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MSC Welcomes Another School Year

By: Ma. Cristina Pangan

MSC Welcomes Another School Year

Old and new faces of MSC trooped to its main campus at Fule St, San Pablo City

It’s back to school! Old and new faces of the VYP—MSC Institute of Technology family trooped to its main campus at Fule St, San Pablo City on June 6, 2011, the first day of the school year. This day marks  another beginning to both new and old members of the MSC family.

This School Year 2010-2011, another innovation was injected in the curriculum. Apart from the regular curriculum approved by the Department of Education, enhancement classes were added to develop the skills of the students more. The  enhancement classes    include Math Plus, Journalism, and Robotics, Math Plus, also known as Mental Math, focuses on short cut math techniques. Developed by MSC Pres. Virgilio Y. Prudente, this program aims not only to develop students’ mental computation ability, but also to eliminate their fear or anxiety with numbers.

Journalism classes, on the other hand, aim to  develop the students’    written communication skills and to develop    vigilance in what is       happening around them.
Robotics aims to     develop analytical and invention skills among students.

All three classes have already been a part of the MSC curriculum in the previous year, however, these classes were       distributed to different year levels. This year, all levels are entitled to these three classes.

The implementation of this curriculum is in sync with MSC’s belief of    bringing out the best in every student…the life-long learner.