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We’re just about there!

We will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of VYP-MSC Institute of Technology with a week long series of activities, culminating with the MSC Alumni Homecoming and Awarding Ceremonies for the MSC Outstanding Alumni.


Date Time Event
November 8
November 15
November 29
 7:00 am MSC Alumni Basketball League games (at Teomora covered court)
December 1 Campus Clean up drive (MSC students and staff)
December 3 Ingress of Exhibits
December  3 Book Launch “25 Math Shortcuts”
December 4 – 6 Open House and Exhibits
December 4  8:00 am Mass, Motorcade, Opening of Exhibits
December 4  1:00 pm Scavenger Hunt (for elementary schools/for MSC Students)
December 4  3:00 pm Free Entrance/Scholarship Exam (for graduating elem. school pupils)
December 4  3:00 pm MSC High School Got Talent, Mr. and Ms. MSC
December 5  9:00 am 13th Inter-elementary School Math-Sci Quiz Show
December 5  1:00 pm 5th MATH Made So Cool Speed Math Contest
December 5  3:00 pm 9th Inter- School Web Design Contest
December 6  7:00 am MSC Alumni Basketball League Championship (at Teomora covered court)
December 6  8:00 am Family Day
December 6  3:00 pm Sayawit
December 6  4:00 pm MSC Alumni Homecoming and Awarding of MSC’s Most Outstanding Alumni

*All activities shall be held at the green school campus of MSC at San Gabriel, San Pablo City, except for the basketball games.