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Trivia – MSC: NAMFREL volunteer, SPERM member

MSC has always instilled in its students, faculty, and staff to always be aware of what is going on in the community/country and to take active part in activities that will affect the future of the society we live in.

During the commemoration of special events, MSC is never “absent” in ceremonies and wreath/flower offerings.  Be it an activity by the government or the church, MSC has always lent support and participated enthusiastically.

Whenever election comes, all members of the MSC staff, some faculty members and students become volunteers of  National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL).  There were times when MSC became headquarter for quick counts.  Volunteers from civic and other groups would deliver results which were tallied by MSC programmers and encoders.  Partial results will then be displayed on a big screen outside for people to see.  The quick counts usually lasted for more than 24 hours.

MSC was also a member of SPERM (San Pablo Electoral Reform Movement), a group of San Pablo City citizens who were advocates of educating voters.  They were campaigning, not for individual candidates or parties, but for voters to know their rights, know the candidates, and their platform.

Visit this site… http://msc.edu.ph/halalansalaguna2007/

Halalan sa Laguna 2007 website hosted by MSC

Halalan sa Laguna 2007 website hosted by MSC