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MSC Origins Part VII: Ghosts at M. Paulino

Almost everyone have ghost stories to tell, especially those about old buildings and houses.  There is something about old houses that makes them perfect for terrifying stories, imaginary or otherwise.  Maybe it is because an old building would have been the site of many events and happenings in the past.  An old building would have stood as a “silent witness” to many stories about the people who lived there or visited the place.

The Alvero building perfectly fits the old house described above.  When MSC occupied the compound, students and the staff also had “eerie experiences”.

Ghosts at M. Paulino

Ghosts at M. Paulino

Robert Dungca (while sitting alone, nakatambay sa garahe) – asked by a stranger to go with him.  It was already dark, past 6 in the evening.  Nobody saw the man walk inside the compound, or go out.  Robert was found sitting on a chair by himself, eyes wide open but he seemed in a trance.  Staff and fellow students had to shout to him and shake him to “wake” him up.  Good thing he did not “go” with the stranger.

Guard at Ultimart (across the street from the Alvero building) – said he often see someone peek from one of the windows during the night, when everyone has left the building…

The whole class of OMC students narrated that they (including their teacher) saw an unidentified man walk outside their room in the second floor.  Nobody else saw the man, even people in the office on the first floor.

Joseph Mayor, a student assistant shares this story about his experience at the M. Paulino building:

“Nang natulog sina Ma’am Rose with 3 of her friends sa 2nd flr., air-conditioned room, me and si Do yata po ang kasama ko nun, we heard someone running upstairs, so we went up and asked Rose kung sila ang tumatakbo sa itaas, but nakita po namin na nakaupo lang silla sa isang tabi, at she asked me kung kami ang kumakatok sa door nila, pero kakaakyat pa lang po namin nun.  So I told her na isara na lang ang door nila and wag na lang nila pansinin kung ano man ang marinig nila…”

Lena Jill Austria, Zorayda Abril, and Arlene Capistrano are some of the students who also had encounters with the “spirits” in the compound during those days.  We await your stories, please share your experience with us.  You can send them in a private message to Ma’am Gemma or email it to msc@msc.edu.ph.