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MSC Origins Part XI: Stories at the Annex

When MSC initially rented the old Agrix supermarket building, also known as MSC Annex, it had two classrooms and an office on the second floor; a computer lab, and two classrooms, and a small office on the first floor.  The building was actually the front part of the Bunquin family compound.  By June 1996, this building was used by the first three classes (1st to 3rd year) of the MSC High School.

After about a year, MSC also rented the back part of the property which was previously used by DOST as garage for their vehicles and quarters for its employees.  Even after  occupying the 4th floor of the La Suerte building, the growing number of students in both the high school and tech-voc departments necessitated the acquisition of more space.

During that time the MSC Annex was the most spacious site.  The back area allowed for two more classrooms, a canteen, a small hall, music room, an office and a garage.

MSC Origins part IX: Acquisition of MSC Annex

When MSC occupied the 4th floor of the La Suerte building, there needed to be another venue to accommodate the “overflow”  students from MSC Main (as what the students used to call MSC – La Suerte).  What MSC found was the old building along Artemio Fule St. (upper Lopez Jaena) which used to be Agrix Supermarket.  This new site was christened MSC Annex or simply Annex.


MSC Annex building

MSC Annex building

Other equipment which could not be put in the fourth floor of La Suerte were placed at the annex.  Equipped with one room each for typing and drafting a workshop, two classrooms and a music room.  Annex housed the work area for highly-specialized courses like Autocad, a course specially suited for engineers, architects, drafting designers and others whose occupation involve drawing or designing of some kind.

By then everybody knew that MSC was already offering a course for Computer Technicians.  Student technicians were trained  to open up the computer’s housing, poke around the motherboard and shake their heads knowingly while making tsk, tsk… sounds.

For these guys, the Service Center served as the laboratory for hands-on training.  Annex had a workshop, and repair jobs from outside accepted here, where MSC technicians looked through them (replace parts if necessary).

That is why when your computer conked out, it was the MSC Annex you should visit.  It was not called the Service Center for nothing.  If you were having problems running your CPUs, hard drives, dot matrix or laser printer, fax machines or even simple electronic appliances from microwaves to your mother’s hair dryer, the Service Center was the “go-to” place for these things, much like  a cosmetic surgery clinic was to celebrities.  They even did house calls, sometimes just for “pancit.”

MSC Annex was a fun place to work in!