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Introducing MATH-Inic – Math Made Fun, Fast and Easy!

Can your child mentally calculate problems like these in less than one minute?

a. 456 + 997 =
b. 400,000 – 83,629 =
c. 73 x 77 =
d. 112 x 104 =
e. 476 x 999 =

Even a grade school student can mentally solve these after only a few hours of MATH-Inic classes!

Yes, we can jump start your children’s interest in Math. They will learn to enjoy Math and will never be intimidated by the subject for the rest of their lives.

MATH-Inic is a series of special Math courses that transforms your children: from Math haters to Math lovers, and Math lovers to Math masters. It introduces fun, fast and easy ways of computing Math problems and enriches traditional Math classroom lessons through new solving techniques. MATH-Inic also enhances brainpower through Mental Math exercises and speed math techniques.

MATH-Inic gets the best of different Math techniques and combines them into a program that is easy to understand and fun to do.

Children can start speed math learning at a very young age, some as early as 2 years old. Recommended levels:

  • MATH Horizons (5 to 8 years old)
  • MATH Builder I (8 to 10 years old)
  • MATH Booster I (10 to 12 years old)
  • MATH Master I (12 years and up)


For inquiries, contact 0.922.800.4796 or 0.917.500.4796 or send an email to inquiry@math-inic.com.  Visit the MATH-Inic website or Facebook page

MSC is an accredited MATH-Inic training center.  Visit MATH-Inic San Pablo on Facebook