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Alumni update: EDGAR V. CAUYAN – 3-year CTC class 1995

Edgar V. Cauyan was one of the pioneer staff of the software development division of MSC.  To further enrich his knowledge he enrolled in short-term courses while he was an employee at MSC.  In 1992, he registered in the two-year computer technology course, finished it in 1994, then continued the third year which he finished in 1995.

As an MSC student, he was president of the Computer Operators and Programmers Society.  On his graduation, he was awarded Best in Computer Programming and given the loyalty medal.


Competent, highly-motivated and purpose-driven, Edgar “Egay” Velasco Cauyan gained knowledge and experience through several years of continuous academic study and work. His perseverance and enthusiasm molded his potentials into proficiency and expertise in the field of information technology. He graduated from the Computer Technology Course of VYP-MSC Computer Training Center in 1995 and underwent several trainings and programs. In July 2010, he acquired his Master of Science in International Community Economic Development degree in Southern New Hampshire University, USA.

Having taken several programs and seminars including Program Logic Formulation, Visual Basic V6.0 at Informatics in March 2002, Computer Literacy Program (CLP) and Cobol Programming Proficiency (CPP) at Systems Technology Institute in 1989, he began his career and confidently entered the computer programming industry as he was hired as a senior programmer in MSC Software Division from December 1989 to October 1993. From November 1993 to September 1998, he was appointed as Operations Manager in MSC Data Exchange Co. and became the Technical Consultant of the same company from October 1998 to March 1999. While he performed excellently in his work, his aspirations to share his knowledge led him to also grab the opportunity of being a computer instructor in MSC Computer Training Center from June 1994 to March 1999. During those years, he also managed to provide services as a computer programmer in well-known companies like Candelaria Super Shell Station from May to December 1990 and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) San Pablo Branch from February 1995 to February 1996.

In April 1999, he joined the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) as MIS Manager.  After a year, he was given a greater role as Information Technology Director in July 2000. After three remarkable years in service, he was entrusted with the same position in CARD Bank, Inc.

He was promoted as the AVP for Information Technology of CARD Bank, Inc. after seven years. In July 2009, he was appointed Vice President for Information Technology of CARD Bank, Inc., responsible for the overall design, development, maintenance and improvement of the data processing systems of the bank.

His pioneering work helped establish CARD MRI Information Technology (CMIT), Inc. overseeing the entire IT operations of the CARD MRI group.  Today, Edgar Cauyan serves as the CMIT President.

Edgar never stopped acquiring knowledge and continually took various in-house and international training, workshops and programs from various institutions.  He took Virus Prevention and Protection at MSC Computer Training Center in August 1994,  PC Troubleshooting and Repair at MSC Service Center in October 1994, Smart Cellphone Sales Training at Smart Telecenter, San Pablo Branch in December 1996, Compaq Sales and Maintenance Training, Microsoft OEM System Builder Program, PC Technical Training, Relational Analysis and Design sponsored by Professional Systems Synergy, Inc., MS SQL Server 7.0 and MS SQL Server 2000 organized by Ng Khai Development Corporation, Grameen Management Workshop on Reporting organized by Grameen Trust, Exposure Training on Data Security organized by Germans Savings Foundation, Sparkasse Essen, Learning Faciltation Course organized by CARD MRI Development Institute and Freedom from Hunger, and CARD-Grameen Foundation Microfinance Workshop sponsored by CARD MRI Development Institute and Grameen Foundation USA in 2006.


MSC History Part IV – Start of 2 year courses at A. Flores St.

In 1991, MSC got the necessary permit to offer two-year courses in Office Management (OMC) and Computer Technology (CTC).  In June of that year, classes for the two courses started with fifty (50) OMC and twenty-six (26) CTC students.

MSC at that time was occupying the second floor of the Jesusa building (on the first floor was Monte de Piedad Savings Bank) along A. Flores St.  Its two classrooms had a capacity of  50 students only.  MSC had to set morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate the new two-year course students totaling more than 70.  Schedule for the short term course students were also set strategically so that there will be a classroom for each class.   Saturday and evening classes were conducted.

The short-term courses FCO (Fundamentals of Computer Operation) and FCP (Fundamentals of Computer Programming) became important subjects for the two-year courses.  Students studied DOS, Wordstar, Lotus and Dbase – software which a teen today may never have heard of, much more know how to use.  Computer screens were black and white and if you are not so lucky, “green”.

A requirement for these subjects was a set of diskettes – those thin, square plastic sheets containing a circular disk inside.  The 3.5-inch diskettes were rare then, the 5.25-inch floppies were the “in” thing.    Computers in the lab had no hard disk drives (only the office PC had disk drives) and the diskettes contain the software and the data.  PC users today will laugh at the thought that those floppy disks can contain a maximum of only 340kb!

Windows was unheard of and the Internet had not yet arrived in this part of the globe, but yes there were computer games, among them – Pacman, Block out, Space Invaders, Sokoban, etc.