MSC Firsts: First to do School to School Orientation for Incoming Freshmen

When MSC started offering two-year courses, it also started a new trend in the way schools were promoted and advertised.

MSC went to private and public high schools and talked to all graduating students to introduce MSC and its courses.  This included all former annexes of the San Pablo City National High School dispersed in different barangays.  The MSC team also went to schools in Candelaria, Batangas, Liliw, and Los Baños.

Not only did MSC give orientation seminars about the school and its courses but it gave FREE scholarship exams in the high school visited.  This scheme was done only by MSC, but soon enough other schools also started visiting far flung schools.

After a few days, the MSC marketing team would again go to these schools to hand over the result of the scholarship exam and give medals for the graduating honor students.