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MSC Alumni Basketball League Kicks Off

The MSC Alumni Basketball League opened last November 8, 2014 at the Teomora covered court.  The program started with the convocation, singing of the National Anthem, recitation of the MSC Mission, Vision, and Philosophy.  Then the high school students had a cheerdance presentation of the winning teams during the school’s sportsfest.

The Oath of Sportsmanship was recited by the six teams which enlisted for the tournament, before the start of the games.  The first game featured the team from MSC High School against the Green Team.  The High Schoolers won over the undermanned Green team with only Glenn, and Robert Alvarez, Arjay Tulipan, Paolo Areza, and George Delfino playing in their first game.

In the second game, the Black Team composed of Bryan Deocareza, Jhun and John Gatasi, Jeffrey Mitra and Ron Enmacino won against the Yellow Team made up of, Sir Alfritz Labo, Denmar John Dionglay, Peter Warren Chan, Reymark Marzo, and Manolito “Kuya Baki” Linatoc.

The third game pitted Red vs. White.  Red was composed of Renz Bunquin, Wilfredo Pomay, JB Dausin, Neil De Rama, Leonard Sunga, Elso Christian Bicomong, Ronald Lubi, Ryan Guardian, and Raniel Tero.  The Reds lost to White, represented by Jeffrey Villota, Bon Bacera, Aaron Araniego, Adrian Reyes, Michael Castillo, Andy Carandang, Christian Obrador, Kevin Ontoy, and Kent Louise Catoy.

The games are played every Saturday, 7 am to 12 noon at the Teomora covered court.  See you in the next games.