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MSC High School Celebrates English Month

Last September 25, 2014 VYP-MSC Institute of Technology celebrated its 2014 English month with the theme “Sharpening English Language through Global Competitiveness” wherein the students showed their talents and gifts through participating in different contests.  The main objective of this program is to develop and enhance each student’s talent by building up their confidence to face the crowd.

Here is the list of students who excelled in their field of endeavor.


1st place – Janine Kyle Javier
2nd place –  Lovynel Cortez
3rd place – Linzi Penales
4th place – Angelica Rombaoa

Students exerted great effort to show the proper emotion through delivering their piece.


1st place – Januel Gregor Bondad
2nd place – Elyza Mendoza
3rd place – Alliah Joizel Patulot
4th place – Leslie Umali

Participants gave their very best to deliver their piece and make the students realize that they should be the catalysts for peace.

Poetry Recitation

, there were two participants from each class but the judges decidedto award the winners individually.

1st place (for being the best shepherd) – Neil Norman Tumawis
2nd place – Zeus Diacos
3rd place – Franco Melendrez
4th place – Datu Kahilyawan Liñan.

1st place (for being the best nymph) – Angeni Ferrer
2nd place – Hazel Villanueva
3rd place – Elena Hernandez
4th place – Abigail Diamante

Radio Broadcasting is one of the contests also, wherein there are winners by group and individually. 4th year students got the

1st place (by showing their unity and cooperation) – 4th Year students
2nd place – Grade VII
3rd place – Grade IX
4th place – Grade VIII

Students who participants in this contest worked really hard.  And for the individual awardees, judges chose the

Best Broadcasters

1st place – Alliah Joizel Patulot
2nd place – Christine Grace Villota
3rd place – Allyzon Reyes
4th place – Liane Sarmiento

And these are the winners for the morning program,.

The morning program was just an appetizer for the main course which was held in the afternoon, vocal solo, vocal duet, choral recitation and the most awaited event of all, the Ambassador/Ambassadress of Language.

Choral Recitation

4th year students got on top in the choral recitation followed by Grade VII and lastly Grade VIII.

Vocal Solo

1st place – Rica Comia
2nd place – Decerie Tulipan
3rd place – Mikkel Reyes
4th place – Ryan Matuto

Vocal Duet

1st place – Venus Hernandez and Rachel Gutierrez
2nd place – Lady Millares and Alliah Joizel Patulot
3rd place – Linzi Penales and Shekirah Diangkinay
4th place – Mikee Celestino and Hannah Flores

And for the most awaited event, the Ambassador and Ambassadress of language 2014.  Special Awards were given to excellent students who gave and exerted their efforts to show that they are the best.  For the

Best in Talent – Jefferson Sarzadilla and Mywill Gonzales
Best in Corporate Attire – Jefferson Sarzadilla and Janine Marie De Castro
Best in Uniform – Sean Allan Martin Reyes and Xhania Miles Escondo
People’s Choice Award – Xhania Miles Escondo and Sean Allan Martin Reyes
Ambassador and Ambassadress 3rd runner up – Albert Atienza and Mywill Gonzales
Ambassador and Ambassadress 2nd runner up – Aaron Yabut and Verlyn Diangkinay
Ambassador and Ambassadress 1st runner up – Jefferson Sarzadilla and Janine Marie de Castro
Ambassador and Ambassadress of Language – Sean Allan Martin Reyes and Xhania Miles Escondo

Students got so tired and exhausted especially the members of the Journalism Club who organized the program.  But still, the program went good and the students, teachers and parents were happy.  And its all worth it.

An exhausting day has ended and yet we have another day full of memories to add up to treasure box of special moments.  The chapters will not end with this day but instead this will mark the beginning.