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Bands from MSC

When MSC occupied the old Agrix Supermarket along A. Fule St. it was called the MSC Annex.  The MSC Annex was not only used for classes of the 2-year course and high school students.  It also housed a sound-proofed music studio, complete with instruments, amplifiers, speakers, and band accessories.  Instruments of the MSC High school for its drum and lyre band were also kept in the annex.

During summer, MSC offered lessons to young would-be musicians on guitar, keyboard, and drums.  At the end of each summer, recitals were held to show what the students have learned.

With the supervision of the late Sir Val Tomas (also MSC’s electronics teacher during that time), the MSC Music Studio has produced many successful bands which until now plays very good music here and abroad.  One of the most popular (and successful) “products” of the MSC music studio is the “Layag-laya”, most members of which, namely Alfie Santos, Ronald Andal, Ranegel Latade, and Ron Yabut are from the MSC Band.

The MSC Band also included Althea Maloles, Anjo Latade, Cathy Guevarra, and Celia Domingo.  They are all graduates of MSC and are the first music students of Sir Val.  This band won first place in the Rotarock Battle of the Bands in the first years of the annual Cocofest of San Pablo City, despite being the band with the youngest members.  The band Layag-laya was formed when they graduated from MSC.  Though they are disbanded today, they still perform with other groups, some are abroad, but they remain close friends.

Then there was the Shadow Band, which was later renamed Charcoal Paint Band with MSC High schoolers Jomari Jalandoni, Jayvee Laroza, Oswald Palines, and Anjo Latade, among its members.

The Bionic Band, an all-female band was mainly composed students from MSC High School – Geniena and Ginelle  Dimalanta, and Rachel De la Rama.

Balustre Band with Alvin Cataring, an MSC tech-voc student was another band which was active during those days.  Today, Alvin still sings and is active with his gigs.