MSC Origins Part III : Start of Classes at A. Flores St.

Our transfer to A. Flores St. was very timely because of our rapidly growing enrollment. In our first month alone, 43 students enrolled. Another 80 enlisted in the first 5 months of 1990. Most of them took up the FCO course. A few FCO finishers continued their computer education by taking up the Advanced Computer Operations (ACO) course.

Our students are varied. We had professionals like Atty. Hizon Arago and Fr. Raul Magmanlac. During the summer break of 1990, even elementary and high school students took up our courses. Many of them were siblings: Emmanuel, Angelica and Veronica Prudente; Celeste Remedios, Antonio Jr. and Antonio III Celestino, Jeanne Patricia, Eugene Jonathan, Ann Cristina and Carolyn Alonzo; Katherine and Josefina Javaluyas; Derrick Josue and Anna Larissa Goze; and Bernard and Juris Tiu.

We also started offering computer classes in other schools. We provided the computers and the instructors for the first computer classes held in Saint Joseph School, CC Technical Institute and San Antonio de Padua in Pila,  Laguna.

From June to the end of 1990, we had 232 more enrollees, many of them professionals, teachers and government employees. Notable among them are lawyers Lourdes Casco, now MTC Judge in Tayabas City and former San Pablo City Councilor Regina De La Cruz(+), businessmen Rudy Verzonilla and Fred Lim, government employees Ruben Taningco, NeliaAverion, Josefina Andal, Steve Manalo, Orlando Decano, and CARD leaders Annie Alip and Lorenz de Torres. Also among them are Arnel Ticzon, now second term San Pablo City Councilor and Domingo Raymundo, now a two term National Vice President of APEX.

Our software department, had as of the middle of 1990, developed the inventory software for JRS Motors and the personnel file system for Franklin Baker Company.

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