments. This was really the most solid lesson I learned from this school that helped me reach my dreams. It is difficult to sum up in few words because this school has proven many things. The atmosphere in the school is like we were a huge group of friends! The teachers were tactful, lovely, easy-going, friendly and perceptive and have experience and necessary qualifications for teaching. The staff was composed of really dynamic qualified and pleasant faculty so as to make you feel good and relaxed. The passion of the faculty to impart valuable lessons and skills to the students was really inspiring.

I chose MSC Computer Learning Centre for its uniquely relevant approach to business education, high-quality faculty, and intimate classroom environment and advanced teaching method particularly in terms of computer learning. I learned much more than I expected, both from outstanding professors with academic and business background and from my colleagues.

I worked in Philippines with few recognized companies such as PAGCOR and EPSON Precision Philippines. My position in these companies proved that my computer and business education obtained from MSC is really unfailing. In 2001, I tried my luck abroad and started my journey as a simple hotel receptionist. Due to my determination plus of course my MSC credentials, I received promotions almost every year.

In 2003, I began to impart my computer knowledge by teaching. Yes! I became a computer instructor in Abu Dhabi for almost 2 years. Believe it or not, I was giving computer lessons to students whose age were almost triple than mine. After that, I was hired in a large oil and gas company in Abu Dhabi as Secretary and I stayed there for a year. Since, this company preferred to develop UAE nationals; I searched for another job and fortunately had the post of an Executive Secretary in one of the very executive hotel properties here in Abu Dhabi. Currently, I am working as Administrative Officer reporting directly to the Chairman of the Executive Board of Abu Dhabi University, one of most recognized University and education provider in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

For existing students or to those who are still choosing which school they think would be dependable for their future, I highly recommend to choose VYP-MSC Computer Center, You will definitely be in Good Hands.

Annabelle Briones
VYP-MSC Computer Training Center, 1999